5×07 “Here Comes the Night” — Episode 91

Bo in the triskele in Here Comes the Night

The Ancients summon a horrible storm to knock out the city’s electrical power so that three Oracles can track down Bo using visions of people whom Bo’s friends most desire. Meanwhile, Bo and Lauren must deal with the possibility that the dangerous Fae in Evony’s cryo box could be freed. Dyson continues to investigate the Ancients and finds one playing house with its host body’s human wife.

We discuss “Here Comes the Night” in depth in this episode, but you can hear our first impressions as well.

Drink Special: Blackout

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Shake ingredients and strain into a shot glass.


  • The name of the episode is a reference to a song most famously recorded by Van Morrison and David Bowie. The lyrics describe a man looking out his window and seeing a woman he loved walking down the street with someone else. Very appropriate for this episode.
  • Aaron Neville’s “Tell It Like It Is” is probably most prominently used during Bo and Lauren’s dance scene. The song obviously fits in with the truth telling theme of the episode, but Stephanie wonders if the lyrics might be Lauren speaking to Bo. Kris thinks that either one of them could be saying these things to the other.

If you want something to play with
Go and find yourself a toy
Baby my time is too expensive
And I’m not a little boy

If you are serious
Don’t play with my heart
It makes me furious
But if you want me to love you
Then a baby I will, girl you know that I will

Tell it like it is
Don’t be ashamed to let your conscience be your guide
But I know deep down inside me
I believe you love me, forget your foolish pride

  • Yuna’s “Lullabies” was also used in a very interesting way. It was used twice in the episode, first when Tamsin sees Bo and Lauren having sex and then again when Bo and Lauren are talking afterward. Annie thought the song was a good fit for Bo and Lauren, but Stephanie thinks that the lyrics more appropriately describe Tamsin, since the protagonist of the song is describing how her first love didn’t love her back.

I wanted to go away with you,
And I will leave all my troubles here.
I wanted to run away with you,
And I will bring all my dreams and fears.

Like lullabies you are,
Forever in my mind.
I see you in all,
The pieces in my life.
Though you weren’t mine
Though you weren’t mine,
You were my first love.

Beautiful Rubble

  • While it was overly dark — it was very difficult to see Anna Silk’s face — Stephanie and Kris liked the way that the first scene was shot. It opens with a tracking shot over the rubble that finds Bo and Dyson.
  • Kris noticed the very obvious daylight reflecting off of the actors when she rewatched. It’s a drawback of shooting day-for-night.
  • Kudos to the prop people who created the destruction. Apparently they reused the mountain set from “Like Hell, Part 1” in creating the rubble.
  • The Tamsin/Bo awkwardness begins almost immediately. Stephanie wishes that Bo had just gone ahead and talked to Tamsin then, but she can understand how it was not a good time for such a chat.

Dyson eyeing Bo in Here Comes the Night

Dyson as Wingman

  • We were happy that Dyson thought about Lauren and her safety. He was really in friend mode this week.
  • Why didn’t he stay behind with Lauren himself? Was he wanting to pursue the Ancients? Or was he giving Bo some space from Tamsin? He clearly saw some awkwardness going on between them.
  • He also talked to Tamsin later on about Bo loving other people as a succubus, trying to soften the blow he knew was coming.

The Cryo Box

  • Ninety seconds to evaluate the clinic? Those are some super ambulatory injured people.
  • Stephanie thought that Bo and Lauren were overly hasty to assume that the box was empty. Annie worried that there might be Fae viruses in the box or something.
  • Kris thought the empty box might indicate that Evony had hidden someone inside the box who then got out to snoop around the lab for Lauren’s serum.
  • What was the weapon that Bo picked up to use against what might come out of the box? A sushi knife? A candle? A microplane grater? We posit it is Lauren’s Harry Potter wand for when she cosplays as Hermione.
  • Why didn’t Eros attack Bo and Lauren immediately? Besides the fact that Bo and Lauren are main characters on the show… Maybe Eros was feeding off Bo and Lauren’s sexytimes. Maybe he wanted to get a sense of his bearings before he started attacking people.

