5×08 “End of Faes” — Episode 93

Dyson Bo Lauren and Mark at the party in End of Faes

Bo receives an invitation from the Ancients to a mysterious party in her honor where Zee tries to convince Bo to emancipate herself from her father. Even though Bo has doubts about Zee’s motives, a dire prophetic vision sways her to believe that Zee could be an ally. Meanwhile, Mark tries to get closer to Iris to get more information about the Ancients, which leads him into a perilous situation.

You can also listen to our first impressions of this episode.

Drink Special: Dead Hand

1 oz Whisky
1 oz Rum
1 oz Vodka
2 oz Melon liqueur

Pour over ice into an old-fashioned glass. Stir well and serve.

That’s Party Spelled T-R-A-P

  • The party storyline didn’t really work for us. There were a lot of elements that didn’t quite make sense.
  • Our characters were brought to the party so quickly that they were essentially planning their strategy in the midst of the people they were strategizing against. And what if it had been a trap?
  • We think Zee trying to convince Bo to emancipate herself from her father could have begun more quickly.
  • Trick especially seems overly gullible in this episode. He has warned Bo about how visions can be deceptive in the past.
  • The scene in which Bo is choosing a weapon doesn’t feel necessary since it didn’t ultimately have any payoff.
  • If Zee’s true designs were on the jack-in-the-box, why did she take this tack with Bo? Why didn’t she go after the box to begin with?
  • We all are really liking Amanda Walsh as Zee. She showed some good range in this episode, and she is just hitting it out of the park as this villain.

Hera in End of Faes

Hera & His Smug Face

  • Noam Jenkins is just so smug and menacing as Hera! He really is very punchable.
  • The dialogue in the exchange between Dyson and Hera made us groan. Really? Dog puns? You don’t think Dyson would have been sick of those by now?
  • How did they manage to get Hera tied up? When Dyson punched him, he was pretty unfazed, and he seemed very cooperative about being held hostage. Why did he feel threatened enough to spill the beans about Iris?
  • We think the writing could have been tightened by combining the scene in which Dyson punches Hera and the scene where Hera is being held as a bargaining chip.

Lauren & Tamsin

  • Annie didn’t understand why Lauren and Tamsin were so bothered by Zee and Hera restraining Iris since she wasn’t really a teenager. Also, they hang out with Vex, who made a woman kill her own children.
  • Stephanie was unsatified with the confrontation between Lauren and Tamsin. If that was the conclusion to all the sniping between the two of them, it’s a letdown.
  • Kris’s big issue with the scene was that they were having such a personally revealing conversation in front of a nemesis.

Iris Isn’t Just Iris!/?

  • What the hell? We thought having the Nyx be inside of Iris was an overly complicated plot twist.
  • Are the Ancients trying to save the world or destroy it? What is their plan with the Nyx?
  • If you take off your bracelet and immediately feel like something is wrong, wouldn’t you put the bracelet back on?
  • Did Mark pick up the bracelet? It looked like he did, so we wonder if the bracelet will come into play later.
  • Is the “‘don’t touch me,’ then they do” thing a commentary on the relationship between young women and society? If it isn’t, can we choose to see it that way anyway?
  • Now Bo has a black hand, which could potentially (hopefully?) require lots of sex to heal?

Mark Dyson and Lauren in End of Faes

Mark & His Dumb Gut

  • Annie was hoping that Mark might become more likable to her by actually listening to Dyson and following the plan, but she was annoyed when he seemed to disrespect Dyson and do something stupid instead.
  • While they agree that Mark did do something stupid, Kris and Stephanie think that Mark was actually trying to be a team player. Things just went badly for him.
  • Why did you try to move the body, Mark? Why didn’t you call your father, a police officer who covers up this sort of thing?
  • The stabbing didn’t grow organically out of the story for us. It felt like it happened just because the writers wanted to put a character in peril to create a cliffhanger.
  • Annie thinks it would have been more effective to put a main character whom we really care about in danger instead. She thought that Zee might use Lauren as a bargaining chip against Bo, but Stephanie and Kris are glad that they didn’t go that route.
  • Annie was confused why Mark would call Vex instead of Dyson, but Stephanie and Kris point out that it’s a character revealing moment. Mark feels closer to Vex than to his own father.
  • Stephanie’s favorite parts of the Mark storyline were his interactions with Vex. It was so nice to see Vex share that type of relationship with someone.
  • It was sad to see him so distraught about Mark being injured. We had a lot of compassion for Vex here, even though we haven’t necessarily in the past.

