5×05 “It’s Your Lucky Fae” — Episode 87

Bo lapping martini in It's Your Lucky Fae

When her old acquaintance Cassie the Oracle goes missing, Bo explores the world of Fae online dating to find her. Forgetting that it was Bo’s birthday, Tamsin buys her a last minute present that has a surprising effect on both Bo and Lauren. Trick gives Mark a chance to work in The Dal, and Vex leads him into some trouble.

We discuss “It’s Your Lucky Fae” in depth in this episode, but you can hear our first impressions in our previous episode.

Drink Special: Black Cat

1 oz Cherry flavored brandy
1 oz Vodka
Cranberry juice

Fill a highball glass with ice. Add brandy and vodka and then fill the glass the rest of the way with equal parts coke and cranberry juice.

Bo’s Box

  • Why was it packed in such a big box with all that tissue paper? Not very environmentally friendly, Hades.
  • Jack-in-the-box: A theory about the origin of the jack-in-the-box is that it comes from folklore about a fourteenth century clergyman casting the devil into a boot to protect a village. In French, a jack-in-the-box is called a diable en boîte, which translates to “boxed devil.”
  • Stephanie liked how this first scene linked to Cassie’s date through a phone call.

Yay Cassie! Oh, Poor Cassie!

  • We were all excited to see Vanessa Matsui back as Cassie, who previously appeared in “Dead Lucky” and “La Fae Époque.”
  • Loved her “Love hearing about your journey” line
  • It was nice to get some insight into Cassie, even though it was sad to discover that she feels like people just want to get close to her because of her ability.
  • It looks like Cassie tears out her eyes (with an ice cream scoop!) at her apartment. Why did he kidnap Cassie if he just wanted her eyes? Can she still see the future without her eyes?
  • What did Cassie see that made her tear out her eyes? The end of the world the three not-dead people from the elevator are perhaps going to cause?
  • Could the oracles be a reference to the Grey Sisters in Greek mythology? Or maybe the Fates?
  • Cassie’s name is most likely a reference to Cassandra, the Oracle at Delphi, but Tiresias was a blind prophet who spent some years as a woman so perhaps they are referencing him through Cassie’s character as well.
  • Sad to hear that Mayer is apparently dead. We really liked that character. Stephanie is curious if they wanted to bring back Mayer, but they couldn’t get the actor for some reason. It’s fine that they brought back Seymour, but at the same time we haven’t been wondering what’s been happening with Seymour. Kris and Annie didn’t even remember him.
  • We hope to see Cassie again! We don’t want that to be the last we see of her.

The Walking Undead

  • “Heratio” seems to be another undead person like “Elizabeth.”
  • Showrunner Michael Grassi indicated that this episode revealed that the women who stole the book from Trick were from the elevator crash. We didn’t think this episode indicated that fact clearly, but OK.
  • Was the one who stole the book the person in the gray hoodie in the elevator?
  • What is Heratio’s power that he caused Cassie to have such a terrible vision just by kissing her?
  • The plotline involving Cassie and Heratio interested us in the overarching plotline for the season. We’re glad that we have a broader perspective of what is going on in contrast to last season. We are getting a lot more information upfront.

That Darn Bo

  • Annie and Kris thought that this storyline was silly but still kinda fun.
  • Annie was disappointed in the cat special effects and found the taxidermied cat disturbing.
  • Stephanie thought it was the dumbest dumb to ever dumb. However, she wants to acknowledge that the writers were trying to add an element of fun to this episode. It just didn’t work for her.
  • However, we all thought Anna Silk did a great job acting like a cat. It was great that she didn’t try to play it with a wink and a nod. She just went for it, and that choice really worked.
  • It was also fun to see how they all interacted with the stuffed cat. Zoie Palmer and Rachel Skarsten were both very funny.
  • Having Seymour devour the cat was a rather anticlimactic conclusion to the storyline.
  • None of us were terribly thrilled with the corresponding storyline of Lauren having bad luck. Zoie did a good job with the material, but it felt dumb.
  • Maybe Zoie asked for Lauren to get more humorous material in the last season of the show, and this storyline was intended to fulfill that request.

Happy Birthday, Bo?

  • We don’t believe that Lauren (or Dyson) would forget Bo’s birthday, especially since Kenzi is gone right now.
  • Lauren’s girlfriend just came out of a five-year coma, and she still showed up to Bo’s birthday in “Masks.”
  • Terrible birthday presents! A taxidermied “lucky” cat, a frog tchotchke, and a dried up finger?
  • Do any Canadian listeners know what neighborhood the antique shop was located in?
  • We didn’t think the birthday angle was necessary in this episode. There wasn’t any real payoff to it being Bo’s birthday.

Bo Tamsin and Lauren in the car It's Your Lucky Fae

Tamsin & Lauren

  • We were happy to see our female leads taking on a case together, but our excitement was short-lived because Tamsin was being mean to Lauren.
  • It’s hard to understand where all the animosity between the two of them comes from. We see them picking out birthday presents together at the beginning of the episode, but then Tamsin is flipping Lauren off for no good reason later on.
  • Lauren reached out to Tamsin in “Big in Japan.” Why hasn’t that meant more to their relationship?
  • Kris and Annie thought that it was just Tamsin being immature, but there wasn’t enough provocation there for Stephanie to understand why she acts the way she does.
  • Michael Grassi said in his post-episode interview that he thinks Tamsin isn’t as secure in her relationship with Bo as Lauren is, and that insecurity causes Tamsin to act out in these ways.

