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Bo near the candle in Like Hell Part 2

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  • Yes! We will be releasing new podcast episodes during the Lost Girl mega-hiatus.
  • Our next episode will be a review of Season 5 thus far. We would love to include your thoughts. Tell us what you’ve liked about the season as well as what hasn’t worked for you. Leave a comment below, email us or call 972-514-7223.
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6 Replies to “Help Us Plan Our 100th Episode & Share Your Thoughts about Season 5

  1. It’s been an interesting season so far. Better than last season for sure, but some of the issues I had with last season are the same I have this time around. There just hasn’t been any consistency, there have been some really good episodes and then some duds. The season opener was great, it set up what could have been a really strong two-parter but I thought 5×02 was one of the weakest, it didn’t follow through on any of the tension. Likewise with 5×07 and 5×08. Personally, I’m hoping that Michael Grassi writes most of the remaining episodes. He wrote my favourite episodes last season and my two favourites so far this season.

    The overall arc of the season seems needlessly complicated, but I think I’ll give the writers the benefit of the doubt and reserve full judgement until the end of the show.

    Also, I don’t recall whether this was mentioned in your podcast for “It’s Your Lucky Fae.”, but was the earring that Bo finds in the Dal meant to be a callback to the one she says she lost of Laurens in 3×04? If so, I’ll give a big high five to the writers for that one.

    1. Huh. It would be interesting if it was, but it seemed to be Bo’s earring to me rather than Lauren’s. But I could be wrong! I should rewatch the scene.

  2. This season has been much better than S4 up to this point. What I liked
    1) The Ancients and how they were introduced
    2) Laurens self confidence
    3) Bo acting more like a hero
    4) Doccubus is back

    However there was a lot I didnt like
    1) The handling of Doccubus, the end of last season & 501 felt like a clearing of the air and laying down a possible reconciliation and to reset back for no real reason felt like a waste
    2) Tamsins behavior, whether it was being immature, “competing” with Lauren, believing that she was in a “relationship” with Bo
    3) Having Bo sleep with people for no other reason than plot & shock value. From Persephone to Tamsin I didnt feel like there was any point narratively to “go there” at all. It has always been clear that Tamsin loves/has a crush on Bo but Bo has never shown any interest in that way

  3. This season has been a disappointment. they could have done more with Kensi’s and Bo’s visit to the afterlife – we could have seen them interact with people they had known previously. Baba Yaga is obviously not doing her job properly by letting soles escape the afterlife. Lots of things are contradictory. If Zeus is also Odin then Hera should also be Freya. Donny from the Lich episode is meant to be Trick’s oldest friend so he must be powerful but seems to have vanished – if he is old and powerful he should be with Trick saving the world. All these invincible gods and goddesses seem very easy to beat – it makes no sense that the king and queen of all the gods would be so afraid of the king of the Underworld. I still cannot believe that Kenzi would have left Bo just to go and live on an island – I suspect that she and Dyson have something planned there and that Kenzi will return as a powerful fae – which is what she has always wanted. She will not just desert her faemily. I do not like or trust Mark and think that he ill cause further trouble. I hope Aife returns – she is in her own way a heroine – she was the Braveheart of her generation.Maybe they will all end up in the alternative universes that are LEXX or FARSCAPE or BUFFY or possibly helping Dayneris in the world of GAME OF THRONES. Bo, Tamsin and Kenzi riding dragons ;o) The long break is going to lose them a lot of fans since it is in no way justified

  4. The first half of the season had a a couple of good episodes by M Grassi but the rest of the episodes were slow . After the end of season 4 it seemed positive for Doccubus then S5 happened and they decided to fan service Tamsin fans what a mess that turned out to be. The Tamsin character has the second most screen time this season so she can whinge and whine on about her broken heart. I dont care about her after all in S3 she was vindictive to Lauren and enjoyed hurting her what goes around comes around . Episode 8 was slow so how about screen time for that talk between Bo and Lauren, gee what was I thinking your not going to get it we are giving the screen time to Tamsin instead.

    The Ancients are a good addition but Mark and Iris are too much
    Zee is great but we have in this show someone who could have been as good The Morrigan a character I would have loved to see developed more instead we got Vex and Tamsin.

    What I will take away from this show is the incredible waste.

    The out of this world chemistry between Bo and Lauren not given continuity.
    It is obvious Bo and Lauren love each other so Dyson should have moved on by S3
    Igoring the fae versus the human aspect instead its all about a group of predators.
    The Morrigan turned into a joke. while Vex and Tamsin were turned into whiny brats.
    The failure of the show to have Lauren and Kenzi be friends, but then they were using the Kenzi character to put Dyson in a positive light to a general audience while putting Lauren’s character in the negative spybang anyone.
    The disempowering of our heroine Bo.
    Writing plots then changing the characters to fit the storyline
    The time wasted on the Tamsin character in S3 with no payoff I am undecided if the tptb are promoting Tamsin or Rachel Skarsten

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