Bo vs. Zee

  • What a great knock down, drag out dirty fight between Bo and Zee. Kudos to both the stunt doubles and to Anna Silk and Amanda Walsh.
  • It’s even more impressive given that they were in formal wear!
  • Stephanie wondered why Bo didn’t try to feed off Zee to heal her hand when she had her by the neck. Annie points out that the hand seemed to be an advantage at that point.
  • Annie loved seeing Zee so terrified when Bo began to open the box.
  • Is Zee afraid of what Hades will unleash on the world (meaning she could be an ally to Bo) or is she just afraid of Hades’s wrath?
  • Stephanie liked the suggestion that the second half of the season will show a battle between two evils. The idea that there are no real good guys is very appropriate for Lost Girl.

Bo with the jack in the box in End of Faes

Riddles Wrapped in a Father Inside a Box

  • “Only family can destroy them.” — Bo replies with “So what, I need you?” but did Hades just mean that she could stop them? Could he be referring to Bo’s surrogate family? Kris thought it pointed to what Bo discovered last week that it takes the power of an ancient to kill one.
  • “You will do things you don’t want to do.” — Annie worries this means Bo will hurt the people she loves, but Stephanie and Kris point out that it could mean a lot of things.
  • “The answer lies with you. A gift.” — Some people theorize the gift he refers to is the necklace Lauren have to Bo. Bo assumes that the jack-in-the-box is the gift, but maybe the necklace will come into play as well.

Purty Party Clothes

  • Stephanie picks Lauren and Trick as best dressed in this episode. Annie picks Lauren, and Kris can’t choose. Everyone looked so good!
  • None of us love the one sleeve look or sheer bits in general. Solid fabric or nothing, please!
  • Annie didn’t care for the collar on Zee’s dress, but Kris thinks it was chosen for effect.
  • Mark wasn’t looking too shabby either, but he’s Mark. We tend to look through him a bit. (It’s hard to see him clearly when our eyes are rolling so much.)
  • Bo and Tamsin’s dress had basically the same neckline and a similar sheer sleeve with stuff attached to it. Is the wardrobe playing up the similarities between Bo and Tamsin here?
  • Dyson’s collar looked really ridiculous in the still photographs from this episode, but less silly in action. He would have made Stephanie’s best dressed list if the pointy bits of his collar were reigned in a bit. His suit was great!
  • Stephanie loved the shirt that Lauren was wearing at The Dal when they were comparing invitations, but she doesn’t really understand Tamsin’s loose fitting shirt with the hole in the back.

Tamsin and Zee in End of Faes

Bo & Tamsin Aftermath

  • Stephanie really loved the first scene between Bo and Tamsin. Rachel Skarsten was very funny.
  • Stephanie still wants to see Bo give Tamsin a better apology or at least talk about it further in a more open, understanding way. Clearly, there’s still more unresolved stuff between the two of them.
  • We thought there was a decent build of tension between Bo and Tamsin in this episode, to the point that when Zee started talking to Tamsin about hurting people instead of letting them hurt her, we were worried Zee might recruit Tamsin to her side.
  • It was nice to see Bo try to plead with Tamsin to stay, but Tamsin is right. It’s better if she leaves, at least for now.
  • Bringing up Kenzi in that moment: good idea or bad idea? Tamsin could read it as manipulative, even though Bo may not intend for it to be. We feel like Bo is trying really hard in her interactions with Tamsin, but she’s not doing the best job.
  • Why did Bo approach Tamsin in such a confrontational, hostile manner at the party? Her attitude contradicted her assertions that they needed Tamsin’s help. The only reason Stephanie can think of for the hostility was that Tamsin didn’t tell Bo that she got an invitation to the party and was planning to attend.

