Mid-Season 5 Review — Episode 94

Tamsin Lauren Bo and Dyson at movie night in Big in Japan
We discuss what has and hasn’t worked for us in Season 5 of Lost Girl thus far. We also talk about some of our favorites of the first half of the season, including favorite episode, character arc, and quote.

Our friend Sally from Unaligned joins us to share her thoughts as well. Check out her Season 5 recaps!

Drink Special: Godfather

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Favorite Episode?

  • Annie: “Here Comes the Night”
  • Kris: “Like Hell, Part 1”
  • Sally: “Like Hell, Part 2”
  • Stephanie: “Like Hell, Part 1”

The Ancients in Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts

What Has & Hasn’t Worked for Us

  • I think the Ancients as adversaries has worked pretty well. The overarching storyline has been developed at a good pace this season. We’re getting some information, but there’s still questions to answer.
  • However, I do feel like the writers have been investing more time in developing pieces of the Ancients plot than creating strong character arcs for our characters.
  • I ranted last episode about the lack of follow through with Bo & Lauren’s relationship, so I won’t repeat myself. Though CC and Stacy offered another reading of the party scene in “End of Faes” that calmed me down a bit. They understood it as Bo was clarifying to Lauren that she didn’t mean she wasn’t OK that they slept together. Rather, she wasn’t OK with it only being a one-time thing.
  • We have also mentioned before that Bo’s strong reaction to learning that her father is Hades hasn’t made a lot of sense to me and Kris. Also, why has she been keeping it such a secret from people? What’s in a name? She had strong suspicions her dad was a pretty bad guy.
  • Where is the Light/Dark divide this season? It’s been mentioned only once, which is strange to me given that it’s the last season of the show.
  • I feel like there should have been more fallout from Kenzi leaving. Yes, it was addressed in “Big in Japan,” but then it pretty much vanished. Maybe the way Bo’s relationship with Tamsin developed was supposed to be in response to Kenzi’s absence, but if it was, that wasn’t super clear to me.
  • I like this group of villains (“villains”?), but I don’t particularly like the setup that they’re the gods of Ancient Greek mythology.
  • I appreciate that we’re getting a strong through-line with the Ancients, but I’d rather have the focus more squarely on our main characters and their growth.
  • Bo is getting sidelined a lot, and a lot of the stuff she has been doing doesn’t feel quite right.
  • I want to make clear that I’m enjoying the season, but I think because it’s last season we’re expecting a lot from these episodes.
  • There’s just enough mystery and just enough clarity being revealed at a fast, but not too fast pace, that I’m intrigued but not frustrated. I also really like the Ancients and the actors playing them.
  • There has been some lack of character growth. It feels like there has been a lot of shorthand this season.
  • There’s been a lot of funny moments.
  • I feel a lot less stressed watching this season than I did during Season 4. The Season 4 episodes were very dense and full of symbolism that ultimately didn’t feel like it led to anything. In this season, they seem to be setting themselves up to end the season more crisply.
  • I recall in Season 1 Trick saying that the Fae have encouraged humans to create myths about fairies, etc. so they can remain unnoticed and hide within and behind stories, superstitions, and mythology. Why am I bringing this up? Because it seems like, according to Zee, Bo probably knows her as Zeus because Bo is a Western-bred and Western-educated type and likely knows Greek mythology better than Egyptian, Norse or other, but other cultures called her other things.
  • Anyway, her father is Hades, and I share the confusion about why finding out his name was so startling for Bo. The only thing I can think of is, knowing your dad is a bad Fae is one thing, but knowing he’s a Fae who was worshiped as a god for many years is maybe another? Also, we can’t take everything we know about Greek mythology as canon.
  • There are aspects I like, but other aspects have frustrated me. The season has been OK so far but not great.
  • I wish there was more time spent on character growth. The Ancients plot has grown on me, but I think time has been spent developing that plot to the disservice of our characters.
  • Maybe because it’s the last season, the pacing has felt slow to me. I thought it would build more quickly than it has.
  • I wish Bo was more in the center of things and that Dyson and Lauren weren’t just on the side solving the case of the week.
  • There have been a lot of funny moments, and I’ve enjoyed Lauren getting more humor.
  • And I really miss Kenzi. I really want that character back.