Bo and Lauren kissing in Here Comes the Night

Here’s Annie’s Doccubus Sex!

  • Even though Stephanie liked the dance as a concept, she had a hard time buying that Lauren wouldn’t have told Bo what her plans were concerning Evony’s clinic. There isn’t a good reason for her to keep the secret, unlike last season.
  • Stephanie wishes that they had talked about something else. Why didn’t they talk about why they haven’t been together since “Dark Horse”? Or talk about their potentially different life spans! Please!
  • This episode hints several times at the lifespan difference, so Stephanie has hopes that it finally will be talked about.
  • Stephanie thought the kiss was the really great part of these romantic scenes between Bo and Lauren. So much was revealed and communicated about their relationship in that kiss.
  • Annie wonders what Lauren meant by her statement that she was living her dream. What is she going to do with her research? Annie thinks she might turn herself Fae to be with Bo.
  • Did Bo and Lauren stay in the same room with the camera? Annie thinks they moved into another room, but Stephanie and Kris remain unconvinced. Were they in a bed? On the floor?
  • What was with Lauren’s pause after Bo says she wishes they could lie there forever? Was she debating how she’ll respond to what Bo says? Is it her holding back from talking about more serious issues?
  • Annie wishes the Doccubus sex had been less blue and lasted longer. She wonders how they will interpret what happened.
  • Stephanie usually thinks the breathy, moany track they put over sexytimes scenes are cheesy, but this one was pretty sexy. Good job!

Bo & Lauren Team Up

  • Annie really liked Lauren proclaiming that she isn’t afraid anymore and seeing Lauren so confident.
  • It’s a role reversal to see Lauren tell Bo, “I’m not leaving you,” like Bo did in “Flesh and Blood.” Bo is also the brains of this mission while Lauren is the brawn, throwing the axe that took down the baddie.
  • Stephanie thought Lauren’s line about not being afraid felt out of place. Yes, Lauren has been scared because of the death threats, but she is a brave character. However, she liked that Lauren asserted to Bo that she could stand up for herself and Bo didn’t need to be so protective of her.
  • Kris sees the moment as a contrast to “Flesh and Blood” as well. When someone charges at her in that episode, she screams for Bo and ducks, while here she is able to defend herself.

Evony and Eros in Here Comes the Night


  • It seemed like Bo and Lauren really got lucky with that plan. The lightning struck at just the right moment.
  • The Eros storyline was a nice vehicle to learn a bit more about Evony, but the Eros storyline didn’t quite work for us. He was supposed to be one of the most dangerous Faes ever, and he was taken out with an axe and a convenient bolt of lightning?
  • Kris has many technical questions. When was the cryo box constructed? When did Evony catch him? It seemed like it was a long time ago. Why did they store him in a box that required power?
  • Annie thought that the special effects used for Eros were silly, but Stephanie thought the footprints in the puddles were a nice touch.
  • Stephanie was confused about what happened to Vex. He was helping Evony, but then he suddenly disappeared. Why did he ditch her?
  • We thought Emmanuelle Vaugier was really great in her scenes, and it was nice getting a little background about Evony.
  • Has Lauren completed the serum to turn Evony back into a Fae?

Oracle Visions

  • Stephanie was happy that her question of why Hera took Cassie after she removed her eyes was answered.
  • Why did they keep the eyes though?
  • Did only Cassie get care? Why weren’t the other two oracles in Lauren’s clinic?
  • No! Cassie can’t be dead! Why is Lost Girl killing off likable supporting characters?

Vex and Mark in Here Comes the Night

Vex & Mar-acle

  • Stephanie liked the scene, but she feels weird that she wasn’t bothered by the sex between Mark and Vex while she was bothered by Mark having sex with Bo.
  • Annie was disturbed by the scene because she doesn’t want Mark to have any kind of attachment to any of the characters.
  • Listener Melina thinks it would have been better if instead of Mark, Vex had had an encounter with Dyson. While we think that would have been a good choice, the way this encounter is used in the episode, the writers want the audience to think it was real for at least part of the episode. If it had been Dyson, Stephanie would have been suspicious immediately.
  • It was surprising to hear Vex say that something was wrong. What about it was wrong to him? That Mark is Dyson’s son, that Mark is very young, that Dyson might kill him for it?
  • It is surprising that Mark is the person Vex most desires since he just met him. Does he want to be close to Mark because of his relationship to Dyson?
  • We were excited to see male/male sexuality on the show.

