5×06 “Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts” — Episode 89

Tamsin in the huddle in Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts

When the murder of a college football player seems to be linked to the Fae cult that Dyson is investigating, Bo and Tamsin go undercover in the cheerleading squad. Meanwhile, the wife of one of the victims of the elevator crash comes to Dyson for help, swearing that she saw her husband alive and walking around.

We discuss “Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts” in depth in this episode, but you can hear our first impressions in our previous episode.

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Quarterback Valkyrie

  • We take umbrage with Tamsin’s dismissive attitude toward cheerleaders. Cheerleading is hard! Was the show dismissive of cheerleaders or just Tamsin? Brinkley was a trope-y, mean cheerleader type, but they did demonstrate that she wasn’t completely vapid.
  • Stephanie kept wondering how the undercover cheerleading plot would have gone if Kenzi were there. Annie would have loved to see what Kenzi would have worn.
  • Annie really liked the football sequence. The show clearly put a lot of time and money into shooting this episode. She liked that it wasn’t predictable and the bad guys weren’t foiled.
  • While Stephanie liked the football sequence, it lacked tension for her. She wished that we saw Bo trying to wave Tamsin down to throw the game or something like that. Bo tackles Tamsin, anyone?
  • Kris and Annie thought that more would happen when the Thunder won the game. Didn’t Iris imply the stadium would blow up or something?
  • The football team’s logo had a hammer that looks not unlike Thor’s hammer. We’re convinced Chris Hemsworth will show up any day now.
  • Everyone’s investigation skills were off this week. We think Kenzi could have helped them out with the lying and such.
  • Really, Dyson? You let Mark come past the tape into the crime scene? We miss Hale. The only reason Mark was there was to provide exposition about the murder victim.
  • The cop shop set seems to be no more. Those photos and investigation materials really shouldn’t be hanging in Dyson’s “living room.”
  • Annie wonders if heraclids will be important in the plot later in the season. Kris and Annie think maybe, but Stephanie thinks not. A fan threw out the idea that Lauren might be a heraclid.

Bo and Tamsin in Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts

Yay! Gay Football Players!

  • Annie really appreciated that the show reinforced the bravery of Clay coming out as well as the fact that sexuality shouldn’t be a big deal.
  • As in “Adventures in Fae-bysitting,” we see that the human world isn’t as accepting of diverse sexuality. However, we were pleased that the humans reacted pretty well to Clay coming out.
  • This storyline is most likely a reference to Michael Sam, the first American football player to came out before he was in the NFL draft.
  • Did Clay really need to say that Derek was in bed with him? But maybe it was an effort to convince people he was telling the truth rather than providing a false alibi for a friend.

The Ancients in Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts

The Ancients

  • The mystery people from the elevator crash seem to be Greek gods: “Elizabeth” is probably Zeus, “Kevin” is probably Hera (wife of Zeus), and Iris, who is the god of rainbows and messenger to the gods.
  • We like that Lost Girl has done another gender swap, putting Hera in a male body and Zeus in a female body.
  • Bo did get to the bad guys pretty easily, and they conveniently explained some of their plans to Bo. But we’re happy they’re trying to move the plot along this season, so we’ll go with it.
  • Why did Iris go to Mark and reveal some of the plan? Stephanie thought at first that they intended for Iris to spill something to Mark, but we hear Zeus scold Hera later on that Bo found them too quickly thanks to him. Does she just think Mark is cute? Maybe she’s not cool about what Zeus and Hera have planned?
  • The tornado struck Annie as ridiculous. Stephanie reminds her that we’re watching a show whose lead is a succubus.
  • Listener Melina shares a theory that what’s happening with the Ancients was actually Persephone’s evil plan, rather than Bo’s father. Is this Persephone’s elaborate attempt to escape Tartarus?
  • Listener Jenny wonders if Bo’s father might be a Titan, since the pantheon of Greek gods imprisoned the Titans in Tartarus.