Bo and Lauren dancing in Here Comes the Night

Favorite Scene?

  • Annie: Bo and Lauren dancing and talking in “Here Comes the Night”
  • Kris: Bo telling Kenzi that it’s okay to stay in Valhalla if she wants to in “Like Hell, Part 1”
  • Sally: Bo as cat on date with Heratio, all the slapstick (FACE IN CAKE) in “It’s Your Lucky Fae”
  • Stephanie: Bo gives Kenzi her “somethings” and Bo tells Kenzi that she saved her everyday and that she doesn’t want to leave her in Valhalla but she will because she’s happy and OH! FEELS! in “Like Hell, Part 1”

Favorite Character Arc?

  • Annie: Tamsin
  • Kris: Tamsin (Honorable mention to Vex)
  • Sally: Tamsin (Honorable mention to Mark)
  • Stephanie: Tamsin

Tamsin in Here Comes the Night

Character Arcs

  • Somewhataddicted: “I’ve loved Tamsin’s journey, and I hope we explore more of her backstory. I feel she’s really integral to the ending.”
  • BollyGolly: “Most unwelcome plot – Tamsin’s obsession with Bo. If they are going to make Tamsin suffer unrequited love, then there had better be a good reason, such as Tamsin getting back at Bo later. If all is forgiven when [episode] 509 starts, I’ll be quite pissed.”
  • Tamsin has had a pretty robust storyline this season involving her unrequited feelings for Bo.
  • However, we have conflicting emotions about it because while it has been the best written, the writers seemed to jettison the foundation laid in “Dark Horse” for Bo and Lauren to get back together to pursue Tamsin’s storyline.
  • The way the storyline of Bo and Tamsin sleeping together was executed ultimately made everyone look bad. Both Bo and Tamsin seem much more naive/oblivious than usual.
  • Annie thinks having Bo and Tamsin sleep together felt like fan service rather than a necessary piece of the storytelling.
  • Stephanie wonders if the Bo/Tamsin hook-up might have worked better for her had the physical intimacy emerged from an emotional intimacy they forged in Kenzi’s absence.
  • Rachel Skarsten has nailed it. Her face and body language reflect the emotions her character is going through so well. ANGST.
  • Valhalla seemed like a very competitive place, and Freyja pitted the Valkyries against one another, and there wasn’t much mutual, girl-power support, at least not from what we saw between Tamsin and Stacey. It throws into sharp relief how Tamsin was raised versus how Kenzi (and to some extent Bo) raised her on her last life and informs a lot of her behavior.

Bo at window in Like Hell Part 2

  • What happened to Bo? Where was Bo for the middle part of this season? She has felt more like a plot device than a character.
  • Besides having moments of general angst about her father, Bo hasn’t had much of a character arc. She has been primarily driving the A plots.
  • We feel disconnected from Bo’s internal life. We’ve questioned many times this season what she has been thinking: in regards to sleeping with Tamsin, her feelings about Lauren, and why she was so thrown by discovering her father is Hades.
  • We appreciated Bo’s decisiveness and determination in “Like Hell, Part 2.” We like it when she makes stuff happen, rather than reacting to things.

Lauren in Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts

  • Lauren has had some nice moments — such as her saying “I’m the boss” — but she hasn’t had the strongest storyline. It has primarily involved finding happiness and freedom in her professional life.
  • Another confrontation between her and Evony seems imminent. How long can she blackmail her? Evony surely has more tricks up her sleeve.
  • Will the serum come into play? People are worried about her safety because of it.
  • What will be the significance of Bo’s dream about Lauren and the jack-in-the-box?
  • It seems like developing a serum to make Fae into humans is a specific process, rather than a generic one. The serum she made for Evony is Evony-specific. In order to make one for Hera, or any other Fae, Lauren seems to need blood, hair, DNA, and months to work on it. Important point.

