Shot: 5×04 “When God Opens a Window” First Impressions — Episode 84

Lauren and Evony in When God Opens a Window
We share our first impressions of “When God Opens a Window” as well as what made us happy this week. You can also listen to our in depth discussion.

First Impressions

  • Annie: It was an OK episode. (My first impression was Lauren, Lauren, Lauren.)
  • Kris: I thought it was a pretty good episode. I have some criticisms of it, but I thought it was decent.
  • Stephanie: I feel the same about this episode as I did about last week’s episode — I don’t know if I liked it, but I didn’t dislike it.

What Made Stephanie Happy

  • Evony’s fabulous, petulant, scheming self
  • Bo and Tamsin using their “I” statements
  • Dyson finally finding himself a storyline

What Made Kris Happy

  • Lauren being a goofy nerd
  • Evony’s grand entrance
  • Bo being open-hearted to the outcast

What Made Annie Happy

  • LAUREN — the white lab coat, the dart gun, the dry humor, the British accent!
  • Evony’s entrance and how Annie totally predicted it because she’s psychic
  • Dyson expressing his pain and anger about Vex’s role in Hale’s death

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15 Replies to “Shot: 5×04 “When God Opens a Window” First Impressions — Episode 84

  1. My first impressions was… it was good but I’m not too happy about Tamsin and her jealousy issue… what made me happy was all the Lauren Scenes… Especially the one with her shooting darts into the Hunter and Mark. It was hilarious… And her British accent was funny. And I love this episode of Drinks of the Dal. I’m not too happy with the fans on the Lost Girl (Doccubus) group on Facebook. They seemed to have given up on us ever getting a Doccubus scene and have moved on to LEvony (I can so not see Lauren and Evony being together)… 🙂

    1. Tamsin’s jealousy move makes sense in the context of what we saw between them in “Delinquents,” but it didn’t make much sense to me in the context of this episode. She seemed content to “share” Tad with Bo at the beginning as well as encourage Dyson in a way in this episode. Plus, there was that nice moment between Lauren and Tamsin last episode. I don’t want them to start having cat fights.

      There didn’t seem to be much going on between Lauren and Evony besides blackmailing. I don’t see them trying to develop a serious relationship there.

      1. I agree, especially on the Lauren/Evony relationship. I was hoping for a kinder, gentler Evony but “Ce la vie” (spelling?).

      2. It looks to me that Tamsin is trying to be “everything” to Bo .. Friend, roommate, snack meal, confidant, partner, and even lover. Lauren, and how Bo feels about Lauren, has always been a threat to Dyson and Kenzi and now to Tamsin.

  2. Did any one but me take note of the coincidence that two of the world’s best shows – Lost Girl and Last Tango in Halifax – introduced a previously unknown son into the plot on the very same night? I don’t know why, but I found that fascinating in a sort of cosmic consciousness way.

    I was happy to see Vex and Evony back in the story. I miss Kenzi and I like it when the gang is a little bigger – even if Vex and Evony are “the bad guys” they still add to the interactions. In Big in Japan when they all sat down on the couch – only 4 of them – it was sad. With so few people to mix up in the various story lines, it gets a little inbred.

    Several times in season 5, both Bo and Lauren have referred to themselves as “friends.” Do you think they are trying to tell us something in a gentle buildup?

    1. I’m so confused about Bo and Lauren. Like I mentioned in our discussion about “Big in Japan,” I was thinking that maybe they were together again or at least headed in that direction. But in that episode, Lauren definitely seemed interested in being with Bo again (though she took a step back to try to be supportive of Bo), but in this episode it felt like Bo was trying to make nice with Lauren so that they might get back together again. I have no idea how to answer your question.

  3. Its nice to see Lost Girl sticking to thier stereotypes again. In this episode the only people of color are a black butler and maid at Evony’s mansion.

    DOCCUBUS fans need to relax. Lost Girl is going to make them suffer and wait till probably late in season 5 to get the girls back together.

  4. I thought the episode was pretty solid, not amazing but not terrible either.

    Again, I really liked anything to do with Lauren. This has been a stand out season for her so far, I think they’re using her a lot better than previous seasons. And even though their relationship status has been confusing I really like the little moments/looks we got between Bo and Lauren.

    I’m holding back judgement on Dyson Jnr for now, but as a Buffy/Angel fan having seen the introduction of Dawn/Connor I am wary.Though,as was mentioned, it is nice to see Dyson having a potentially strong storyline away from Bo.

    Happy New Year to everyone!

    1. Lauren’s storylines have gotten increasingly stronger over the years. There were several episodes in Season 4 that I thought that her storyline was the best written and most interesting piece of the episode. Like I said, I admit that I really love and relate to Lauren so I’m totally biased, but I agree that they’ve been using her a lot better.

  5. Lauren scenes have been the saving grace of this episode.

    So why was it necessary for Lauren to see Dyson for self defence lessons when she could fell two fae with a dart gun

    I honestly dont think the writers know what to do with the character of Tamsin she is all over the place.

    Loved the scenes between Lauren and Evony but never want them together romantically. Would have liked more scenes between them rather than the Vex Dyson scenes Vex is a character I find very irritating so the less I see of him the better.

    I watched this show because it actually revolved around grown ups so what do we get in the final season we get Dyson junior cue the teenage angst.

  6. I actually thought this the best episode of S5 so far. Not sure what to think about Bo and Lauren, whether they’ll stay friends or get back together as a couple. I’m honestly hoping for the latter. I’m a huge Zoie Palmer fan, so anytime we get to see Lauren in a scene makes the episode that much better for me. I loved everything about Lauren’s scenes, especially when she talked Dyson down from killing Vex and when she shot The Hunter and Mark with the dart gun! I enjoyed her scenes with Evony as well, but I never want them together as a couple, regardless of whether her and Bo get back together or not.

    Tamsin kind of had me liking her a little more last episode, but this week she just kind of rubbed me the wrong way with the way she treated Lauren by kissing Bo in front of her. As for people wanting Tamsin and Bo together as a couple, I just find it hard to believe that Bo has any kind of romantic feelings for her. To me, Bo always comes off as just wanting to be friends with her.

    The scenes with Vex and Dyson were pretty good too. I’m glad they’re giving Dyson a storyline away from Bo. I’m so tired of seeing him pining away for her, so the scene at the end when he told her he wanted to be alone was great.

    1. I really enjoyed the scene between Dyson and Bo at the end. We get to see Bo trying to be there and be supportive to someone she loves, but we also see him assert his needs in a kind way. Like I said, I too am happy to see him potentially get a storyline that doesn’t involved HIS FEELINGS for Bo. I think that KHR has had a lack of material to work with the past few seasons.

  7. This episode was ok. I’m still wary about mark being Rainer 2.0 but we will see. I don’t understand Tamsin at all, last episode she & Lauren had a really nice moment between the two of them and then in 504 she’s acting jealous towards Lauren trying to “mark” her territory when it comes to Bo. I don’t think the show is trying to make Bo & Tamsin lovers so I don’t understand whaf they are doing. Lauren’s scenes I enjoyed immensely. Lastly Bo & Lauren’s relationship status is odd. They don’t act like they are just friends, in 503 Lauren obviously still wants to be more than Bo’s friend, same for Bo in this episode. Bo acted awkward about Lauren walking in both times she was feeding off Tamsin. If she just thought of Lauren as just her friend I don’t think she would act like that

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