Dyson and Bo in Here Comes the Night

Dyson & Bo-racle

  • A lovely scene with some lovely acting from Anna Silk and Kris Holden-Ried!
  • Stephanie was intrigued by Bo-racle’s statement that Dyson should “change the rules.” Annie thought that she might be urging Dyson to pursue Bo or suggesting that he could allow himself to be in another relationship.
  • Comparing this encounter with the one between Bo and Dys-acle, Stephanie started to wonder about what type of truth the Oracles were telling. Was it a relative  truth for that person? Or the objective truth?
  • Bo-racle seems more romantically interested in Dyson, while Bo indicates to Dys-acle that her love for him has changed into something more platonic.

Trick & Isabeau-racle

  • We were happy to see Isabeau again, but we wished we got to see her longer.
  • What did she mean that she would see Trick again?
  • Is Trick going to die? Is he going to see Isabeau through some other means?
  • Stephanie did giggle at Mark’s “holy orgy, Trick!” line.

Lauren in Bos vision in Here Comes the Night

Bo, Dys-acle, Laur-acle & Dad-acle

  • What truth did the Oracles extract from Bo? They needed to know if she had “it.” The candle? Something else?
  • Stephanie loved Kris Holden-Ried in the oracle vision, and she thought Anna Silk really shined playing off of Zoie, especially her reading of “smells like Lauren.”
  • Again, her talk with Laur-acle emphasized the relatively short amount of time they might have together.
  • Did Bo actually see her father? Or was he just another oracle vision?
  • Bo seems to want to know her father, but she also fears him.
  • Will these oracle visions encourage the Ancients to target Dyson or Lauren to get to Bo?
  • Yay! Bo told Trick about Hades! But Stephanie and Kris still don’t really understand why knowing her father’s name seems to be such a devastating revelation for Bo.

Tamsin in Here Comes the Night

Poor, Poor Tamsin

  • The acting was so good in this episode that we’re all depressed now.
  • Bo “breaks up” with Tamsin in a very bad way.
  • It was so heartbreaking when Tamsin said she knows Bo’s heart truly lies with her.
  • Apparently, they had to bring in a stunt double for this scene between Bo and Tamsin because Rachel was so feisty in rehearsals.
  • Michael Grassi commented that they wanted to explore when someone fell for Bo hard, but she didn’t reciprocate the feelings like she did when Lauren and Dyson fell for her.
  • Kris wishes that Bo and Tamsin could have had this talk a month ago. Annie was relieved that Bo was finally clear with Tamsin about her feelings.
  • Bo was trying to explain Tamsin’s feelings to her, which is a terrible thing to do. Tamsin was totally right to call Bo out for being patronizing.
  • Bo may have had the best of intentions when she talked to Tamsin, but she said it badly. We’ve all been there.
  • What might Tamsin do out of hurt? Will she withdraw into herself? Turn on Bo and her friends? Bo did warn her in “Like Hell, Part 1” that one more strike against the people Bo loves and she’s out.

Dyson & Alycia

  • Hera spitting gadflies at Dyson comes from the myth of Zeus & Io. In a jealous rage, Hera sends a gadfly after Zeus’s conquest Io to sting her and drive her mad.
  • Alycia is now aware that Kevin isn’t Kevin anymore, but she doesn’t know about the Ancients yet. Will she come to know the whole situation?
  • The hints are still strong that Dyson and Alycia might develop a relationship.

Dyson and Alycia in Here Comes the Night

Stray Thoughts

  • Stephanie came up with an annoyance scale on which to rank Mark:
  1. Pokable
  2. Pinchable
  3. Shovable
  4. Smackable
  5. Kickable
  6. Punchable
  7. Junk-punchable
  8. Claw my own face off
  • We all rank him as shovable/smackable in this episode. He was less annoying to us this week, but we still wanted to smack him a little bit.
  • We’re still hanging on for a big sex scene! C’mon, Lost Girl. It’s kinda your thing.
  • Sad news, there is still NO NEWS about when Season 5 might premiere in the United States on Syfy or when the second half of Season 5 on Showcase.