Tamsin vs. Zee

  • Rachel Skarsten was really wonderful in the scene with Tamsin and Zee on the balcony. That scene was Stephanie’s favorite scene of the entire episode.
  • Again, Tamsin is being a bit too emotionally revealing in front of a nemesis.
  • We like that Tamsin doesn’t back down from Zee’s close-talking intimidation tactics.
  • We don’t think that Tamsin was killed by Zee’s lightning bolt. Zee comments to Bo earlier in the episode that Bo had healed from her lightning bolt faster than most, so there is evidence her lightning doesn’t always kill people. Hopefully her wings aren’t clipped like Zee implied!
  • Stephanie wonders if Tamsin’s injury might lead to a more emotionally bare, honest conversation between Bo and Tamsin.
  • What are Zee’s plans for Tamsin? Is she going to kidnap Tamsin to use against Bo? Is she going to try to turn her against Bo?

Lauren in End of Faes

Oh Boy Yes

  • Some folks have expressed disappointment at the “oh boy yes” line, but we thought it was cute. However, after keeping them apart for eight episodes, we can understand why fans would want a little more when they reunited.
  • Annie is worried that there might be more backtracking when the show comes back from hiatus, but it seems very, very unlikely at this point. They had a conversation that was basically, Bo: “Relationship?” Lauren: “Yes.”
  • While she is happy she no longer has to yell at Bo and Lauren, Stephanie is still so confused about how their relationship has been written in Season 5.
  • Why did they start from a place of “oh, the thing during the blackout was just a one-time thing” in this episode? WHAT IS THE REASON THAT YOU HAVEN’T BEEN TOGETHER, BO???
  • Annie was disappointed that Lauren was willing to shrug off their sleeping together in “Here Comes the Night.” Stephanie and Kris think Lauren was just trying to protect herself. What frustrated Stephanie was to hear Bo suggest that their sleeping together was just a one-time thing after she said to Lauren, “I wish we could lie here forever.”
  • Bo was very determined and clearheaded when she talked to Lauren in this episode, which was great to see.

Random Thoughts

  • We were glad Mark asked about Lauren turning the Ancients human.
  • We’re not sure how we feel about Lost Girl personifying deities. We preferred it when instead deities were portrayed as types of Fae, such as Ryan being a Loki.
  • Jenah found Trick’s obsession with clam dip very strange. Stephanie thought that Rick Howland delivered the clam dip lines well, and she liked the very domestic moment of Hera saying Zee’s new clam dip recipe had “been a whole thing.”
  • Kris is glad to see our heroes working together again.
  • Especially on Tumblr, fans tend to call Dyson “Dyson Thornwood,” and Stephanie had always wondered where that last name came from because she can’t recall anyone referring to him as anything other than Dyson. (It seems like it probably came from when Bo and Dyson go undercover in “(Dis)Members Only.”) However, the invitation that Dyson received in this episode looks like it might have been addressed to Dyson Thornwood, so maybe that is his last name!
  • Bo mentioned condoms! Yay!

Dyson Trick and Lauren with invitations in End of Faes

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17 Replies to “5×08 “End of Faes” — Episode 93

  1. First, Thank you guys for doing such a great show. Big congrats on 93. I always have a good time listening and really enjoy the specs and analysis. It’s funny you guys mentioned live vs. edited episodes because yesterday was the first time I got to listen live. I had fun! I’m one of those people who love to watch the director’s cut of shows and movies. I felt like the live version was that. 🙂

    Okay, now 5×08. I didn’t hate the episode. It was just really boring. Of course for me I loved doccubus, and I also like the outside shots. I thought everybody looked great too. They had a lot of great one liners as well. I loved the Motel 6 line! Cracked me up. Bo’s box, the condom line, Trick’s clam dip fangirling, the crazy aunt stuff to Zee, etc. I also love to see Dyson and Lauren working together. Her calming him down so he could find Mark was really cool and we continue to see the great development in their friendship. There was a lot of cute stuff. I liked the “Oh Boy” and “Oh Boy yes.” Of course I would have liked to have seen something longer between Bo and Lauren. I always do lol. But there’s plenty of time for great moments. To me, it was a sweet exchange and I really liked how neither wanted to wait to be together. There was more a sense of urgency. Bo being Bo by basically saying, screw the fact we’re in a party that we could be killed at in any moment, I want to talk now. She really meant it when she said she didn’t want to put them off any longer lol. And Lauren knowing, that before she left Bo again at the park, she didn’t want to waste anymore time. Like I said I thought it was sweet for the moment and I’m very happy they are together.

