Shot: 5×08 “End of Faes” First Impressions — Episode 92

Lauren and Bo in End of Faes

We share our first impressions and what made us happy in the Season 5 mid-season finale, “End of Faes.” You can also listen to our in depth discussion of the episode.

First Impressions

  • Annie: I thought it was pretty good. DOCCUBUS! squee! I was hung up on some of the plot holes, though.
  • Kris: I enjoyed the episode, even though it wasn’t the best they’ve done. I thought there was a sufficiently solid plot line.
  • Stephanie: I feel wishy washy about this episode. I was engaged while I was watching it, but the more I think about it, the more the writing choices don’t make sense to me.

What Made Annie Happy

  • Doccubus conversations!
  • “Oh boy yes.”
  • Lauren running in formal wear (and that scene being filmed outside in bright daylight)

What Made Kris Happy

  • Everybody looks SO GOOD
  • People looking out for each other: Dyson punching Hera in the face for calling Alicia a [bortch] and Tamsin & Lauren worrying about what they were doing to Iris
  • Amanda Walsh as Zee

What Made Stephanie Happy

  • Tamsin struggling with luggage
  • Tamsin getting all vulnerable about Bo in front of Zee
  • Lauren being very Lauren-y in general, but specifically her appreciation of Tamsin’s back.

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39 Replies to “Shot: 5×08 “End of Faes” First Impressions — Episode 92

  1. Are we all in TamTam-Death-Denial mode? Because I am. Valkyrie electricity immunity FTW! If that was her final death, I’m peeved, but since I am not in any way accepting that, I am not. Lalalalalala.

    1. I think it’s extremely conclusion-jumpy to assume Tamsin died. Zeus even says to Bo that Bo healed faster than usual from getting struck by Zeus’s lightning. That indicates that others have healed from it. I think it was more about knocking Tamsin out or injuring her than it was about killing her.

      1. I am fully 100% confident that Tamsin will be back not even one once of doubt lol…Our Poor Valkyrie just got zapped but she’ll be ok she’s a Valkyrie not one lightening zap is going to take her out I mean common. Highlight the following to read spoilers.

        Plus I know Rach tweeted pic for future eps so I know she’ll be back 🙂
  2. Also, can we talk about Vex’s exits lately? Can I call them Vexits? We had his weird disappearance from the Evony-Eros mission. No explanation, just hang time with Mark. Then, “I’ll go get some help” with Dr. Lauren there– the same doc who reattached your HAND (whilst drunk)– is clearly a way of skating before Dyson gets the idea that Vex cares for Mark. Awww. Just awwww.

    I want to think of more Vexit lines for when he needs a quick skedaddle. Here’s my start:
    “I have to go see my haberdasher”
    “Going to pick up some charcoal eyeliner”
    “That —- deserves a looky-loo”
    “Can’t stick around while you all give each other googley eyes”
    “I have a cod-piece fitting I’m late for”
    “I just remembered I have a nightclub to manage”

    And…. go!

      1. Oooo! Good one! This opens up a whole new set of things for me. (I see the possible innuendo in that statement, and I accept it):

        “I’m meeting with my therapist in an hour. I need to go heat up the pokers.”
        “Gotta go, I’m having a nibble with a Puca. I’m sorry, no, a Puca’s going to have a nibble on me.” (That’s that creature that was in the maze in “Like Hell, Part 2”)

  3. It’s strange bec I liked the episode but the more I watch the more I see it’s like our characters trying to act like our characters instead of being out characters if that makes sense. I enjoyed the visual aspects but some of the writing choice seem odd to me I agree with Stephanie. It’s crazy bec sometimes I watch over and I love it even more or in this case sometimes I watch it over and I’m like is that really not appropriate I’m less enthused then the first watch. I’m going to watch all the episode over but truly I tend to just enjoy some writers more than others. Obsiously I’m very happy about oh boy yes but wow seems dumbed down not like something the brilliant doctor would say. The interaction between Bo&Lo were to short for the huge fact that they were getting back together apparently talking about getting back together in front of a room of people seems appropriate. Tamsin was dead on no pun intended her lines, her dress, her interaction but other chacters not so much. Maybe it’s just me it left me a bit confused at times. I thought the box would come into play and we need that storyline to play out but it just wasn’t quite executed the way I thought it deserved.

    1. I liked the “oh boy yes,” partially because it felt like a call back to “Let the Dark Times Roll.” When she and Bo are saying they have a lot to talk about but embrace each and start going at it instead, Lauren says, “Oh boy!”

