Favorite Guest Stars — Episode 96

Manny and Connor in Fae-de to Black

Guest stars are an important but often overlooked element of successful TV episodes. We discuss some of our favorite guest stars that have appeared on Lost Girl over the seasons.

Who counts as a guest star? Here are the characters we considered for this episode: every character besides Bo, Kenzi, Dyson, Lauren, Trick, Tamsin, Hale, Vex, The Morrigan, Aife, and Bruce. We consider the last four characters in that list to be recurring characters rather than guest stars because they have appeared in multiple seasons in different storylines.

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  • Syfy finally announced a premiere date of April 17 for Season 5 in the US.
  • Congratulations to Anna Silk who won the Fan Favorite Award at the 2015 Canadian Screen Awards!
  • Kris and Stephanie were guests on a recent episode of the What the Fangirl podcast talking about Lost Girl. Check it out on their website and in iTunes.

Crystal at door in Lovers Apart

Frequently Mentioned Beloved Guest Stars

  • Mayer (Aron Tager) from “Dead Lucky” & “Vexed”
  • Val (Erica Luttrell) from “The Girl Who Fae’d with Fire” & “Flesh and Blood”
  • Crystal (Ali Liebert) from Season 4
  • Cassie (Vanessa Matsui) from Seasons 1, 4 & 5
  • Guest star Amanda Walsh from Season 5
  • Guest star Noam Jenkins from Season 5
  • Alicia (Lisa Marcos) from Season 5

Season 1

  • Will-O’-the-Wisp (Richard McMillan) from “Where There’s a Will, There’s a Fae”
  • Olivia (Amber Goldfarb) from “Faetal Attraction”
  • Halima (Lynne Griffin) from “Food for Thought”
  • Serena (Lisa Berry) from “ArachnoFaebia”
  • Lou Ann (Marie Ward) & Siegfried (Jeffrey R. Smith) from “Vexed”

Season 2

  • Nain Rouge (Hayley Nault) from “Something Wicked This Fae Comes,” “Fae Gone Wild,” “Original Skin,” & “Into the Dark”
  • Mumphert (Cliff Saunders) from “Scream a Little Dream”
  • Woods (Michael Cram) from “Original Skin”
  • Peggy (Pragna Desai) from “Masks”
  • Isabeau (Alisen Down) from “Barometz. Trick. Pressure,” “Flesh and Blood” & “Here Comes the Night”
  • Ryan (Anthony Lemke)
  • Lachlan (Vincent Walsh)

Mumphert in Scream a Little Dream

Season 3

  • Manny & Connor (Jamaal Grant & Gordon S. Miller) from “Fae-de to Black”
  • Mary, Bo’s Mom (Nola Auguston) from “There’s Bo Place Like Home”
  • Acacia (Linda Hamilton) from “Delinquents” & “End of a Line”
  • Massimo (Tim Rozon) from Seasons 3 & 4

Season 4

  • Engelram (George Takei) from “In Memoriam”
  • Pietra (Samantha Espie) from “Let the Dark Times Roll” & “La Fae Époque”
  • Dao-Ming (Jadyn Wong) from “Destiny’s Child”
  • Christina Horne (The Keeper)

Bo, Pietra and Lauren in Let the Dark Times Roll

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16 Replies to “Favorite Guest Stars — Episode 96

  1. I loved seeing Alisen Down as Isabeau, so much occurred because of this one woman; she’s mysterious and magnetic. Alisen is a treat to watch play her as well; as a “Mysterious Ways” fan it was extra fun to see her popping up.

    I liked Vincent Walsh as Lachlan. While his ending has its’ debates, I love how Lachlan made Bo work; he challenged her which was fresh to see from another character besides just Evony. Also he was one half of arguably the best fight scene on the series when he faced off with Bo in “Barometz. Trick. Pressure.”

    Mayer was fun for his charm and how he worked the system with Bo. Cassie was fun for her enjoyment of having fun and being real with fellow characters. Ciara is another guest character I enjoyed and wish we’d seen more of before her departure.

    Serena was an interesting character, it’s easy with her screentime to over look her but she’s a good choice.

    Steph, what’s the link for your Peggy-Deb mash-up video?

    I liked Kris’s explanation of Ryan. Nice explanation of Massimo Steph. Acica was cool; I enjoyed her snark. Clio was fun in season four with her banter; same with Doa-Ming, I did love her dynamic with Trick for the most part. The crows and Levi were fun.

    “I’ve got TV shows coming back y’all, it’s a big deal!” – I like this Steph.

    1. Yeah. Poor poor Nadia. But Athena Karkanis Is gorgeous and I loved it when Bo was so awkwardly jealous of her.

    1. Heh. I didn’t understand the controversy about the wig. Yeah, it wasn’t the best, most flattering hairstyle for Lauren, but I didn’t think it was that bad. She was supposed to be in hiding!

  2. Yes! Southern accents! It’s so hard for non Southerners to get it right. The best non Southerner doing a Southern accent in my opinion is Cate Blanchett in The Gift. But, for Lost Girl, Bo’s and Wood’s Southern accent is “charmingly” campy. 🙂 DISCLAIMER: I am qualified to make such a judgement because I have a native Southern accent.

    1. Cate Blanchett has a talent for accents. She does a good New Mexico accent in *The Missing*. While I don’t have much of a Texas accent, as a native Texan I am very familiar with Southern accents too. And, yes, I would call Woods’s accent delightfully campy as well.

      1. I’d agree with you about Cate Blanchett’s talent for natural sounding accents. I also think she does languages really, really well, too. Her German and Italian are very good too, though her German enunciation is not as perfect as her Southern accent. Unfortunately, my native accent is from, literally, the heart of Dixie—bonus points if you know which state this is officially linked… But really, knowing this is not at all thrilling.
        But is it you Stephanie that posted the comment? If so, you definitely have a Southern vocal flair, even if you’re from Texas. You know that, right?

        1. Yep! I know I have a bit of an accent, mostly because I have embraced the y’all. But when I’ve lived outside the South, people remark on my lack of accent when they hear I’m from Texas. So I pass in certain circles, I guess. 🙂

          1. Sadly, I don’t pass in any circles. I went to a “Northern” college and was well known as one of the few token Southerners. Sigh. And, I’ve spent so much time outside of the South now that the really ripe Southerners (I know you know who I mean) don’t recognize me as Southerner. And, I still live here, yet am looked upon as the other in many regards, including my truly authentic Southerness. Even Southerners cannot imagine how diverse we really are. (Sorry, I’m rambling.)

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