Dyson hugging Mark in When God Opens a Window

  • Again, he has had some nice moments but not a strong through-line.
  • In “When God Opens a Window,” he makes a speech about not wanting to be the good guy anymore, but that hasn’t carried over to subsequent episodes.
  • His relationship with Mark has been explored some, but it hasn’t resulted in much of a storyline as yet.
  • Romance between Dyson and Alicia seems to be a distinct possibility. Bo-racle urged him to change the rules. Will he go for it?
  • Is it possible his finding out Bo and Mark slept together might nudge him to pursue a relationship with someone besides Bo?
  • It seems like they might be setting Dyson up for a “settling down” story.
  • BollyGolly: “Most welcome surprise – the hint of sparks between Dyson and Alicia. For a long time, Dyson has shown that he doesn’t approve of human-Fae relationships, and if he ends up falling in love with Alicia, it’ll be a great twist to his story.”
  • Nope. Nothing happening here. Move on.
  • Isabeau-racle saying that she will “see Trick soon” is very intriguing.
  • Will Trick’s ledger that Hera and Iris stole play a more major role in the future?

Trick in Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts

  • Vex’s affection for Mark has been interesting to watch and has really brought out some vulnerability in the character.
  • It’s uncomfortable-making that there was a confrontation between Vex and Dyson about Vex’s fatherly love for Massimo and then Vex ends up crushing on Dyson’s son.
  • Is a conflict (about Mark or something else) brewing between Dyson and Vex? Or will their mutual care for Mark perhaps mend some fences?
  • It’s surprising that we haven’t seen more of her this season.
  • She has faced an ancient before. Will she have useful knowledge to contribute to Bo?
  • Emmanuelle Vaugier mentioned that we would get back story on Evony this season. Is there more to come than what we got in “Here Comes the Night”?

Bo and Kenzi in Like Hell Part 1

Favorite Wardrobe?

  • Annie: Lauren in anything
  • Kris: Bo’s casual look from the end of “Like Hell, Part 2,” Dyson’s too-small tank top from “When God Opens a Window,” Tamsin and Bo’s Kill Bill outfits in “Big in Japan”
  • Sally: Zee’s red dress in “End of Faes” (Honorable mention to Bo’s black dress)
  • Stephanie: Bo’s black dress in “Like Hell, Part 1” & “Part 2”

Themes & Motifs

  • Gods
  • Family
  • Truth
  • Life and Death
  • Blood

Favorite Quote?

  • Annie: “I’m the boss.”
  • Kris: “He’s an asshole. Perceived by me as an asshole.”
  • Sally: It’s a tie between “He’s an asshole. Perceived by me as an asshole,” and “Even the ancients have their Achilles Heel.”
  • Stephanie: “He’s an asshole. Perceived by me as an asshole.” (Honorable mention to “Holy Odin, your jawline is insanely distracting”)

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16 Replies to “Mid-Season 5 Review — Episode 94

  1. random thoughts:
    – after Big in Japan not only do we not see Bo explicitly dealing with Kenzi’s absence but we don’t really get any reaction on the impact to the other characters. At the end of episode 2 it looks like Kenzi only says goodbye to Bo; what impact does here leaving without saying good-bye have on her adoptive daughter Tamsin? Her bros Dyson & Vex? Even Trick and Lauren, the latter of whom she was developing a solid bond with after s4. They don’t even mention her name (heck, even “he who shall not be named” has been mentioned a couple of times in the season). Are we meant to believe that Kenzi didn’t send a card or call Bo on her birthday? That’s as hard to swallow as Lauren forgetting Bo’s birthday. Nu-uh.