Lauren in Bos dream in Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts

Bo’s Dream

  • What is that dream implying? Is Lauren the key to something?
  • Stephanie and Kris thought at first that the dream might be indicating that both Lauren and the box were on Bo’s mind.
  • Is the jack-in-the-box key to releasing Bo’s father from Tartarus? Will Lauren be instrumental in bringing Bo’s father into the human world?
  • Bo doesn’t have a history of prophetic dreams, so it’s difficult to know how much importance to place on this dream.
  • Kris noticed that one of the symbols on the crank side of the box looks like a Chinese symbol.

Bo and Tamsin kissing in Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts


  • Stephanie has been worried about what happened between Bo and Tamsin since “Big in Japan.” She physically winced when Bo said she was Tamsin’s “roomie.”
  • Last week, Annie thought that Tamsin’s gesture of offering herself as a birthday present to Bo made her feelings about Bo very clear, while Stephanie didn’t necessarily see it as a declaration of romantic interest. This disconnect seems to be what happened between Bo and Tamsin.
  • Bo seems to have thought it was an offer of no-strings-attached sex, where Tamsin clearly thought it was something more.
  • Annie wonders how Bo could have missed all of Tamsin’s puppy dog eyes at Bo, which is where Stephanie gets hung up on Bo’s choice to have sex with Tamsin. Even if she thought it was an offer of no-strings-attached sex, wasn’t it a bit inconsiderate to have sex with Tamsin even though Bo didn’t have as strong feelings for her as Tamsin had for Bo?
  • Kris wonders how has Bo interpreted Tamsin’s affection for her. Is it because she is a succubus and she is used to people reacting to her in this way? Stephanie points out that the show has a liability in that Bo established in “Food for Thought” that she can sense people’s sexal attraction.
  • While some people have criticized Bo for being surprised at Tamsin’s assumptions that they were dating, we think that Tamsin was a bit conclusion jumpy there. Bo has seen Tamsin have casual sex with people, so we don’t think she should have had an expectation that Tamsin would assume that sex = relationship.
  • We think that if Kenzi had been around, she might have given Bo a reality check about her relationship with Tamsin. We miss you, Kenzi!
  • We felt sorry for Tamsin. Some viewers have been critical of Tamsin being so naive in this episode, but Stephanie will go along with it because Tamsin’s idolization and esteem for Bo have been very clear. Because she has such an affection for Bo, it is plausible that she would be more like a teenager in regards to this encounter.

Lauren in Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts


  • Lauren’s locker room scene was funny and even involved some male nudity. It also made very clear that Lauren does not prefer the guys.
  • Annie wished that Lauren had finished her sentence about Bo looking great. Because clearly they would have then had sex on the table if she had.
  • Bo looked into the microscope like it was a telescope, and it was hilarious.
  • Stephanie wished that Lauren would take the higher road and not take jabs at Tamsin. Play nice, Lauren and Tamsin.
  • We were happy to see Cassie again in this episode, even if just for a moment. Kris wishes that Lauren would have held Cassie’s hand or touched her or something.

Trick in Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts


  • Trick very conveniently had all the ingredients at hand that he needed to make a drink he hadn’t made in 1,000 years.
  • Trick actually had something interesting to do this week.
  • Really, Trick? You tell a stranger that your important book was missing? Of all the secrets you keep, that isn’t one?

Mark, Schmark

  • Stephanie downgraded Mark from punchable to smackable this week. He was less annoying, but he was still irritating.
  • When did it happen that Dyson and Mark mended fences a bit? It would have been nice seeing a resolution, but we’d rather see this type of relationship between him and Dyson rather than what we saw in the previous episode.
  • We all wanted to smack Mark for his remarks about Alycia.

