5×04 “When God Opens a Window” — Episode 85

Tamsin threatening Mark with Bo in When God Opens a Window

Against Tamsin’s advice, Bo tries to help a young man who is being pursued. Dyson is tasked by Trick to look into three dead bodies that were dumped just outside the Light Fae territory. Much to Dyson’s annoyance, Vex tags along to help. Evony puts pressure on Lauren to develop a serum to “re-Fae” her.

We’re joined by Jess from the Those Who Wander podcast for this discussion.

We discuss “When God Opens a Window” in depth in this episode, but you can hear our first impressions in our previous episode.

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What Does That Title Mean?

  • It’s the second half of the expression, “When God closes a door, he opens a window.” Does that mean that God/a god has closed a door somewhere?
  • Jess thought the title was referring to the very last scene where Dyson matches up the photos to make a symbol. Was that a god (such as Hades) opening a window to this world?

Dyson’s a Daddy

  • We’re all intrigued by the idea of Dyson having a son and think that it could create a good storyline.
  • He is clearly a “baby Bo,” and we thought the parallels they were trying to draw between the two of them were a bit overwritten.
  • Though she doesn’t mind the plot twist of Dyson having a son, Stephanie didn’t care for Mark. He was off to a bad start with her in his first scene where he sits next to a young woman on the bus even though there are plenty of other empty seats. (Note to people tempted to do this: DON’T. It makes people feel unsafe.)
  • Annie didn’t mind Mark, and Kris thinks it’s too soon to tell whether she likes Mark or not.
  • Stephanie wishes that they had cast a biracial actor as Dyson’s son because she thinks his background could have made an interesting race metaphor, even if the writers didn’t explore it all that much.
  • Kris Holden-Ried mentioned in Q&As that he asked Jay Firestone about delving more deeply in shifter mythology in Season 5. Given that Mark hasn’t shifted yet, will he be a vehicle for exploring this side of Dyson?
  • We’re surprised that this seems to be the first time that Dyson found out he had a child, given what they have suggested about his past.
  • It was interesting that Mark didn’t know what kind of Fae he was, but he did know other aspects of Fae culture. It was surprisingly that Mark suddenly knew that Bo needed sex to heal.

Dyson hugging Mark in When God Opens a Window

The Hunter

  • What exactly was wrong with the hunter’s ear? It looked pretty OK to us.
  • Kris inappropriate giggled at the line about how Mark slaughtered the hunter’s family because the actor, Aaron Poole, plays John Slotter on Strange Empire.
  • Annie and Stephanie were a bit confused why Dyson described the smell at Lauren’s lab as “bad.” Kris thinks that Dyson was smelling the hunter.
  • It was hilarious that when Dyson made that comment, Lauren smelled herself.

Bo Slept with Dyson’s Son?

  • While the age difference between Bo and Mark didn’t bother Stephanie, she was somewhat bothered by how young Mark was. (While they didn’t give Mark an exact age, the actor playing him would have been 19 at the time.) But it bothers her that it bothers her. Annie was also struck by how young Mark was.
  • Bo didn’t know who Persephone and Mark were when she had sex with him, so we’re not trying to say that Bo did something wrong. But we don’t understand why the writers have chosen to have Bo sleep with people either related to her or someone with whom she is very close.
  • Are the writers going somewhere with these subsequently awkward hook-ups?
  • We were unhappy that they chose to show Tad looking scared as Bo approached him for sex.


  • While Jess and Annie appreciated Tamsin’s funny moments, they wish that she would stop making out with Bo. Kris and Stephanie just generally found her enjoyable.
  • Seeing Bo and Tamsin negotiate their working relationship was great, especially the scene in the alley in which they try to talk about their feelings.
  • Annie was happy to see Tamsin’s boomerang blades again.
Bo & Tamsin
  • It’s clear that Tamsin is interested in Bo, but she hasn’t said anything to Bo about it. Why?
  • After the nice moment between Tamsin and Lauren in the last episode, we were disappointed that she was so territorial about Bo around Lauren in this episode.
  • Though even Annie totally can’t blame Tamsin for using a legitimate excuse for kissing Bo

Bo Lauren and Tamsin in When God Opens a Window

Bo & Lauren

  • Last week, Lauren reacted as if Bo was putting the brakes on their relationship. But in this episode, Stephanie thought that it seemed like Bo wanted to get back together with Lauren.
  • Annie thought Bo was maybe reacting to Lauren, but then was thrown off by Bo referring to Lauren as “her ex.” Kris points out that they probably didn’t get back together like we had assumed after the end of Season 4.
  • Jess points out that Bo was only wearing the necklace Lauren gave her half of the time in “Big in Japan,” and she didn’t wear the necklace at all in this episode. She saw Bo as being both aloof and a little flirty with Lauren.
  • Stephanie allows that what she saw as hopefulness about getting back together might have been Bo reacting to the awkwardness of Lauren seeing her kiss another woman.