    – We see Bo tell Tamsin and then Trick about knowing who her father is and that he is Hades. I’m ok with not seeing her tell Dyson and Lauren, but it seems like there should be some followup. Bo lied to Dyson about not knowing her father’s identity and there is no reaction from Dyson? Bo often says that she trusts Dyson and, yet, here clearly she did not.

    – It really feels like Dyson is being underutilized so far this season. Not sure who is getting more screen time, he or Mark. Was hoping to see more of the WolfPants friendship, though what we’ve had has been good.

    – completely shallow comment: s1-4 have set certain expectations with regard to Bo being a succubus and that sex is a necessary, frequent aspect of her existence. While Bo has had sex, the scenes are certainly not on par with the previous seasons. And while part of me wants them for purely pervy reasons, it’s odd for a sex positive, woman positive show to suddenly get cold feet on showing scenes that in the past have always contributed to the storyline in some form or fashion. We don’t even see Bo’s face in 5×07 (conspiracy alert: was it even Anna Silk?).

    – It continues to be unclear to me if Bo’s father is the one who a) hired Tamsin, b) is the Pyrripus, and c) is the one who choked Bo in Tartarus. The Hades who appeared in the Oracles’ “truth” was very different than what we’ve been led to believe by a-c.

    – While I’ve enjoyed learning more about Tamsin and seeing her character “development” it feels like it has come at the expense of other characters (including Bo) and the rest of Bo’s relationships. It also feels like the writers can’t really decide how old/mature Tamsin is because she has felt all over the place. Rachel has played her wonderfully and really given a great performance, but the character has been strange. I like that Tamsin has vulnerability now but I kind of miss s3 Tamsin.

    – One more perspective on why Bo might have been so upset upon learning that her Father was Hades and that she was born in Hel: Bo, like myself, was brought up in a very religious family, and while in Greek mythology Hades was not really the Devil, being the God of the underworld certainly has those connotations. When Bo’s Fae powers kicked in her adoptive human parents called her a child of the devil and Bo spend years feeling like a monster (which i think continues to haunt her). So it may feel like her adoptive parents were right, that she is indeed the daughter of the devil, and fears that she will become evil against her own will. I don’t actually know who my birth father is and if I found out he was Hades I’d be pretty darn freaked out.

    – Evony told Bo & Lauren that only an ancient can kill another ancient. However, she and Vex somehow managed to trap Eros. Knowing how Evony and Vex did this seems important. Side note: How long ago did they trap Eros b/c that was a fancy, modern box that requires lots of power to run? I find it odd that they used a technology solution that requires electricity rather than a mystical/Fae solution.

    – Bo’s dream plus Lauren’s glowy hand in the posters better = something.

    – Bo’s ability to chi suck multiple people is a very impressive power, so impressive that I think the writers sometimes conveniently “forget” that she can do it during fights (see Bo’s battles with the ancients). Lauren shoots the Hunter in 5×04 but couldn’t Bo have chi sucked him into submission?

    – How big would it be if Trick was one of the greater evils on earth that Hades referenced in his Oracle induced chat with Bo?

    – favorite outfit: Bo has mostly looked fabulous this season (omg, the black dress in 5×02), but I really like her casual, painting outfit, right down to her wedge shoes that no one would paint in. 🙂 Honorable mention to seeing Lauren in her lab coat only and her workout look in Dyson’s gym with her hair in a ponytail (think that’s a first for the show).

    – Biggest gripe: I don’t understand how Bo & Lauren’s relationship has been handled this season. In 5×08 Bo tells Lauren there will always be a reason for them not to be together and she doesn’t want to wait, but I was screaming at my screen because I have no idea what has been keeping them apart this season other than Bo acting dancing around Lauren and sleeping with Tamsin. What exactly was the reason for them not to be together in S5? Lauren has been pretty clear that she will be whatever Bo wants/needs. Also, why did Bo start out wearing the FTL necklace in the beginning of the season but then simply stopped wearing it.

    last thought: In general, I really enjoyed a lot of the individual episodes in S4 but struggled with where they were going overall and the whole “R” storyline. This season I feel the opposite; I feel like we have a somewhat good idea of where the general storyline is going with the ancients and Bo’s daddy, but the individual episodes don’t feel as enjoyable.