Dyson in Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts

Dyson & Alycia

  • We all really liked Alycia and the actress who played her.
  • We wonder if they are setting up Alycia to be a romantic interest for Dyson. Stephanie thought that the writing might be hinting at it with Dyson’s comment to Mark that he wouldn’t date her because she is human.
  • We suspect that Alycia will be back. Annie wonders what they’ll do with the character if they do bring her back. Will she be clued into the plot of the Ancients?
  • It was disappointing to see Dyson dismiss Alycia, but we’re not sure what else Dyson could have done.

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15 Replies to “5×06 “Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts” — Episode 89

  1. Just to clarify I don’t think they are going to make Hades a good guy (I’m pretty sure that my theory is not gonna happen), but I think that even the hand would be him trying to stop her from trying to take the candle. The gods were not always good to their children.

    I feel like Heracles doesn’t roll off the tongue, but I love it because of how the name explains the root of the Hera/Heracles hate.

    I just can’t with Valkubus because I’m Team Lauren and they have yet to introduce a love interest for her to be happy so I’m still committed to Doccubus. However, I think Bo is treating Tamsin poorly even if she doesn’t know it.

    1. Ah, OK. Sorry we misunderstood what you were getting at.

      Yeah, poor Tamsin is not being treated well, even if Bo is/was unaware of what she was doing. I’m worried for Tamsin how that will shake out between her and Bo.

      1. Bo has NEVER shown romatic interest in Tamsin and Tamsin cant be so DUMB not to have noticed that. Bo may be oblivious to other people feelings but she is not treating anyone badly. If anyone is a villian in all of this, it is Tamsin. She knows that Bo loves Lauren (ie … her jealousy of Lauren) and subsequently she has treated Lauren like shit.

        I think Tamsin goes dark … really dark.

        1. I disagree. I think Bo treated Tamsin poorly by sleeping with her even though she knew that Tamsin had much stronger feelings for her. I was just rewatching “Flesh and Blood,” and Dyson comes to Bo asking that she sleep with him so that she can build up strength to fight the Garuda. She tells him no, it’s just her blood talking, and she doesn’t want to take advantage of that. Bo has been conscientious in a similar past situation, so I gotta say she messed up here. She might have been a jerk unintentionally, but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t a jerk.

          1. So where do you put Tamsin in all of this ? Just a victum or someone trying to force Bo to love her eventhough Bo never showed Tamsin romantic love. Tamsin’s a big girl & hundreds of years old. Bo has been a selfish jerk since mid season 3 but Tamsin know this. Tamsin got her heart broken but it wasn’t Bos fault.

            1. I would characterize Tasmin as someone with a crush who misread things. I don’t think it’s very useful to assign fault, so I’m not saying it’s Bo’s fault that Tamsin had her heart broken. Tamsin’s heart would have been broken because Bo didn’t reciprocate her feelings, but it didn’t necessarily have to be broken that hard if Bo had been more considerate of Tamsin’s feelings.

          2. I’m not sure if Bo knew Tamsin had such strong feelings for her. Did Tamsin ever make her feelings explicitly clear before this episode? I think it was always implied that Tamsin has a lot of casual sex, just like Bo, so how would Bo know the depth of her attachment? In the case of Dyson, he has always professed his love for her.

            Just to clarify, I’m not a Bo apologist. In fact her behavior since S4 has been poor on many levels, but when it comes to Tamsin I don’t think Bo has been that big a jerk.

            1. It’s true that Tamsin never explicitly said that she loved Bo until after they had sex, but there were very strong indicators that Tamsin cared for Bo more than just as a friend. She is probably the most explicit in “Groundhog Fae” when Bo says “Nothing!” after they kiss and Tamsin says, “Speak for yourself.” But Tamsin’s confession to Bo in the bathtub in “Hail, Hale,” saying “that’s what love feels like” when Bo hugs her in “Turn to Stone,” the moment in “Groundhog Fae,” all the puppy-dog eyes in “When God Opens a Window” alone… Taken all together, Bo would have to be very, very dense not to realize that Tamsin had a crush on her at the very least.