      I know what you mean about the characters not feeling like our characters. I think Tamsin has been served pretty well by the scripts this season, Dyson and Lauren have been OK but not as good, but Bo? I feel like Bo has been lost the past several episodes. She seems to be acting as the script demands rather than as an actual character.

      1. I got the reference for the oh boy yes but it was more like I felt they deserved a better & longer moment to them entering back into a relationship it’s been a long time we didn’t get then in season 4 now this is ep 8 of season 5. All I was thinking is they deserved a longer talk not so rushed but maybe the time didn’t allow it. Yes Tamsin has been served very well your right and yes I agree with the Bo statement but at times we see her really shine I just wish they were closer and more together. Trick, Vex have also been written really well. Lauren at times has been brilliant I think some writers write her better then others same with Dyson. I always get worried when I see a new writer like it’s the last season they should have stuck with the ones they had if they could. That being said I don’t want to discount how absolutely stunning the show has been looking visual (sets&outfits) Bo’s outfit in 5×7 has to be one of my favorites. Sometimes they are so on and other times the outfits are off and not as fitting. But over all I’ve really enjoyed the season some episodes I watch back and I just fall more in love with others not so much but as a whole I think MG has done a fantastic job. I really respect this entire cast and crew I truly love this show. I just have noticed something’s I didn’t after the further review but overall a really great season!!!

        1. I can see where you are coming from in regards to Bo and Lauren. I think they have been stalling getting them back together, especially this season, so I can understand wanting a little more. But I think the “oh boy yes” worked in the context of this episode, and I hope that we’ll see more of them negotiating their relationship in future episodes.

          1. Yes I totally agree Doccubus is endgame for sure and the gift Hades was referring to is the necklace ENDGAME Lauren is playing a big part in all this

            1. I hadn’t considered the necklace was the gift. You don’t think it was the jack-in-the box? After she repeated what he said about the gift, Bo looked at the box and started turning the handle.

              I hope we haven’t seen the last of the necklace though, and it would be interesting if it was important in the Hades plotline.

  4. [comment deleted by moderator — There are lots of other places to get an answer to your question. Please don’t ask it in our comments. It could get us in trouble.]

  5. Tamsin ISNT dead. Highlight the following to read spoilers.

    Rachel sent out tweeted picures and instagram photos threw-out the filming of Lost Girl. That included the short video she made of the table read of the LAST episode.

    Tamsin is not dead. She just had her wings clipped.

    Super loving Zee !!!!!!

  6. I loved this episode! “Oh, Boy. Yes!” I’ve played those two scenes over and over again back to back… meaning… I’ve watched Bo ask Lauren “Oh, boy yes? or Oh, boy no?” then skipped right to our Lauren in the park saying “Oh, Boy. Yes!” And #Doccubus is officially back! Though I think if Dyson doesn’t have a new love interest, she should still be able to feed off him when she needs to heal… you can still see a bit of a connection between them… And would it be inappropriate to say… that I can also see a threesome with D-man, Bo and Lo? But D-man would only be with Bo and Lo would be there with Bo as well. Not sure how that could work but it does feel like it could happen.

    1. Do you understand what a lesbian is ? Lauren would not be part of ANY 3way with a man involved. Lauren and 2 other women is a possibility.

      1. It might not have been your intention, but this comment comes across as very rude. Please try to be mindful of being courteous to other commenters.

        And I know lesbians who have had threesomes with a guy and a gal — they’ve just interacted with the gal and not the guy, which I think was what Angela was getting at.

          1. I don’t think that Angela was being rude, but even if you feel like another commenter is being rude to you, please respond in a civil manner instead of being rude back to them. We’re all here because we love Lost Girl, and we want the comments sections to be a fun place for people to discuss the show.

    2. Maybe they won’t get around to it, but Bo’s need for sex potentially surpassing Lauren’s ability to supply it will still need to be addressed (among other things). I have wondered if they might negotiate something with Dyson to address that situation, but if they are going to pursue a relationship between Dyson and Alycia (and I hope they do) I don’t think that will be likely.

      I don’t know if a threesome between the two of them is very likely. I think that Lauren may have gotten to the point where she can accept Bo needing to have sex with other people (even Dyson) in certain situations, but I think a threesome could spell a disaster for all their relationships. Jealousy could very easily rear its ugly head, I think.