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14 Replies to “5×07 “Here Comes the Night” — Episode 91

  1. I thought one of the reasons that Eros didn’t attack Bo or Lauren was that as soon as the doors opened, Lauren immediately yelled her frustration at Evony. Being that he was locked up by her, he probably thought that they could lead him to her? Just a thought 🙂

  2. Ladies I laughed so hard during this one, thanks loads for the awesome entertainment!

    Stephanie I understand your confusion about where Doccubus have stood for the previous six episodes this season, because I’ve been scratching my head about that too. So this is my explanation – Bo still harboured some resentment toward Lauren for “rejecting” her in S4 and sticking with The Morrigan, while Lauren needed to sort out her own role in the Fae world after leaving her servitude. So the love and attraction have always been there, but they both held back all throughout S5 because of these issues.

    I really don’t know why the writers would crush Valkubus fans like that. Bo should never have slept with Tamsin at all, because now she just looks bad. But this also leads me thinking about the future (especially after having seen 5.08) — Bo’s need to feed via sex is always going to hurt people who care for her, and if she wants to be committed to Lauren, this issue will rear its head again. Lauren has been pretty stoic and detached when confronted with Bo’s physical encounters with Dyson and Tamsin this season, but if she wants to go back to a relationship with Bo, I can’t imagine that she would be 100% ok with it.

    1. I appreciate your trying to come up with an explanation, but I don’t buy it. 🙂

      Lauren has got to know that Bo’s need for sex is still there, and that they’ll need to find a way to deal with it if they’re going to be a couple. It could be that they find another solution besides allowing Bo to sleep with other people casually, or maybe they’ll come up with different rules that will make Lauren more comfortable. But Lauren’s no dummy. I think she has been ruminating on the possibility since she asked Bo for a break in Season 3.

  3. The song “Lullabies” really worked for both scenes for me. I thought it was clever as well for them to use the same song to express two different emotions between different characters. I took the lyrics for Tamsin as very obvious. It worked with her feelings and thoughts for Bo in that moment with what she must have been feeling. It was conveyed really well. As for the “though you weren’t mine” I loved that part for Bo and Lauren and really felt like it worked as much as “You were my first love.”, and those words actually resonated with me more. It was a really beautiful feeling as a part of their journey because looking back at everything they’ve been through, they had a lot of those moments that kept them from being together, from being able to have the ability to say or convey you’re mine, I’m yours. Yet, they always had that love for each other. So even though they couldn’t always say they were technically or physically each other’s, their hearts always were.

    The reason I wasn’t bothered by Mark and Vex was because it had a purpose. It really shed light on Vex’s character, his mindset, and his vulnerabilities. With Bo, the age never bothered me. It just seemed unnecessary and out of place. While Bo is my favorite character, it felt like it added to the idea Bo didn’t care about anything but sex. More like she had no control. While for Vex it helped evolve his character.

    I wonder if the line to Dyson about changing the rules means changing the mate for life rules, and like you guys said, let himself fall for someone else instead of just waiting for Bo.

    As for the conversation between Tamsin and Bo, I know Bo has gotten a lot of criticism from many people overall. However, I really feel like Bo was doing her best and did have the best intentions when talking to Tamsin. She cares about her and didn’t want to hurt her even though she knew that was going to happen because it’s never easy to hear your feelings aren’t reciprocated. But Bo still chose to be real about her feelings with Tamsin and not run away from her responsibility to be honest or string Tamsin along. Yes, she should have been aware of Tamsin’s feelings earlier, but she wasn’t, and as soon as she was, she had the necessary conversation with Tamsin when they could actually talk.

    I will now take a moment of silence for Cassie. :'(

    1. Thanks for your take on the song. I’m glad it works for you. Really! It’s a nice song, but it just doesn’t resonate for me with those characters.

