Shot: 5×06 “Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts” First Impressions — Episode 88

Everyone in Clear Eyes Fae Hearts

We share our first impressions and what made us happy in “Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts.” You can also listen to our in depth discussion.


First Impressions

  • Kris: It was OK. Pretty good, even. I liked that we learned more about the antagonists and the overarching plot.
  • Stephanie: I liked it much better than last week. (I watched it twice today voluntarily!) I thought all the plot threads wove together well.
  • Annie: It was alright. My depression is still hanging over from the last episode. While I was watching, I was stress eating cookies during some scenes.

What Made Annie Happy

  • Lauren wearing a white dress! (Could it be a wedding dress???)
  • Lauren confidently saying that she’s that she is the boss
  • Bo and Lauren eyesexing (But where’s my Doccubus sex?!?)
  • Bo telling Brent and Clay that she was proud of them for coming out

What Made Kris Happy

  • Tamsin tripping in slow motion
  • Tamsin going undercover as both a cheerleader and a football player (It seems like a good outlet for her aggression.)
  • Learning more about The Ancients, including that they’re ancient
  • Guest stars! Anna Hopkins from Defiance and Gabe Grey from Bomb Girls were featured.

What Made Stephanie Happy

  • It really felt like an ensemble piece with everyone having something interesting to do
  • Amanda Walsh (Elizabeth/Zee) did a fantastic job
  • People of color continue to have lines!

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4 Replies to “Shot: 5×06 “Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts” First Impressions — Episode 88

  1. Pretty good episode, actually felt more like the Lost Girl of old, unlike some episodes this season. Great to finally see some real movement of the seasons main plot. The Big Bad actually seem like a formidable threat, I’ve usually been disappointed with the Big Bads but I have a good feeling about where this one is headed.

    I’m loving Dyson this season, it’s nice to see him in Detective mode again helping to hide the Fae from humans. I liked that he and Mark are on better terms, but when did that happen? There were moments when I thought I might be warming to Mark but then he goes and makes some jerk face comment.

    They’ve kind of put Tamsin in a weird space this year. I was always more of a fan of hers when she wasn’t interested in Bo, IMO she was a much more consistent character when she was acting as a foil to Bo rather than a love interest. I still get a laugh out of her one liners and I’ve actually enjoyed how Tamsin and Lauren play off each other but I don’t like the juvenile jealously routine mainly because I don’t see it ending well for her when she realises Bo isn’t that into her. And is Bo really that oblivious?

    Really intrigued by the meaning of the opening dream sequence… I’m assuming it has a deeper significance?

    Seriously Trick just happens to have all the ingredients to some crazy drink under the bar in arms reach.

    Lauren is still being awesome!

    1. Yeah, I have no ideas about what that dream sequence might mean. I think it might be an indication that Lauren is might be key to Bo stopping her father from using her for his nefarious plan, but I’m not sure what the significance of the Jack-in-the-box might be.

    1. That’s true. He was pretty short. I recall there being a professional quarterback who was 5’7″ or 5’8″, but that’s very unusual. Usually when you’re Rachel’s height, which I think is 5’10”, you’re considered to be short in pro football.

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