    1. Yep. We focused on talking about Bo’s reaction to Kenzi leaving (because we were trying not to make a 2.5-hour mid-season review this time 🙂 ) but it’s disappointing that we haven’t seen much of ANYONE’S reactions to Kenzi leaving. Especially Dyson and Tamsin, but Lauren and Trick too. She was a very important figure in their lives.

      Bo’s reaction to finding out who her father is completely mystifying to me. Why has she been hesitant to tell people? I don’t get it. And in thinking about the whole thing EVEN MORE, I think it would have been more clear to me if Bo had focused on the fact that she MET her father, she saw the way her mother was treated, and her father grabbed her by the throat on their first encounter. Again, Bo had strong indications that her father was a bad guy. What we saw of how Aife was treated in Tartarus lines up with what was suggested in earlier seasons, even though her father ended up being Hades instead of the Dark King. But I can understand why the reality of meeting your father (especially when he treats you like Hades apparently treated Bo) and seeing how poorly your mother was treated would throw you for such a loop. BUT WHY DIDN’T SHE TALK TO ANYONE ABOUT IT? I just don’t get it.

      I understand why you have those questions about Bo’s father. I don’t think that any of them have been answered clearly. It’s possible they’ve dropped the Pyrippus angle, but why?

      I’m also a bit stumped about the sex scenes. They’ve been an important piece of Lost Girl for four seasons, so it’s strange that they’re suddenly so very tame in comparison. There are a lot of reasons why they might have gone this route, but I have to say that I do miss them.

      Kris had a big rant about Eros’s cryo box in our episode about “Here Comes the Night.” It doesn’t make much sense that Evony wouldn’t have used some kind of mystical/Fae box to imprison him.

      1. I dont think Bo’s father is going to be the big bad of the season. Even if he is not a great guy I think there is another EVIL that will be revealed and it might be the Pyrippus after all.

        There is going to be a new character showing up in the second half of the season. They are keeping this character very secret and all he is know by is the name “Bo’s Father’s Hand”. Could he be The Pyrippus ? The Pyrippus is supposed too be the Devil’s Horse so why not have him be Hades Horse ? It would tie in nicely to what happened last season even if the Wanderer / Rainer / Pyrippus storyline was a debaucle.

  2. hello there XD

    I came to know the show when S3 was near ending but I had binged watched the first two prior to watching the third. I fell inlove with not only Doccubus and DLL but the entire CORE characters (yeah, even Dyson tho Im not impressed with his being IM BO’S SUPERHERO). Anyway, it feels to me now that we’ve lost them and the relationships that had drawn a lot of us to the show. Tamsin who is a badass of a female character is a great addition (she’s ok but sorry Im no fan–way too over the top for me and the character is merely a badass Bo-with Kenzi’s one liner/s Combo)…to continue, I feel too that there had been too much of her while there hadnt been enough Hale and Trick all four point five seasons. Thank God, there had been more Lauren…but what of Dyson? I dont like him with Bo yet he can have a better line with someone else. Im just sad it’s headed to this…that even the Lost Girl herself we’re losing. I dont hate Tamsin and RS is amazing playing her but I miss the
    original main characters…and Vex too 🙁 Thanks so much… I ROFLed so hard at the “Doccu-rant” XD

    1. I can see where you’re coming from. I feel like I haven’t had enough time with original characters this season as well. Yes, Kenzi is gone, but I don’t feel like we’ve gotten enough time with Dyson and Trick especially this season. And I would have loved for Evony to be featured more in these first eight episodes given that Lauren turned her human last season.