Dyson’s Anger at Vex

  • We liked Dyson’s storyline in this episode and thought that Kris Holden-Ried did a good job with the material.
  • Stephanie felt like there wasn’t quite enough tension or build up to Dyson’s explosion of anger at Vex. The last time we saw them together they were drinking buddies, so Stephanie would have liked a moment that indicated Dyson blamed Vex for Massimo’s death.
  • Jess doesn’t understand why Dyson was so angry at Vex and blamed him for Hale’s death. Stephanie suggests that Dyson felt guilty about letting Massimo go in “Origin” and was projecting his anger at himself on to Vex.
  • None of us really bought Vex’s outpouring of fatherly love toward Massimo. It was also a big, big, big hint at the reveal that Mark is Dyson’s son.
  • We all liked the scene in which Lauren talks Dyson out of shooting Vex.
  • Stephanie really liked that when Dyson is holding Mark back from going after the hunter that he looks to Lauren for understanding and support.

Dyson in When God Opens a Window

Bo & Dyson

  • The moment between Bo and Dyson was really sweet.
  • It was great to see Bo offer her friend support and see Dyson kindly assert his needs.
  • But what was going on with his face? Was that all dried blood?


  • Why did Vex show up?
  • It’s suggested he brought the information about the three bodies to Trick. Where did he get that information? Why did he bring it to Trick?
  • When Dyson was beating him up and threatening him, Vex strangely didn’t defend himself.
  • Does Vex just desperately want to be part of Bo’s family group?
  • We did really enjoy Vex’s story about Andy the mummy.

Did Dyson Open a Window?

  • Not much from the mysterious blonde woman this week, but we did see something interesting happen when Dyson lined up the photographs.
  • Jess points out that the symbol resembles a triskelion, which is a motif that consists of three interlocked spirals, bent human legs, or curved lines extending from the center of the symbol.
  • The triskelion is a symbol associated with Manannán, a sea deity. The three curves can also represent sky, land, and sea.
  • Jess wonders if the symbol could represent three deities associated with the sky, land, and sea, such as Odin (maybe Rainer really was Odin?), Hades, and Manannán. Maybe this symbol calls them together?
  • Manannán can turn to smoke or mist, and Jess wonders if he is what is in Evony’s tank that she gives to Lauren.

Evony and Lauren in When God Opens a Window

Lauren & Evony

  • Annie wonders what was in the box that Evony gave to Lauren. She was surprised that she still had a secret weapon like that to use.
  • Jess likes how the dynamic has turned with Lauren exploiting Evony. Annie thought it was like watching a chess match.
  • Evony is still very much Evony, even though she is human.
  • We think that Lauren has already developed the serum to re-Fae Evony.
  • Stephanie liked seeing that Evony is still around, and that she is trying to stay in the game.
  • Annie notes that the horse Evony rode in on was named was Bruce.
  • Does Evony tell the stablehand to milk the horse? Did we mishear that line?
  • We loved the scene in which Evony breaks down about trying to be Lauren’s friend for a whole day. Emmanuelle Vaugier is so good in that role.

Lauren’s Humor

  • Annie is glad to see Lauren have more jokes this season.
  • Jess is iffy on Lauren’s jokes this season. She thinks that some lines she has been given were really Kenzi or Tamsin lines, but since they weren’t in the scene the lines were given to Lauren.
  • Jess liked her British accent jokes, but she didn’t think the 12 Years a Babe line was funny. Stephanie gives it a pass as a dorky Lauren joke. Annie thought the joke was about Babe and not 12 Years a Slave, so she was just confused.
  • The line delivery of the carbon dating joke struck Jess as off. She doesn’t think that Lauren would scoff at Bo and make her feel stupid for not knowing something.