    I LOVED Stephanie’s rant about doccubus lol! Mostly because I have felt the same exact way.
    Since I know you love it so much when people do this Stephanie, I will call it the Doccu-rant lol. Really it just felt like they were doing the typical TV thing of keeping the end couple apart as long as possible because it’s the last season, and that’s how tv show couples work. But with how the show did it, it was forced and there was absolutely no follow through from the end of season 4. So one could tell there was no good reason for them to not be together other than to have the show follow TV guidelines.

    As for the actual talk at the party, I completely agree about Lauren’s perspective. That’s what I thought as well. Even in 5×07 Lauren mentioned the night was about seizing the opportunity, which implied she felt like it was just that night. Bo saying she wanted to lie there forever didn’t seem to change Lauren’s idea that it was just a matter of carpe diem, and I truly think that was her way of protecting herself. I had a different perspective as far as Bo goes when I saw the scene at the party. The conversation Bo had with Lauren, I didn’t think it had anything to do with what Tamsin said in the beginning. When Bo said she was not okay with it, as a viewer, I initially thought she was saying they had made a mistake. I was like “Bo! No!” lol. When she explained that she was okay with with it, “I was like oh okay now I get it.” I think that was meant to clarify the same thing to Lauren. So, Bo saying “I was okay with it”, I took it as Bo clarifying she was okay with the fact they slept together because at first it sounded like she meant she wasn’t and they had made a mistake, then she clarified and said no I was okay with it happening just not okay with it being only once. It was really nice to see Bo put her foot down after what happened at the lab and finally didn’t hold back and just went for it with Lauren instead of being worried about what Lauren would say or like Bo said worried about the reasons they couldn’t be together.

    I knew Iris had bigger role! I think the human inside of her is keeping her innocent side alive. If she does kill Cecilia in her, I have no idea how crazy she will become. I like the parallel of Bo being used by her dad and Iris’ parents using her for their own purpose.

    I’m surprised you guys didn’t mention Dyson and Alycia! I was wondering if she had stayed at the gym just one night. Lauren confirmed Alycia was still staying with Dyson. Then we had that scene with Hera, where Dyson seemed really protective over her. Is something brewing? I like Alycia. She’s tough, determined, and a very smart cookie. I think she’s a really good match for Dyson’s personality. I’ve also really liked her scenes with Dyson. So maybe that relationship will go somewhere. It seems like the show is hinting at it.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the live stream! Thanks for tuning in.

      I like to think of it as my storytelling rant rather than a Doccurant. 🙂 I do like Bo and Lauren as a couple, but I was ranting about the lack of follow through on storytelling whereas Annie would have been lamenting that her couple should be together 4EVA. Thanks for your take on Bo’s line about her being OK about the sex in “Here Comes the Night.” That makes a lot of sense. And we did see Lauren be more hesitant in the last episode whereas Bo was more effusive.

      We were running long or we might have talked about Dyson and Alycia, but since she wasn’t in this episode she got cut. Sorry, Alycia! We do like you! I was glad to hear that it sounds like she is still staying with Dyson. I do think a relationship between them might blossom! And I hope she might even play a role in taking down the Ancients, maybe face off against Hera for wearing her husband around town.

      1. LOL Well I agree with the storytelling rant. And the rant for me isn’t limited to just doccubus lack of follow through 🙂

        I would love that! I’ve always like when the humans, like Kenzi and Lauren, stepped up and were a huge part in bringing down the bad guys or putting the crazy fae in their place. You don’t need to have super powers to be awesome. Alycia getting payback on Hera wouldn’t be the worse thing to me either.

  2. Wow, the highlight of the podcast is Stephanie’s awesome mega rant! Lol. I feel you, sister. I’ve had the same frustrations for a few episodes now. Especially since I actually watched Dark Horse a couple of days ago. The Bo-Lauren scene after Massimo dies is one that is full of emotional healing, especially since in their last scene, Bo had angrily accused Lauren of keeping secrets from her and broken her heart. So the first few episodes of S5 could have been spent truly mending their relationship and communication issues.

    In End of Faes, I didn’t think Bo’s words to Lauren were in any way influenced by Tamsin. I think Bo has always known how she feels about Lauren. Just re watch that scene in 507 Here Comes The Night, where Bo didn’t take her eyes off Lauren as she left the bed to go get champagne. There was something in her expression there that told me she knew Lauren is the one who truly has her heart.