  3. I cannot believe that what is essentially the Valkyrie equivalent of West Point that Kenzi would have been allowed to do nothing but watch videos and eat candy all the time especially when one considers the revenants when she died – not one of whom tried to harm her. Valhalla is meant to be the home of the best dead warriors and I cannot see the person who rules there allowing such an asset to be wasted. If Zeus is Odin then logically Hera and Freya would be the same person. Hades claimed Kenzi when Bo unclaimed her so I do not think we know the full story of Kenzi’s stay in the afterlife – the leviathan did tell Bo that she would soon be seeing her and Levi does not live in Valhalla. Kenzi, Bo and Tamsin have been very quiet about what goes on in the afterlife.

    I still do not think that Kenzi would have left the way that she did – she, Dyson and Tamsin are still in touch – do they have Skype in Lost Girl World? Dyson and Kenzi are very close – more like father and daughter than brother and sister and Trick knows more about Kenzi then he pretends – the look on his face when he saw her in the glass factory in episode 1 indicated that and Evony also seems to know her very well judging from their conversation when her former boyfriend went off to get his guitar. That favor has yet to be called in. Bo’s reaction to Kenzi’s desertion was realistic and believable.

    I think Trick might turn out to have been Hephaestus (Vulcan / Wayland the Smith). He is older than Evony and Vex who were around when the ancient Greek gods were. I do not think he is at all nice – he has his evil blood king past and he has insulted both Kenzi and Tamsin. He is sneaky – he pretends to be nice but he is very cruel – he lied to Bo and told Dyson that Bo cannot be trusted and must be dumped and Hale to be cruel to Kenzi. Any advice he has given has been self serving and is normally terrible.

    Dyson is doomed to go through life as a beta male. He cannot be judged by modern standards. He is a relic of the Dark Ages – a tragic heroic figure who does not really fit into the modern world any more than Roland, Arthur or Beowulf would. He is a warrior with old fashioned values that are no longer respected. To him Bo is very young and he knows that Lauren will age and die relatively quickly if she remains human and he is prepared to wait until Bo is ready for him.

    He is doing his best with Mark but I suspect that he ill not like him if they were not blood relatives. Mark strikes me as dishonest and untrustworthy as well as intellectually stunted. He will probably save his life by shifting and end up in a relationship with Vex.

    Lauren is also untrustworthy – she is very jealous and deliberately tried to sabotage Bo and Dyson’s relationship – even though she had a girlfriend – Nadia and appears to sleep around even though she was jealous at first when Bo did the same in order to survive – it is very strange that Kenzi and Dyson both noticed that Bo was starving but Lauren, a doctor, did not. She loves insulting people and can be very cowardly. Zoe Palmer plays her exceedingly well but the writers do not serve her well – when you start liking her they make her do something that makes you start disliking her. The writing in respect of characters is not consistent In season 4 they made Hale and Kenzi appear like a pair of lovesick teenager totally unlike they were portrayed in previous seasons. Inconsistent writing is a big problem in Lost Girl, sometimes it appears that the writers do not really care about the characters whose stories they are telling.

    I do not think that Bo has been at all selfish – she is a succubus and a baby in Fae terms. She is developing as a character but not as a ruler. She acts before she thinks and is too impulsive to be a ruler at present. In a few thousand years she may make a great queen but she has a lot of growing up to do

    1. Hi there,
      You are entitled to your opinion of course, but your words about Lauren are harsh and unsubstantiated. Let me address them one by one:

      – “deliberately tried to sabotage Bo and Dyson’s relationship”. How so? Did she seduce Bo away from Dyson? Those two were having their own relationship problems that had nothing to do with Lauren. Bo has been consistent in showing her interest in Lauren. In both S3 and S5, it was Bo who asked to be in a relationship with Lauren.

      – “Very jealous”. Sure she’s jealous of Dyson, the same way Dyson and Tamsin are jealous of her. They’re all rivals in love.

      – “she sleeps around”. Apart from S4 when she was away from the gang and had a plan for Evony, where have we seen her sleep around? She’s been with mostly Bo. And in any case, many of the characters sleep around. But that shouldn’t be an issue cos this is a sex-positive show, right?