  2. I loved your recap as usual ladies, but Stephanie I must disagree with your expressing disapproval at Lauren’s “catty” comments towards Tamsin while on the phone with Bo. That was the first time I’ve seen Lauren do that, and it was mild compared to Tamsin slinging immature comments (and middle fingers) at Lauren in the past couple of episodes. Above all, I’m angry at the writers for this totally unnecessary triangle.

    Speaking of writers, why have they written Tamsin to be immature and googly eyed this season? I miss the snark and badassery of S3 and the humor of S4. Unless they think this is the best way for Tamsin to go all Dark Valkyrie and either deliver Bo to her Dad or hurt Lauren.

    If you really think about it, Bo told Lauren in S4 “I chose you but you broke my heart”‘ To me that already shows where Bo’s true feelings really lie, so why must there be new triangles at this stage? All it does is make Bo look bad.

    1. Lauren has a history of making catty comments at Bo’s other suitors. Off the top of my head, she makes a comment about Dyson being “well traveled” in “Vexed,” and in regards to Tamsin, she scoffed and said, “Well. Tamsin.” in “Big in Japan” when Bo was telling her that she had tried to feed off Tamsin. It’s in character for Lauren to make such comments, but I still wish she wouldn’t. I’m not saying that Tamsin hasn’t been catty toward her as well, but I think that Lauren could rise above it. Like I said, I wish they would both cut it out.

      Tamsin was immature and googly eyed last season too, but I think the fact that she has gotten really close to Bo in this season has brought out the gushy, lovey feelings a lot more. I knew they had to address the fact that Tamsin has been in love with Bo since probably Season 3 but at least since Season 4, but I’m not sure how I feel about the way they chose address it.

      1. Thanks for reminding me about those past Lauren comments. Dyson himself has made comments about Lauren, so basically all of Bo’s suitors haven’t been gracious to one another.

        I’m admittedly a Lauren fan, but mainly cos Zoie Palmer is so awesome. I guess I get defensive when anything remotely negative is said about Lauren. I’m aware that’s very irrational. 🙂

        1. Hey, I love Lauren. She and Bo constantly vie for my favorite character spot. But she has flaws, just like a real, layered person should.

          Yes, none of Bo’s suitors have played an entirely clean game for Bo’s affections. Snipes have been made.

  3. The Tamsin character would have been a lot better if the show had used her as Xena used Callisto and Velasca. An arc planned for a few episodes then the character gone to return later better character impact, as it is I am hard pressed to say what she has brought to the show except she is hoovering up screen time from the rest of the characters playing a whiny needy self- entitled brat.
    The writers should never have gone there with Bo and Tamsin fan service at best.
    Bo is oblivious, after all Tamsin was in her bed with a man and Bo took Tamsins sloppy seconds so why would she know Tamsin has deep feelings for her. Tamsin is the one who offered herself to Bo as a present it is Tamsin who has been initiating thngs between them including insisting Bo feed off her. The assumptions that they were in a relationship were all on Tamsin’s side so any consequences resulting from that assumption she will thoroughly deserve no sympathy from me
    Lauren was right Dyson was well travelled I saw it as a subtle warning to Bo to be careful.
    Lauren has had Tamsin pushing her closeness to Bo in Lauren’s face making snarky remarks and feedfing in front of her so is Lauren supposed to keep quiet when Bo mentions Tamsin and feeding?.

    1. It makes you wonder what really brought out the emergency to try to replace Lauren in Bo’s life from Tamsin. Not that it would have ever happened. It’s just the first few episodes were Tamsin trying to be any and everywhere Bo and Lauren were.

      Bo could have said something when Tamsin kissed her in front of Lauren but she didn’t. Personally I think Lauren should have patched Bo up, said goodnight and left. Just a lot of wasted film for a lot of nothing. lol I’m just saying.

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