      1. Why does Dyson need to be involved in Bo & Laurens relationship though? It can be argued him sticking his nose where it didnt belong played a part in ending them the first time and using Bo “doesnt like” randoms or ends up having sex with a family member isnt a reason either

        1. I don’t think that Dyson needs to be involved in Bo and Lauren’s relationship. I am just considering possible scenarios the writers might explore. I think it’s unlikely. I think they’re going to pair Dyson up with Alycia. Bo and Lauren will have to negotiate Bo’s feeding needs in some regard, but it could very well be that Bo just feeds on random people. I wonder if Lauren will have different rules than she did in Season 3, given that Tamsin rubbing the fact that Bo had kissed her in Lauren’s face seemed to play a not insignificant part in her asking Bo for a break. Will Lauren ask that Bo not kiss/feed off of people they both know? Will Lauren just ask Bo to tell her when such things happen? I guess it’s also possible that the writers won’t spend the time to address this stuff, but that would be disappointing to me. I hope that they do.

          1. I think the show definitely needs to address this. In the earlier episodes of S5, even while Lauren had friendzoned herself, she didn’t seem 100% comfortable with seeing Bo kiss Tamsin or hearing her bang Dyson. Yet Lauren said yes to a relationship with Bo again, so she must have some kind of plan to deal with this. It’s too big a deal for the writers to ignore.

    3. Better question is why does Dyson always need to be involved in a relationship that has nothing to do with him? There is nothing that says Bo cant feed off randoms off-screen. If we are supposed to buy that Bo is clear-headed & more mature I think its a major character digression to use Dyson just as a feed and expect Lauren to be fine that Bo has to make zero sacrifices to be happy while Lauren on top of having to share Bo has to see who Bo feeds off everyday because Bo “doesnt like” feeding off strangers. Your comment about a threesome is disgusting and you obviously have no idea how disgusting it is to even suggest a lesbian character doing a threesome with a man

      1. I understand that you don’t like the idea of Lauren, Dyson, and Bo having a threesome, but please be courteous to other commenters. We can still be civil even we don’t agree.

        I think this idea is touchy for some people because there has been a history of having lesbian characters sleep with men, which is a very frustrating trend. If it doesn’t come across as outright homophobic, it certainly reinforces heterosexuality as normative. I think it’s also touchy because lesbian sexuality (or at least sexuality between women) has been co-opted by straight men for their pleasure, and this type of threesome situation seems like it could be designed just to get a man off rather than being about two women enjoying a sexual encounter. I’m frustrated by these trends too, and I’m angry when I see them.

        However, I don’t think that a possible threesome between Lauren, Dyson and Bo has to necessarily reinforce either of those trends. Like I said, I have known multiple lesbians to be involved in just such a threesome with a bisexual woman and a bisexual/heterosexual man. In these situations, the lesbian member of the group has interacted with the other woman, not the man. It would be possible to choreograph that scene so that Bo was very clearly the center of the threesome, and it wasn’t about putting on a sexy show for Dyson. (I think the threesome in “Faetal Attraction” does very well at both of these things.) That being said, I don’t particularly want them to tackle it. I think it would be awkward for the characters, and it could potentially cause conflicts in their relationships.

        To me, this situation is different than having a lesbian have sexual intercourse with a man (if the lesbian character just interacts with another woman). If it isn’t different for other people, if they still think of it as a lesbian having sex with a man, I can understand that. I’m not trying to convince anyone to like the idea. I’m just trying to present why I personally don’t have a problem with the possibility even though I really dislike the idea of lesbian characters having sex with men.

        1. Personally I think 407 is the closest thing to a threesome between those characters we will ever get and even that was controversial enough. The threesome in 1×04 was done well but the women were both assumed to be bisexual so I have no issue. That being said the one in S2 was a stereotypical one where the women “put on a show”. If LG is as progressive as they claim they wont even attempt to go there again because lets face it they will screw it up or we are going to have to listen to how the threesome “straightened” Lauren up. I will always oppose this idea for what it is because most people who want it have that old viewpoint on lesbians in general & I will make my opinion known every time it comes up in the future and if that means I overstep so be it

          1. I agree with you and I can’t understand how Stephanie and Angela can suggest a 3way that “somehow” keeps the “lesbian” character only being there for the other female. HELLO .. 3 naked people in 1 bed and the MAN watching the ladies have sex sure seems like a stereotypical lesbian sex for getting him off. I mean really … What man wouldn’t love to be watching that right in his own bed.