    Looking ahead to the second half of the season, I think it will be Bo who will make the final call about her feeding needs. In Season 3 (episode 5 I think), Lauren followed Bo to a bar where she was cruising for a feed, and Lauren made a speech about how she was willing to do that cos she wanted Bo. So Lauren had shown willingness to allow Bo to sleep with others as long as it was purely a feed. It was Tamsin’s hint of emotional cheating later that was the final nail in the Doccubus coffin. Moving forward, Bo has to prove her emotional monogamy to Lauren for their relationship to work this time.

    I don’t know if 8 episodes are enough to address these lingering Doccubus issues. Especially since Daddy is now in the picture.

    1. Hera talked to Iris like she was a pet. In ‘Heratios 5 year plan’ he said he wanted a dog among other things. I think the 3 in 1 might include Cerberus. Cerberus was the hound that gaurded the underworld. So my take is … Iris, Nyx and Cerberus. I dont count Cecilia because she is the human spirit. Since Ceclia is still alive she most likely will surive being possesed by the ancients.

      5 in 1 could be Zee … Multiple sky Gods like Odin, Jupiter, etc ….

      Or Bo might be a 5 in 1 … Aphrodite being one of her deity names.

      Or Hades is the 5 in 1. Bo’s father has been suspected to be ..

      The Dark King
      The Wanderer
      The Pyripiss

  3. Hey guys,

    Great pod cast! Stephanie, you should rant like this all the time! Very entertaining!

    Re Doccubus and Oh Boy/Oh Boy yes, here’s the thing that’s bothered me (and I may be alone on this)… Lauren’s initial reaction of “Oh Boy”. What the? You’ve wanted this for how long now? 5 seasons? Bo is finally going “It’s time, let’s do this” and your initial reaction is “Oh Boy” (awkward side eye)? Sure you broke it off in the past because your heart couldn’t handle being with a Succubus but I think the writers really wrapped that whole issue up in season 4 and 5 already. Lauren has indicated that she loves Bo no matter what and appears to have reconciled the issues she had with Bo from season 3. They have even buddied her up with Dyson who is arguably her biggest threat romantically so I’m not buying the whole “oh my heart….I’m not so sure, let me think on this a while” interpretation.

    Now, maybe I’m reading too much into this but I got this sense of hesitation from Lauren. Almost as if this proclamation from Bo was like bad timing or something in Lauren’s mind.

    I just remember Lauren and the dancing in the dark scene where Lauren basically tells Bo in no uncertain terms that she’s up to something and it’s not for anyone’s benefit but her own (ie not actually working on turning Evony fae).

    So I’m kinda sitting here drawing conclusions about the Oh Boy reaction and wondering if it maybe had more to do with whatever Lauren has been working on and getting into a relationship with Bo again perhaps wasn’t in Lauren’s initial plan?

    I don’t know. Lauren is obviously up to something. Her character arc this season is pretty slow burning so far but they keep dangling the old serum carrot… Which personally, I’m pretty sure is hanging from Bo’s neck in the form of a freedom to love jewelry – but that’s just my 2 cents.

    1. I agree with RH in that I think Lauren was taken aback that it was finally happening. Even though she has wanted to be with Bo for a while, I think it still took her by surprise that Bo was saying “I want to be with you” in no uncertain terms.

  4. I just thought Laurens reaction of Oh Boy was because Bo caught her off guard. Lauren didnt seem to know Tamsin was out of the race until Tamsin told her so I think until that happened she read what happened during the blackout as what she said to Bo. Also I think in a way it was a reverse of 3×01. Lauren was pushing Bo to make a decision about them in 3×01 while in this episode Bo gave Lauren the choice and Im really happy she said yes

    1. You’re probably right and I’m probably just being crazy doccubus conspiracy theory lady… but given how the writers like to toy with the Doccubus story using plenty of bait and minimal follow through, the pessimist in me can’t quite buy the “Oh Boy Yes and everything’s on like donkey kong” carrot.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled that she said yes! My inner Annie/doccubus spirit animal was squeeling with glee BUT
      it just seems a little suss to me that it’s suddenly that simple. Particularly since history tells us that nothing is ever simple between Lauren and Bo.