The Light & The Dark

  • In “Like Hell, Part 2,” Dyson mentions that the strict division of Light and Dark has loosened since Evony was deposed as The Morrigan.
  • Stephanie hopes that we learn more about the state of the Light/Dark divide this season, and that it isn’t just relegated to a line of exposition.
  • Jess wonders why Trick hasn’t had a strong reaction to this situation yet, since he created the divide.
  • Who is The Morrigan now? Is there a Morrigan now?

Bo in a kimono in When God Opens a Window

Wardrobe Notes

  • Annie was thrilled to see Lauren in a white lab coat again.
  • She also was pleased that the kimono that Bo wore didn’t get destroyed this time.
  • Stephanie is a little sad that they’re introducing all of these new kimonos in the last season because she likes when TV shows reuse costume pieces.
  • We liked that Mark chose the shirt with Hale on it. Was that the same shirt that Ciara threatened to throw out? Stephanie thinks that shirt might have been white. Was this shirt Hale’s? Either way, it was a nice callback to both Hale and Ciara.

Stray Thoughts

  • We were glad to see the Bo’s Private Investigation pamphlets from Season 1.
  • Mark pronounced Schnapps as though it rhymes with “snaps.” Is that a Canadian pronunciation?
  • We were annoyed that when Mark was attacking the hunter in Lauren’s lab, she was just standing there saying, “Mark, don’t!” Give her a weapon or something!
  • It was very disappointing to see that the only people of color in this episode were a Black maid and butler at Evony’s mansion, and they had no lines.

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31 Replies to “5×04 “When God Opens a Window” — Episode 85

  1. But how f-ed up would it be if they used these sexual mishaps to basically “shame” Bo (who is bisexual) to be more monogamous? I mean the bisexual community is frequently stereotyped as being more sexual promiscuous and while Bo falls under that umbrella the writers have not shamed her or made her romantic relationships important to her, but then these sex scenes happen and it just…idk it makes me uncomfortable.

    1. I considered that as well, in terms of wondering if these liaisons seemed to be punishing Bo for sleeping around. I’m still undecided.

      But if they are going somewhere with these weird sexual encounters — namely leading toward Bo deciding to sleep with fewer people she doesn’t know well — I don’t think if they do go that route that it necessarily must be portrayed as Bo feeling shamed into sleeping with fewer people. People choose to change their sexual practices all the time because they’re not working for them anymore for a variety of reasons. I think it will depend on the execution.

  2. I completely agree with Annie. The Mark and Bo parallels were too in your face and blatant. Which irked me a bit for some reason. It felt like they were trying too hard. It could have been more subtle. I preferred the parallel to Kenzi that Tamsin mentioned because it showed the tugging at Bo’s heart strings for her best friend. I have no idea where they are going with making Mark’s story so similar to Bo’s. Especially right off the bat like they did. I would think it’s more than just to show Bo connecting to his story initially.

    I was okay with his character. What really got me to not like him as much was he seemed to take advantage of the situation a lot. Like he did when he kissed Bo. I don’t think he did that because he thought she needed to heal. He used it as an opportunity to kiss her. There were other times throughout the episode where he was a user or an opportunist which I didn’t like. He just came off as “slimy” I guess the word is?

    Sleeping with Mark was just, what’s the point? It may come back for a Dyson/Bo story which could be okay if it’s shown to have a purpose. I’m not sure, and have to see how they deal with it if it’s actually brought up again. It’s more annoying if it was just for more shock value. I honestly don’t get the writers decisions on this either. It has been frustrating because it seems there’s no point right now. I don’t mind randoms because it’s what Bo needs to do as a succubus. It’s just the non sensical pointless supposedly shocking hookups and reveals we’ve been getting.

    I was confused by Vex’s return as well. What made him come back? I do think his return will be explained in a later episode though. I didn’t like how Vex still excused Massimo’s behavior. I did love seeing Vex again overall.

    I love the chess match between Lauren and Evony. I also agree and don’t think for one second Lauren doesn’t have the serum. I’m wondering if all these scenes of Lauren having to see Bo be healed by others and her not being able to do so, especially since not only is she in love with Bo, but she’s a doctor who is literally supposed to heal people yet can’t heal the woman she loves, is foreshadowing of Lauren using the fae serum on herself.

