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Bo super suck in Death Did Not Become Him

During the mega-hiatus between the first and second halves of Season 5, we are planning to go back and discuss some of the episodes from Seasons 1 through 3.

We have compiled a list of episodes that we really like. Vote to let us know which ones you are most interested in hearing us discuss.

You may vote for more than one episode. We will likely discuss all of these episodes eventually, but your input will help us decide the order in which we discuss them.

Also, if you have any ideas for podcast episodes that aren’t episode discussions, please let us know down in the comments.

Thanks for your feedback!

Why is my favorite episode not on this list, you might be asking. We wanted to start with a limited list so we each picked about five episodes that we really wanted to discuss in depth. It doesn’t mean we won’t possibly talk about it at some point in the future.
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9 Replies to “Vote & Tell Us What to Talk About!

  1. I voted for “There’s Bo Place Like Home,” by the poll says it has 0% of the vote. Hmmm. Anyway, I mostly want to hear about Bo, pie and her upbringing. Also, more pie.

      1. I’m pretty sure we won’t only be doing episode discussions during the mega-hiatus. So, we want to make sure that we get to the ones people most want to hear about. Also, the lack of a definitive airdate for 5.09 makes it hard to plan.

  2. How is “Bloodlines” not an option for season one?

    That episode is full of epic reveals with backstory for several characters and great moments for the pairings.

    As far as other possible topics, you could do a favorites list for each character, pairing, or friendship; have like three favorite moments for each host and discuss them. I’m sure you have more than three favorite moments but I figured that would work for the hour long length; if you had extra time you could discuss more moments for the subject. They wouldn’t have to be in order and if you shared moments that would be okay too.

    An episode about Aife would be fun, I think; there’s a lot to debate with an interesting character like her.

    I look forward to hearing your choice for the reading; congratulations on 100 episodes.

    1. This list is obviously not exhaustive. It’s the first few episodes each of us thought we would really like to discuss. But we might talk about “Blood Lines” eventually.

      Thanks for the episode suggestions. We will probably wait to do any other character discussions until the series is over, unless the character is clearly not going to make another appearance. And I have a strong feeling that we will see Aife again in Season 5. And we do have an episode about friendships in the works, which we’ll probably get to during the mega-hiatus.

      1. “And I have a strong feeling that we will see Aife again in season 5.”

        Here’s hoping. I hope she lives through it as well, but if she has to go then I hope it’s taking out her rapist from the past (aka high possibility Bo’s father depending on what you think about that situation).

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