  5. Fashion-wise, I think that blue blouse that Bo wears during the fight with Tamsin and prepping at the Dal, was the best I’ve seen her in since the start of the show. I love black… it’s so slimming but to see Bo in that blouse was a fresh change of pace. And I love Lauren’s dress at the party. The fashion don’t in this show was Gaudiness. Zee’s neck-thing and the sleeve with cotton balls on it was the worst.

    And let me tell you… my favorite line from this ep… “Oh, Boy. Yes!” I think that was the most hashtagged line I have ever done and I was hashtagging it every chance I could on Facebook. 🙂

    Great show ladies. I loved Stephanie’s rant near the end. I was so agreeing and yet laughing at the same time… never heard Stephanie that emotional… but she was so right. 🙂 But I can also see how Lauren at least could see it as a one time thing… though I thought it was more like a make out buddy start. I know people who just can’t commit to just one person so they go from one friend to another and it’s all mutual… if they want to hook up, they will otherwise they will just see each other at Karaoke bars or sports bars and enjoy each other’s friendships. But I personally couldn’t do that. Though I did think that was what was going to happen with Bo, Lauren, Dyson and Tamsin… Though we all know as much as Bo had stolen Lauren’s heart, Lauren stole Bo’s heart as well. 🙂

  6. – I think the vision from the drink really is true; what surprised me was that they (particularly Trick) accepted Zee’s explanation of what brings the vision to fruition. Also, I think the vision reflected what actually happened to Bo in the park, where it was only partially “nothing” while the rest was ok.

    – Shoutout to Kris for “The Fall” reference!

    – The writers often seem to conveniently forget that Bo can suck chi as an offensive technique, perhaps because it is so powerful?

    – Given that Zee lied to Bo & Trick about the source of the “nothingness” in the vision (in addition to all of the chaos and killing), knowing that it was actually Iris who contains the Nix, there is no way I believe that the trio of ancients are the good guys. That also does not mean that Hades is a good guy, but take care of one problem at a time. And can Tamsin please see Hades asap to confirm/deny he is the pure evil creature who hired her unlike s4 where she did not see “he who shall not be named” for days?

    – Will Zee’s Aegis shield come into play or was that simply a nod to mythology? And is it me, or does Trick seem to get flirty whenever Zee is around?

    – I thought Tamsin looked awesome (she also had a slit up to the thigh) though the roses on the one sleeve were a bit much. Zoie’s dress was ok, but would have preferred a slimmer cut that shows off her awesome figure. Anna would look fantastic in a burlap sack, so she looks lovely but not my favorite dressy outfit that they’ve put her in with all of the sparkles. Preferred the black dress Bo wore in 5×02 (which also had an eye-popping slit).

    – Re: Bo & Lauren. Thank you, Stephanie, for your Doccubus rant! It was almost worth the head-scratching, scream-at-the-screen craziness to hear you completely go off. OMG, the writers have really dropped the ball on relationship continuity with these two in S5 (e.g., Bo was wearing the necklace and then it simply disappeared. WTH?) Also, I enjoyed Lauren’s “oh boy, yes!” as it did feel in character for Lauren, but why no kiss? Seriously, kiss the girl for heaven’s sake! These two nearly always kiss when big events are about to unfold. If the writers need episode numbers for great doccubus kisses, we the fans can oblige!

    – I refuse to believe Tamsin is dead, but what impact will the lightening strike have on her? Once again, our team allowed themselves to get split up (except Lauren & Dyson) and dastardly deeds ensued. Please come back soon, Kenzi!

  7. I kind of understood Lauren’s reservations during their talk at the party. Since 4/13 Bo has done nothing that I saw that would suggest she was still interested in Lauren. They had the eye sex thing and a little bit of flirting. But given all that Lauren had going on, running her clinic, fielding death threats and wondering how to keep Evony’s monster box closed. She was basically in friendzone by her own hand. Then you add on the healing sex with Dyson. Tamsin throwing it in her face about them becoming closer. Tamsin basically trashing Lauren every chance she got, in some instances in front of Bo and Bo not coming to her defense even if as a friend…….

    I think of 5/4 when Tamsin kissed Bo in front of Lauren and Lauren had a look like OK……. so again she had no concrete proof that she should be holding out hope for a reconciliation.

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