      Hopefully I made it clear in the podcast that I don’t think Bo was intending to be malicious to Tamsin. Like you said, I think she had good intentions, but she handled the situation poorly. We’ve all been there.

      Yes, R.I.P. Cassie.

      1. You did. 🙂 I haven’t really heard Bo was intentionally malicious there. Dense yes lol, but not malicious. I still felt Bo handled it really well.

        I didn’t see the tweet by Vanessa Matsui you guys mentioned so I’m going to continue to live in denial that Cassie survived lol.

  4. I made the mistake of listening to this one on the plane, I was laughing to myself for most of the flight, pretty sure the poor person sitting next to me thought I was a bit strange.

    I really liked this episode I thought it was one of the strongest, not only of this season but the show in general. There were still some things that didn’t make much sense and the resolution to Evony’s Cryo Box was a bit of a let down but overall I liked it because the characters got good scenes together. I wish the show would do more scenes with characters just talking with each other, and not case related stuff proper character stuff. This episode had a lot of that we had Vex/Mark at the end, Tamsin/Dyson, Lauren/Bo, Dyson/Bo (fake Bo, but still) Bo/FakeDyson+FakeLauren and Tamsin/Bo. That last scene between Bo and Tamsin was so good, obviously poor Tamsin, but a really good character scene for both of them. The show and actors really shine when given the opportunity to interact like that.

    I haven’t seen the mid-season finale so maybe I’m jumping the gun on this but for the love of god could Lauren and Bo please have a proper talk sometime before the show ends. If they are going in the direction of having them be a couple again I would love to see them address certain things, but namely Lauren’s mortality. They kind of hinted at it here but I’d love to see them properly talk about it and other things. And it doesn’t have to be a big long drawn out talk, for me one of the best scenes the show has ever done is the kitchen scene from 3×04 and that scenes goes for less then five minutes, so they can definitely fit in a proper conversation for those two.

    1. Thanks for sharing! I do love a good I-got-strange-looks-because-I-was-laughing story. 🙂 I once had to stifle my laughter because I was listening to an episode I missed in a waiting room.

      As much fun as the action sequences are, this show really shines in its character moments. So, I’m glad they had a lot of those in this episode, too.

  5. In response to Stephanie’s friend Elizabeth: Looking through my lens as a psych student, I saw the Oracles not so much telling people truths that only their “heart” knew but rather that they were speaking truths that people knew subconsciously but were perhaps reluctant to accept or recognize. It seemed to me more of a reframing of what was already within the person presented to them in a straightforward manner. Perhaps this was easier to see with Dyson, Trick, and Bo whereas Vex seemed more surprised, but a lot of times we “know” things that we are not yet ready to accept. I think Vex had been attracted to Mark but was probably denying it for a variety of reasons but the Oracles’ truth made him face it.

    I think of the Oracle talking to Neo in the Matrix. In the end, Neo didn’t really have free will about being The One (nor does Bo) but he could choose whether or not to accept the truth, as well as choosing how to live once he accepted who he was. I think Bo is in a similar position.

    Also, love is such a tricky business. Did Bo simply decide that she is in love with Lauren and is not in love with Tamsin (free will decision making) or does the “heart” play a role that is hard to understand. Where I see free will is that we can choose what to do with being in love or not. For Bo, that was telling Tamsin “I love you but not like that” and telling Lauren that she wanted them to be together again.

    * Knowing Lauren, she probably has a bed/cot at the clinic so she can stay with patients or while doing research. Hopefully off camera from Evony 😉

    * Stephanie: You can’t believe that Lauren and Bo haven’t talked about something important?? Really? 😉 I mean, did they ever even have “the talk” where Bo said Lauren could explain about the “spy-bang” (Gosh i hate that term in this context but it’s also the easiest explanation) much less more recent events. Heck, apparently they *still* hadn’t had the Karen talk by 5×07! Seriously, how do they not talk about this stuff? It would be all my poor brain could think about until I had answers.