    The lab scene with the knife kind of bothered me too. After seeing it again though, Lauren mentioned the knife was Greek or had Bones from Greece. Since we’ve been dealing with Greek mythology I think that bit was put in there to mention the knife has Greek ties and it could be used later on.

    Crazy theories- hmmm. The other two bodies from the elevator are missing. I’d say those two will be coming back as part of whatever army or revolution Elizabeth is trying to do. I do think the fact that electricity was coming out of the body she killed will relate to whatever the big bad is. Persephone I think mentioned how Hades hated the light or something to that effect. Also, she talked a lot about Bo letting in the light to cast out the dark. Then Bo removed the boards from the crackshack to let the light in. She also asked why she took the boards off when the light bothered and woke her up in episode 5×03. Not to mention, the candle, an item that literally brings light to cast out darkness. As soon as it was lit it was connected to Elizabeth and the lights going out in the elevator. So, all that to say, what fuels light and rids darkness or has the power to shut off light and encase someone in darkness? Electricity, which is what it looked like coming from the husband’s body. Is there some kind of light or electric God in mythology? I know Zeus but that’s it.

    Loved hearing Jess on the podcast. Thanks for introducing me to her and her podcasts now. Happy Annie had a doccubus partner in crime!

    LOL at Stephanie’s post editing note to Annie.

    1. I had a question about the three missing bodies comment. Was she implying that the killed people were the missing bodies? Or are the missing bodies still missing?

      1. What Sally said. The three killed bodies in the elevator crash that were originally in the lab just like Elizabeth’s body went missing. So now they are alive and about like Elizabeth is. I think Elizabeth is the leader of them though.

  3. I do not trust Mark at all – I think he is the hooded guy in the elevator. He reminds me of a second rate Massimo – sneaky, smarmy and a liar. Her certainly knows what type or Fae he is if he saw his mother being killed by the hunter – she surely would not have remained in human form. The hunter said Mark killed his wife and child -not another shifter but specifically Mark who bit off his ear. A 5 year old child who was hiding under a bed watched his mother being killed then jumped out and bit of the killer’s ear and escaped a professional hunter – unlikely. Is the hunter so bad at his job that he kills innocent people and lets the boy get away? He would not have been so cocky with his old buddy, Dyson, if this was the case. The hunter, according to Bo genuinely thought Mark had killed his family. Mark can obviously not be mistaken for his mother ;o)

    I cannot see Bo entering into a sexual relationship with Tamsin – possibly before she met the younger versions but now t would be like cradle snatching!

    Vex loves Kenzi and her death may have been a reason for his return.

    I am pretty sure that Lauren has had the cure for Evony’s condition. I think he is preparing something for herself that will prevent Evony taking her revenge and turning her into pizza.

    Evony – the Morrigan is the Raven Queen – i cannot understand why she would have married some old gouty man for his money. Even if the dark would have taken away all her businesses and assets, she as an experienced politician, would understand that people may attempt to remove her from power and would prepare a contingency fund of several $billions in preparation for that day – she is no fool

    Kenzi is very badly missed – the series is not the same without her – but I do think that the acting of the other cast members has improved.

    The writers should refresh their memories before writing; there have always been numerous continuity errors and incorrect references to earlier episodes. The sets have always been cheap and the lighting poor on Lost Girl – the vaguely amateurish atmosphere is part of ts charm.

    Will we meet any more dead people? Now that Kenzi has been brought back I would have thought that others will want to return as well. I hope we get to see Aefe again and hear more of her back story. I do not see her as villain. She fought to avenge her mother’s death. He father gave her to an evil dark fae king who tortured and raped her for centuries. She helped her daughter to escape and remained in captivity herself before managing to escape and being treated like an insane evil doer by her father again. Is she still alive? What about the midwife – will we meet her again – Trick probably knows where she is as he helped her escape her execution. Will Trick ever be honest and give good advice? We can but hope ;o)

    1. The person in the elevator wearing the hoodie was a Black woman, so I don’t think that will turn out to be Mark.

  4. Regarding the angst over Bo with young Mark, my opinion is this. Bo was attracted to him. Bo had sex with him. That’s what Bo does. No judgement of the succubus’ sex life is the mantra of Lost Girl, and by extension, no judgement of the sex lives of all women. The fact that it later turned out to be complicated by his relationship to Dyson does not cast some sort of sin upon Bo for having sex with a younger man.