            1. Yeah I don’t get how people can make excuses that make it “possible” but I don’t think there is anything to worry about anyway

  7. And about that “Oh, Boy. Yes!”… I know a lot of people wanted a longer and better scene but for me, it felt appropriate. It was like Lauren was saying… we don’t know what’s going to happen in the next little while so I want Bo to know I choose her, too. It’s like they say in disasters… if only I hadn’t been mad at my loved one who died… if only I had told them how I felt before the left… I think Lauren wanted no regrets. She wanted Bo to know that she loved her and wanted to be together as much as Bo did. It was like it was that “I love you” to make sure the disaster didn’t happen or if it did, then you went out at least saying “I love you.” 🙂

    1. I am so extremely happy they are back together I am team Doccubus all the way I was just saying I felt like they deserved a longer talk. The oh boy yes was cute just thought a longer moment like in 3×1 would have been nice and a kiss would have been nicer. I think some people write Doccubus really good and others not as much they made it so short when you combine those two scenes how longer are they? Maybe what less then two minutes out if a 45 minute show that being said I enjoyed the episode and I’m very excited for the second half and seeing more Doccubus!!!

    2. I agree. I think it worked in the context of this situation. Stuff was going down, and she wanted to make sure Bo knew she was in, in case anything happened. But hopefully we’ll get a more smooshy, romantic/sexy moment from them in the second half of the season?

  8. The pacing of this episode didn’t feel like a mid-season finale, so I’m wondering if they were simply forced to split it into two after they found out they had 16 episodes to wrap up the show.

    Annie, I’m surprised at your lack of squeeing over the Doccubus scenes! But perhaps it’s cos they were so brief. Initially I hated the “oh boy yes” line. I mean, really, writers?? That’s the best Lauren can say? Now I’m less riled up, as I realise that the way Lauren said it was simply very Lauren. I also have to agree with Stephanie – why haven’t Bo and Lauren been together since the beginning of the season? Why were they artificially kept apart for so long, considering what happened in the S4 finale? Do you really say “I’m yours” and then give a kiss to a mere friend?? Argh!!!!

    By the way Stephanie, get well soon!

    Kris, didn’t you find the dresses a wee bit unflattering on Bo and Lauren? I don’t know if Bo’s dress should have so much sparkle, and what was Lauren’s dress made of, curtains? As for Amanda Walsh, she is super awesome. Best villain by far.

    Ladies, will you be doing a review of the entire season after you post the full one for this finale? And any more podcats we can look forward to to help tide us over the very long hiatus? I’m having withdrawal symptoms already.

    1. Thank you! I am feeling better.

      Given the cliffhangery moments with Tamsin, Mark, and Bo at the very end, I do think this was written as a midseason finale. Though I do agree with you that the pacing feels off to me. Not a lot actually happens in this episode, if you think about it.

      Personally, I liked Lauren’s dress a lot. I thought she and Trick looked the best in their fancy duds. And I thought Bo looked nice, though there are design elements of that dress that I don’t care for no matter who is wearing the garment, so I know I’m biased in that regard. I’m sure we’ll talk more about the clothes in our longer discussion.

      I am planning (I should probably let Kris and Annie know!) to do a mid-season review. It will probably be released on February 10. We will be releasing episodes during the hiatus, but we’ll switch to a biweekly release schedule. I hope you keep listening!

      1. Biweekly podcasts during the hiatus? Yay! There’ll be plenty of stuff to talk about. Can I suggest a discussion on the new characters (and the actors who portray them) this season? I know who’s at the bottom rung for me — Mark! I really feel like slapping him every time he’s on the screen.

        1. We’ll definitely be talking about the new characters, though I don’t know if we’ll necessarily be giving them their own episode(s). Maybe we’ll devote an episode to how much we want to slap Mark. I’m kidding! I think. 🙂

  9. I enjoyed it overall. I however sort of rolled my eyes about Zeus being every major deity basically because while I knew that is what they were going to do, it also doesn’t really make sense because Zeus, Odin, Ra, etc are not the same at all and in some cases Ra isn’t even the most powerful (Isis pawns) and in a lot of older cultures there were more head female Goddesses before the sky Gods took over as a major figure. But honestly, I don’t expect that level of forthought from LG since they are making Hades a major “evil” force in the first place.

    1. I’m not sure how I feel about them finally presenting these god/goddesses as people. I preferred it when they were turning them into races of Fae. I think it gets too sticky when you try to personify a deity.

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