Shot: 5×05 “It’s Your Lucky Fae” First Impressions — Episode 86

Bo Tamsin and Lauren in It's Your Lucky Fae

We share our first impressions and what made us happy in “It’s Your Lucky Fae.” You can also listen to our in depth discussion.

First Impressions

  • Kris: There was stuff I really enjoyed about the episode, and then there was stuff that really annoyed me, though I don’t think they are the same things as Annie.
  • Stephanie: Another episode that didn’t catch my fancy. There was stuff that I did like about the episode, but there was even less stuff that I liked compared to the previous few episodes.
  • Annie: What I wrote on my Twitter account afterward was, “Four words: I’m so f***ing depressed. Four more words: Worst episode ever.” And it’s not just because of the reasons you might think of because I’m a Doccubus fan.

What Made Annie Happy

  • Lauren’s face in the cake
  • Lauren falling into the Beast
  • Cassie returns!

What Made Kris Happy

  • Zoie Palmer doing slapstick
  • Anna Silk acting like a cat
  • Good guest stars

What Made Stephanie Happy

  • Bo, Lauren, and Tamsin teaming up to take on a case
  • Bo opening up to Tamsin about what she found out in Tartarus
  • People of color actually having lines

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10 Replies to “Shot: 5×05 “It’s Your Lucky Fae” First Impressions — Episode 86

  1. I loved this episode. Anna Silk was brilliant as a cat. Zoie Palmer finally could show her comedic side. This eps was very female centric. But Mark is a typical teenage jerk and I’m guessing Vex is going to help Mark be an even bigger jerk.

    Anna Silk did say that the triangle was still I play this season but maybe a little different. I’m taking from this that she means a triangle involving Lauren, Tamsin and Bo. I personally don’t want Lauren to stoop to competing for Bo’s affections. I want to Lauren with humans.

    Bo’s having LOTS of sex this season but we are not seeing any actual sex scenes. All the sex for Bo is just implied. Does this mean that the sex Bo is having is just that … sex … with no emotional involvement.

    I’m ready to get to the meat of the story about these 3 previously dead people from the elevator.

  2. I refused to watch Valkubus sex so I have no idea what went on in that scene at all. But what I liked? Not really anything about it. I’m not a very slapstick humor type person unless it’s from a character I don’t really care about… like when Joxer on Xena did slapstick I was fine with it but Lauren getting pretty much dumped on for the entire ep, not my cup of tea… I don’t care if it is Zoie’s cup of tea… it just isn’t mine. So, this ep is my LEAST liked of the entire show (all 5 seasons). 🙂 But it was funny watching Bo acting like a cat. 🙂

  3. And I’m glad you used that picture of the three of them together and NOT the one of Tamsin doing a childish double flip off of Lauren. Another reason I seriously disliked this show and why I’m seriously starting to DISLIKE Tamsin.

    1. I meant episode and not “show”. I love Lost Girl but after the last two eps, I’m seriously starting to wonder if I can make it through to the end. I am a TOTAL Doccubus fan and I wish they would have given us a few Lauren/Bo heart to heart talks during sex scenes but in the past, it seems like they’ve only wanted to show that it’s about sex only and anyone who has ever been in a relationship knows it has to be about communication at some point otherwise, it’s just sex and not love making… which I’m afraid the show is trying to tell us that Doccubus was gratuitous for the lesbian fans only and the new writer is wanting the Valkubus sex to be about a true relationship. I understand why Annie is so depressed. And it makes me upset/depressed as well. I want Lauren to be Bo’s mate for life (Soulmate and wife with a happily ever after)… and not just a fling she had in season 3.

      Apologies for the three posts but I was really irritated with this one. And a lot of fans on the Doccubus facebook page were disappointed in this new “sexcapade” with Tamsin as well. But I do think that if there is to be no more Doccubus, then Bo should give Lauren her heart back and call Crystal in for Lauren’s partner. I have become an Ali Liebert fan, yes… after I watched Bomb Girls… My mom watched it too and loved it… though she isn’t as much of a fan as I am. 🙂

  4. Melina here!

    Mark is horrible and I say that as one of the few Dawn fans out there! He is just a waste of screen time and character. The case-of-the-week was good because it led to the overall meta plot, but I need it to come a little sooner.

    As for the Valkubus scene. Eh. Bo has shown zero serious romantic interest in Tamsin and honestly hasn’t she had enough blondes? I will never love Tamsin’s character, I was always salty that she became Hale’s replacement and got a better story arc in one season than he got in 3, but I have come to enjoy the actress. I feel like they need to either say Bo will not be a woman-woman succubus or have her pick a partner now because I honestly don’t have investment in the triangle. They finally got rid of Wolf-penis and now we get Tamsin? If that’s the case they lets get a sexy Middle-Eastern doctor for Lauren!

  5. I’m sick of triangles on this show. Bo’s story isn’t about her romantic entanglements. And why does Tamsin have to be such a douche to Lauren? I’m disappointed with LG. This is the final season,,let’s concentrate on Bo’s Daddy.

  6. If Tamsin continues to act like this and Bo falls for her I am officially done caring about Bo. Tamsin is terribly written, whether its her multiple personalities changes in episodes or acting like a child taunting Lauren, saying Bo is gonna replace her. How is that a setup for an epic romance which is how MG is selling it Tamsin is getting territorial and she & Bo arent together or anything, she is literally the worst match for Bo, she wants to be Bos everything and has zero respect for Laurens place in Bos life. If this was earlier seasons Bo would bring Tammy back to Earth about her misconceptions about Laurens importance. Since this is a pro-Tamsin season though much like S4 was pro-Dyson I dont see Bo giving Tamsin the “talk” that everyone else has gotten when they question Bo on why Lauren is in her life

  7. I quite enjoyed this episode because IMO it had a real plot – I like Cassie, it’s about the end of the world again, the dead rising, the not so lucky cat… – and a few good lines, esp. between Lauren & Tamsin (to the director: I wish it were a bit more subtle in the acting, though, they are good actresses, no need to overdo it). CatBo was sexy & good fun (her birthday gifts always suck, there’s a parallel with a previous season) and although I cld have done without the too long Mark sex scene, well, it had a purpose in the bigger scheme, which I think cannot be said of all scenes in LG recently (esp. LG4 but also some in LG5).
    I realise many doccubus shippers are angry but I think the Valkubus fits in here, and we are given countless hints that the feelings are onesided (Bo seems quite selfish but she has a lot in her mind I guess) and that there is still a very strong attraction between Bo & Lauren (I’d say that Bo sleeping with Mark was the writers way to put Dyson off limits). So: Doccubus could well prevail. I hope it does but moreover I hope coherence prevails, for the characters as much as for the whole story, because to me, LG4 was disappointing in both respects.
    Thanks ladies for the podcast, it’s a great work.

    1. See, I didn’t think the gifts she got in “Masks” were terrible. I just thought she was underwhelmed because they were all weapons. And at least those gifts were useful!

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