A Naked Birthday Present

  • Stephanie thought that both the ribbon scene and the afterward scene where Bo and Tamsin were talking in bed were both good scenes. However, Bo and Tamsin finally sleeping together felt rather anticlimactic to her and Kris.
  • The lack of a real sex scene probably contributed to this feeling, though we don’t mean to criticize the show for not including a sex scene. But in the context of Lost Girl, the lack of a sex scene stands out.
  • Stephanie also expected there to be more of an emotional component to when Bo and Tamsin finally slept together, with Tamsin telling Bo how much she cares for her. However, it seems like the writers might be planning to address Tamsin’s feelings for Bo in future episodes.
  • Does the fact that they didn’t show a sex scene mean something? It could just be actor choice, but it could be a creative choice. There has yet to be a big sex scene this season. Are they saving it for a particular reason?
  • Stephanie thought the show did a decent job building up to Bo and Tamsin having sex. In “Big in Japan,” they sleep in the same bed together. In “When God Opens a Window,” they kiss in Bo’s bed and then they finally had sex in this episode.
  • Annie was very upset that Bo and Tamsin slept together, but she did think that the acting was really good and she liked the song that was playing, “Close” by Slow Skies.
  • Annie feels frustrated by this turn in the plot because the writers never made Bo and Lauren’s relationship clear this season after Bo putting on Lauren’s necklace and their kiss in “Dark Horse.” Lauren told Dyson she was taking a step back, but Bo and Lauren never had a conversation about it.
  • It was nice to see Bo open up to Tamsin afterward. Hearing Tamsin’s story about Freyja was some interesting backstory.

Ugh. Mark.

  • The subplot with Mark and Vex did not work for us. At all.
  • Mark is getting the exact opposite type of treatment that we would like. Instead of using him primarily as a vehicle to give Dyson a storyline, he got his own storyline apparently designed to establish him as a nasty little punk.
  • It felt odd that Mark was suddenly working at The Dal. If he is so angry at Dyson, why did he stick around?
  • The blowjob scene did not need to be so long or even exist at all. It made us feel gross and bored.
  • Vex felt wasted in this storyline.
  • Yes, Dyson was being overbearing, but we don’t care. We were cheering. We really don’t care for Mark.
  • And he’s supposed to be unlikable to an extent, but we really REALLY don’t like him.

Random Thoughts

  • All the middle finger jokes were a bit much for Annie.
  • It’s disappointing that Trick has been used so little this season.
  • It didn’t look like people’s parents’ names were written in Trick’s ledger.
  • We were happy to see Tamsin go into cop mode when she and Bo discovered the bloody apartment.

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8 Replies to “5×05 “It’s Your Lucky Fae” — Episode 87

  1. Loved your talks here, Ladies…. Stephanie, Annie and Kris… I found myself saying finally someone else who agrees… it was over the top silly… I found it irritating that Tamsin was so immature… I get that in her new life she isn’t that old but her being as a whole is hundreds or even thousands of years old. Grow up already. And I didn’t understand the digs at Lauren she kept throwing… and did anyone else notice that Tamsin can’t even be bothered to spend her own money on a present for Bo? She had to take Lauren’s money to buy that stupid cat.

  2. The Jack in The Box in this episode reminds me of the Box that Evony gave Lauren with the most feared Fea inside. I think Bo’s father was somehow imprisoned in that box that is currently in Lauren’s lab.

    The lack of sex being shown in the Bo and Tamsin sex scene is no different then any of the other sexual encounters Bo has had this season. Bo has had sex several times this season but NONE have shown any sex. All the sex has be implied. Bo’s sex with Dyson was behind closed doors. Even with Persephone, they remained fully clothed. Yes, Bo is a succubus and needs a lot of sex. But the sex she is having this season is WITHOUT emotion. The sex she is having with these various partners is to her … unimportant. It’s just sex.

    1. We did talk about the fact that there haven’t really been any sex scenes this season, and that it could be a choice. It’s possible that it’s intended to imply that the sex is just casual, but we have seen a lot more explicit onscreen casual sex, such as the threesome in “Faetal Attraction,” Bo and Cayden in “BrotherFae of the Wolves,” and Bo and the blonde Fae woman in “Faes Wide Shut” just to name a few. So I’m not convinced that is what the offscreening is intended to convey, but it is certainly a good possibility.

  3. Loved listening to you guys but nothing will ever make me watch this episode of LG again even after 506 let my Doccubus heart take a breath

  4. Hi guys!
    Loved hearing your thoughts on this episode like always.
    Like a lot of people I’ve been wondering why the show went of from no self censure during sex scenes to all offscreen ones. I don’t think that just bringing in a new show runner would allow that change at this stage of a show like Lost Girl. So my Doccubus focused mind came up with a theory (based on wishful thinking, I know, I know!)
    I think the only onscreen sex scenes we’ll get will be of Bo and Lauren when they’ll get back together. As a way to show that, for Bo, it’s just sex with anyone else. I also think they don’t deepen that relationship yet because it has to come later on in the season if they want to make it endgame. And I will be surprised (without mentioning very disapointed) if they didn’t, as I feel it’s the Bo/Lauren relationship that made Lost Girl the groundbreaking show it became and not just another genre series.

    There’s my two cents for what it’s worth 😉
    (I’m sorry for the spelling or/and grammar mistakes; french is my native language)

    Take care

    1. I’ve also considered that they’re saving the first full-on sex scene of the season for when Bo makes the final decision about her love life, whether she chooses to be with Lauren, Dyson, Tamsin, all of them, or some combination. I’m making no assumptions about what that decision might be. 🙂

  5. Besides the death threats, the cryo box and Evony in general there is no way Lauren would have forgotten Bo’s birthday. Just a plot by the writers to further keep them “friendzoned”. Which makes no sense as everyone else has stated, they haven’t had a single conversation since 4/13 Because you know something really romantic would have happened but not with Bo/Tamsin.

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