    * While I agree that discussing the potential lifespan difference is important, I think they both need to focus on spending the time that they well so that the don’t have regrets in the future. Bo doesn’t exactly live a safe life and has nearly died multiple times; being Fae did not mean that Hale outlived Kenzi. There are never any guarantees, but I can’t see not being with someone b/c they won’t live as long. Rather than hurting less, I think Bo would end up having immense regrets at wasting what time she could have had with Lauren. Even us mere humans have to face this dilemma at times. It’s going to hurt Bo if Lauren dies first and there is no way around that. 🙁

    * Say, have we seen Dyson shirtless since Lauren asked if he could put a shirt on in 5×03 during training? Isn’t it in KHR’s contract that he has to have a minimum number of shirtless scenes per season? 😉

    * Add my kudos to Rachel Skarsten for that incredible “come to Jesus” heart-to-heart with Bo. While I’ve always been a doccubus fan, there are things I really like about Bo & Tamsin together, well, if it could be S3 Tamsin b/c S5 Tamsin alternates between “I’m wise beyond my years” and “how many fingers am i holding up?”

    * Btw, IMDB isn’t always correct, but it does show Bruce as being in the final episode of the show. *fingers crossed*

    P.S. You were correct: Little Bad Wolf is a little bad she-wolf 🙂

  6. I really loved this episode and the podcast! (practically peed my pants from laughter lol). Even though my heart was on a roller coaster from the doccubus sexy times (I agree Annie, doccubus sex was too blue 🙂 ) and Tamsin’s heart getting crushed, this episode provided a lot of character and plot development.
    I feel like there is going to be some type of foreshadowing because since season 3, the contrast between darkness and light has been said quite often. When the oracles where walking through the allies and repeating the phrase, “Only in the darkness can we see the light”, it reminded me of episode 3×02 “Subterfaenean” when Atticus the sew alligator says, “When you have been in the dark as long as I have, only then do you truly begin to live in the light.” The two scenes have a lot of similarities because they both revolve around sight in a physical sense (oracles lost their eyes), a spiritual sense (finding enlightenment) and tragedy. Atticus explains that he sees the world differently and infers that he has a different perspective on the world after losing his family and being alone for so long as well as being blind. When Cassie lost her eyes, it was then that she explained what she saw in regards to the future and the “end”. I think this may foreshadow Bo truly coming to terms with herself, her hardships and may possibly hint to something more in part 2 of season 5.
    I don’t understand why Tamsin is getting a lot of hate for being very emotional and said to be acting childish. I don’t think it’s not just because she was reborn, but because now that it is her last life, she is beginning to realize how lonely she is. Tamsin probably clings onto Bo because she is probably one of the first people she ever considered a friend and a lover. Bo helped Tamsin realize that she was of worth and realize that a valkryie’s life can be more than just the cycle of “… doubt, kill, repeat.” (5×08). Bo was the first person to truly see Tamsin’s vulnerable side and see that the whole tough girl persona she pulls off is just a mask to hide insecurity, heart break and other demons. I think Tamsin believes that Bo is someone she could love that she never thought could be real. It was just weird to have Bo not say straight up to Tamsin that she doesn’t love Tamsin in a romantic way and it was a weird choice to have them sleep together and then Bo waits to tell Tamsin she doesn’t love her that way. Leading Tamsin on was hard to watch. Tamsin soon fell into that routine of hating herself when she said, “So… Lauren’s good enough. Dyson’s good enough. Even Rainer is good enough.” I think everyone hearts were ripped out from that scene.
    To sum this up, I think a common theme of this season has been dramatic irony where the audience knows more about the character’s emotions and motivations than the characters themselves. You can’t look at person a see what they feel. (“Sight. It’s a funny thing. One of the five senses ,but not one of our finest.” Atticus 3×02). Keep it up with the podcast. Love listening to you guys 🙂

  7. I think Tell It Like It Is, fits Lauren. Here she was busy working and treating patients in her lab and Bo shows up. It says Lauren is really busy and she didn’t have time for a Succubus who obviously wasn’t in love with her anymore or even wanted her as far as Lauren knew. Sleeping with Dyson in her lab, kissing Tamsin, I could see how Lauren thought she was just a one night stand to Bo.

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