      – “She loves insulting people”. So where are the examples? She’s made some catty comments about Dyson and Tamsin, but so have they (plus Vex and Trick) about her.

      – “Very cowardly”. She’s used her smarts to genetically modify Taft and Evony, to save Dyson and Bo. As a result, she’s on the Fae hitlist. Which part of this is cowardly to you?

      No character on Lost Girl is perfect, and if there are major issues in characterization it’s really on the writers. Such comments about Lauren form part of the reason why I like her so much. She’s the nerdy human that people love to bash, while Kenzi is lauded for being cool and snarky. I love both equally and though I don’t expect everyone to feel the same way, I think if you want to talk about any character, there should be some measure of objectivity, not to mention showing irrefutable evidence, before using such strong words.

      1. She continuously told Bo that she could do better than dyson. When she met and slept with Bo she was meant to be in love with Nadia. She made Bo kill Nadia. She begged the Ash not to put her in the dungeon. She is always insulting Kenzi and other people behind their backs. She has nothing but contempt for Dyson and Kenzi and shows it. She steals other peoples’ ideas and passes them off as her own, such as Tamsin’s identification of the monster in the reformatory episode and Kenzi’s healing by Hale’s voice. She does have some good points but whenever these have been displayed the writers go back to ruining her character – I think some of them do not like her. She loves taunting people. She betrayed Evony who had showed her nothing but kindness and respect. She has continuously lied to Bo – she has been responsible for the deaths of innocent people as Karen Beatty. She shows no remorse for her crimes or for the people whose deaths she has caused you blow up pipelines people may die – she does not accept responsibility for her actions but blames others for their consequences.

        I do not like the way that the writers progressed Kenzi’s character either. They transformed her from a brave kick ass woman into a simpering weak ineffective wimp. There is no way old Kenzi would have allowed herself to be conned by Massimo. She would have fought him to the death – she would not have crawled up into a ball and let him kick her. She would have rushed Massimo when he stabbed Hale. Her conversation hen she saw Bo again would not have been so inane.She would not have deserted Bo in such a cruel and unfeeling way.

        The actors do what they can but they have been let down by poor, sloppy writing by people ho have not researched their character’s previous actions properly.

        1. Lauren told Bo she could do better than Dyson – the same way Dyson was always making snide remarks about Lauren to Bo. I still don’t see why you say she sabotaged the Bo-Dyson relationship. Was Lauren so influential she planted doubt in Bo’s mind about Dyson? I don’t think so, not in the way I’ve seen the story unfold on screen.

          She shows no remorse for her crimes – is that how you interpreted her anguished confiding of the event to Crystal?

          She shows contempt for Dyson and Kenzi – they do the same to her. Kenzi, in the earlier seasons, never hid her disdain for Lauren.

          She slept with Bo despite having Nadia – but Nadia had been in a coma for years, and Lauren was falling for Bo. If I were to use your argument, Bo is guilty of the same thing when she slept with Tamsin in 505 despite being in love with Lauren. Dyson has also slept with others despite being in love with Bo.

          I’m going to stop here because this is one of my favorite sites and I don’t want to bicker here. You’re still entitled to your opinion but I wanted to step in to defend Lauren. To me she’s no worse than any other character on the show.

        2. Wow Ive never seen a Dybot outside H&H before. Im going to go through this post and point out how absolutely biased you are.
          1) Lauren did tell Bo she could do better but so did Dyson on multiple occasions
          2) Lauren & Bo had sex but it was never said by Lauren that she was still in love with Nadia after 5 years. Also Dyson spied on Bo for Trick while they were having sex in S1 so he isnt innocent either
          3) She didnt make Bo kill Nadia Bo might have done it for her but she wasnt “made” to do it
          4) Lauren insults people but they do the exact same thing to her. Trick, Dyson, Tamsin, Kenzi, Vex, Evony have all insulted Lauren
          5) There has been no contempt between Dyson & Lauren since S4. Lauren & Kenzi since S3
          6) She never took credit for Tamsin ID the monster & Im sorry to say healing Kenzi with Hales whistle was Laurens idea no one elses
          7) Evony may have showed her respect but it was because of Evony Lauren had to hide with the Dark to begin with.
          8) Everyone has lied to Bo at one time or another its not just Lauren
          9) She has shown remorse & taken responsibility for whats shes done multiple times in S4 & 5