    1. My problem with the Bo and Mark sex was that he came to her a teenage victim who was scared and needing help. Bo responded by having sex with her client for no other reason then because she wanted to screw him. Dyson and Lauren and Vex dealt with Marks problem, not Bo.

      1. I don’t think it’s fair to characterize the situation that way. Mark showed himself to be very manipulative even though Bo wanted to trust and help him, and he kissed her first.

    2. I agree. I don’t think the show is necessarily trying to judge Bo harshly for sleeping with Mark. Though coupled with her sleeping with Persephone, I am a little concerned, and I’m just not sure why the writers are choosing to have Bo accidentally have sex with people related to her or someone she’s close with. It’s odd to me.

      1. I think the show/the writers are deliberately showing us situations that are designed to make us uncomfortable. I’m still trying to figure out why and what they are trying to say. I think more will probably be revealed as the season goes along.

  5. My question is … since Mark is Dysons son, does that mean we going to see Mark WITHOUT his shirt on this whole season since that’s mostly what we get of Dyson ? I don’t want to see that unless Mark is rocking a six pack like Hale did. And, I guess he might get his own “junior wolf” leather vest collection he can wear when not shirtless and in Bo’s bed.

  6. I think the Fae process time differently than humans. 1000 years equal 30 Human. Or the Fae are just jerks.

  7. I thought Tamsin was eating whatever Lauren brought over in the pink box along with the wine. As far as Tamsin kissing Bo in front of Lauren, it seemed to be that it was only in response for Lauren’s comment about Bo benefiting from a human’s touch, so she had to show her up in that regard.

    1. I think Tamsin was eating the Chinese food that Bo brought home in the beginning, but I didn’t understand why she seemed to be telling a joke to herself. It was a little odd.

      Yes, that’s true. With that comment, Lauren was essentially doing the same thing Tamsin did by kissing Bo. Tamsin had tried to heal Bo by kissing her, but that didn’t work. Lauren was gloating that her medical skills did.

      1. I think I get why Tamsin would be talking to herself – if she harbors feelings about Bo, she might have been trying to repress jealousy that Bo was sleeping with Tad, and thus distracting herself by telling herself jokes. Sublimation/transference aside, I talk to myself too when I’m alone from time to time, so I didn’t see anything weird about Tamsin telling herself jokes. Though often I have an inner monologue, but this is TV, so maybe it was the equivalent of Tamsin thinking out loud. “La la la la la la I’m not thinking about Bo having sex right now la la la la la.”

        1. I guess it struck me as odd because she was talking like someone was sitting across from her. I talk to myself and tell myself jokes too but not like that.

          I can see it as her distracting herself from the fact that Bo was sleeping with Tad. Or maybe just entertaining herself as she ate dinner alone.

            1. She wasn’t holding a cellphone (her hands were full of Chinese food), so I don’t think that’s likely. I think she was just talking to herself. Which is fine.

    1. I hadn’t really thought about it, but I think Trick will survive unless he turns into a Big Bad or something.

  8. I loved it when Stephanie stepped out of the room and Annie and Jess were left alone and totally Doccubussed out! Doccubus Shippers Gone Wild!!!

  9. Ok .. the 3 dead bodies are obviously being used as vessels of 3 condemend souls in Tartarus. My guess they are 3 Titans. Maybe they are trying to break out the other Titans that were locked away by the Greek Gods in Tartarus.

  10. Hi, Stephanie, Kris, and Annie.

    I’m afraid I’m behind and have been catching up this last week. Which means, I watch the episode, then listen to your podcasts, and then find other stuff.

    And, I’ve liked that Michael Grassi has continued the Lost Girl episode Q&A’s that Emily Andras did. My question is… did Grassi skip this episode? There seems to be a gap at the web site, and I don’t recall it being mentioned in the podcast (usually one of you three make a casual reference to it). I just feel left behind, so I wanted to check with you in case it does exist and I am missing it. 🙂

    Thank you!

      1. I do not know for sure. I don’t remember seeing a Q&A released for this episode, but that doesn’t mean anything. Annie and Kris are better at keeping up with them than I am.

  11. The hand motion after Bo handed Lauren’s finding back. You could almost sense that Bo wanted to do more but she couldn’t because she wasn’t healed yet. Surely she wouldn’t have in front of Tamsin but then again she said nothing about Tamsin’s kiss. Not like Bo needed it right then and there.

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