Half Pint: “Here Comes the Night” Bonus Material — Episode 95

Vex and Mark in Here Comes the Night

In previously unreleased content from our discussion of “Here Comes the Night,” we chat about the ship name that Paul Amos gave Vex and Mark. We also have a few announcements about the podcast.

New Release Schedule

  • We will continue to release new podcast episodes during the Lost Girl hiatus.
  • As of this episode, we will release new episodes every two weeks, meaning that our next new episode will drop on March 3.

Help Us with Our 100th Episode

  • Our 100th episode is coming up soon and we have decided to do a DRAMATIC READING of a Lost Girl fanfic.
  • Please send us suggestions about what to read!
  • The fanfics should be less than 7500 words and preferably not too angsty or too smutty. Lots of dialogue would also be great.
  • You can leave suggestions in the comments below or email us.

Vote on What We Should Discuss

Vark? I Think Not.

  • Basically, Stephanie hates the idea of the Vark ship name.
  • We have yet to find a better alternative, but the suggestions floating around are Mascara Puppy, Shiftmer, Funky Bunch, and Vuppy.
  • Let us know if you have any suggestions in the comments.
  • Also, if you want to hear more of us being silly about ship names, be sure to check out Episode 9.

Share your feedback or ask questions

3 Replies to “Half Pint: “Here Comes the Night” Bonus Material — Episode 95

  1. Ladies, I don’t have anything useful to say apart from thank you for making me laugh through that podcast. 🙂

    About topics to discuss in the coming weeks, here are my suggestions:

    – Bo’s relationships throughout the series – Dyson, Lauren, Ryan, Rainer. (I find it interesting that despite her bisexual nature, Bo has only had a serious relationship with one woman – Lauren)
    – The evolution of the Bo-Kenzi friendship
    – The evolution of initial bad guys Vex and Evony
    – Favorite guest stars so far
    – Where each character arc is likely to end
    – The episodes that showcase each character in their best light

    1. Thanks for the suggestions! We actually were planning to talk about favorite guest stars next. Great minds and all that. 🙂

  2. Oops how could I forget: Can we talk about how we think Kenzi is coming back to the storyline? From what I read, Ksenia Solo is due to appear in just two more episodes. I’m really curious how they’ll make her reappearance meaningful, in that very limited time.

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