          People like you arent worth engaging with but this website is one of the few who try to keep it neutral & open to everyone. Yet you come here with your obvious bias and spout complete nonsense making claims that run the gammit from completely made up to selectively remembered. All the characters on LG are guilty of something & are all far from perfect.

        3. I think it’s fair to say that you all have very different perspectives on Lauren. It’s unlikely that anyone is going to sway someone else to their way of thinking. Let’s move the conversation along to something different, please.

  4. Ladies, thank you for another enjoyable podcast. And thanks to Sally for being a part of it. You have no idea how much I’m looking forward to your podcasts to get me through the hiatus.

    I agree with most of what you said, especially about Bo. Great point about her not confiding in anyone, even if Kenzi is gone, because it really gives us no access to her thoughts and motivations.

    Unfortunately, I can’t quite agree with you about Tamsin. To me this season she has been whiny, petulant and childish, which would have made more sense in S4 after her rebirth. But isn’t she a full-fledged adult now? If you look at her relationships storyline from S3 till now, it’s been confusing — she was introduced in a way that hinted at a relationship with Dyson, but that was dropped after she fell for Bo, then out of nowhere she slept with Dyson, then that was chucked and she went back to making googly eyes at Bo and finally sleeping with her. I blame this squarely on the writers.

    Annie brought up a good point about the Light/Fae divide, which has been dropped. Here’s another – the human/Fae dynamic. Wasn’t this the original premise of the show? Bo was raised by humans and states right off the bat her preference for the human race. Her BFF and heart is Kenzi, a human. But we haven’t seen Bo’s connection with humans very much in the last two seasons. In fact we generally haven’t seen the Fae interact with humans much, which is odd considering that the show stated at the start that the Fae feed off humans. Also, at the end of S3, didn’t Evony declare war on the humans? Whatever happened to that?

    I’m surprised nobody talked about the tame nature of the sex scenes this season. Vex-Mark aside, Bo’s sex scenes have been off-screened or tame. I wonder why? It’s very strange that Bo’s best sex scene so far has been with her stepmom!

    Kenzi has been sorely missed and I’m just worried that when she reappears, everything will be rushed and unbelievable.

    The Ancients is a great storyline and the characters are compelling, but at this late stage in the show’s lifespan, it’s just taking away time from the core characters.

    So yes, I think S5 has been disappointing, largely because of the weak writing for Bo. I really hope the second half will be more fulfilling and go back to all the things that made me love the show in the first place.

    1. Like we said in the episode, I have mixed feelings about Tamsin’s storyline this season. It has been the best written and well acted, but at the same time I wish the writers had made different choices. I knew that they were probably going to address the crush that Tamsin has on Bo because it’s been around for a while, but I don’t think they necessarily had to address it in this way. Basically, it gets bumped up to my favorite character arc because of the fact that it was pretty much the only one attempted, at least in a significant way. (Lauren has had a bit of a storyline, but it hasn’t been nearly as meaty as Tamsin’s.) And I do think that Rachel has done a good job with it. It’s my favorite, but I’m not sure I can say that I’ve really liked it, if that makes any sense. 🙂

      Yep, the Fae/human divide has also been very downplayed this season. We’ve got the stuff going on with Dyson and Alycia, but it’s much less prominent. I like the Ancients storyline fine, but it still feels like the show has strayed from the main storylines of the series, meaning the Light/Dark divide and the human/Fae divide.

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