1×06 “Food for Thought” — Episode 97

Bo and Lauren high five in Food for Thought

When Kenzi falls ill due to a mysterious Fae-related disease, Bo and Lauren team up to find a cure, while Dyson and Trick try to take care of Kenzi.

This episode is NOT spoiler-free. It contains spoilers for later episodes of Season 1 and the beginning of Season 2.

We will be discussing episodes from Season 1 through 3 as well as doing topical discussions during this hiatus. Our 100th episode is coming up! We’ll be doing a dramatic reading of a Lost Girl fanfic.

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Bo & Lauren

Lauren and Bo in Food for Thought

Getting Ready

  • A lot of people like the “I’m better with multiple orgasm than multiple choice” line, but it makes Stephanie groan every time.
  • Annie likes how Kenzi sees Bo’s nerves about her date with Lauren and talks with her about it, even though Kenzi is clearly not Team Lauren at this point.
  • Kenzi’s line “I don’t think they’re a real doctor” is pretty fantastic. No kidding, Kenz.
  • Stephanie swears she sees a green pepper on Kenzi’s pizza even though she said in “Faetal Attraction” that she hates green peppers.

Sexy Flirty Time

  • “Doctor’s appointment.” Sure, Lauren. You just want Bo to “practice.”
  • Is the bar they go to supposed to be another bar besides The Dal? Because that’s the set for The Dal. But Bo’s line about how Lauren “picked a good place” seemed to suggest that it wasn’t. It also seemed off that Trick wasn’t behind the bar, but perhaps he was omitted from the scene so that the audience’s attention would just be on Bo and Lauren.
  • On subsequent viewings, it’s so very obvious how much Lauren is checking Bo out while they’re talking at the bar. Bo’s eyes are up here, Lauren. No, UP HERE. Does Bo not notice the attention or as a succubus is she just used to it?
  • Annie wishes that we could have seen Bo’s tests in the lab that Lauren references here, but Kris and Stephanie don’t really miss them.
  • Stephanie and Annie feel sexually frustrated on Lauren’s behalf when they don’t kiss.
  • Lauren in a cardigan! She looks so cute.
  • The bar scene in this episode establishes that Bo can see auras and tell how attracted people are to each other, but that ability hasn’t really surfaced again. If she is supposed to have that ability, subsequent plotlines seem unfeasible or at least very hard to believe.
  • Bo, why did you bring Kenzi to your doctor’s appointment at Lauren’s lab. She’s clearly stepping on your game. She seemed to have learned her lesson in “Vexed” though.
  • Stephanie and Annie get annoyed when Bo gives Dyson a guilty look when Lauren is a little flirty with her in front of him.
  • Stephanie finds it strange that Bo and Dyson have that final conversation about dating other people when their interactions in “Dead Lucky” were all about establishing their relationship as just casual. Kris points out that they keep saying that they’re just in a casual relationship, but it feels like neither one of them really means it.
  • While Dyson and Lauren don’t seem like great friends in this episode, they are certainly civil and collegial. Dyson’s jealousy about Bo’s flirtation with Lauren sets up the antagonism on display in “ArachnoFaebia.”

Bo and Lauren near tank in Food for Thought

Caper Time

  • Stephanie admires how this episode gives you a good enough idea of Bo and Lauren’s plan to get into the chemical company very economically.
  • We feel bad for the scientist that Lauren was posing as. She got held by the police because she vaguely resembled Lauren.
  • This episode shows how the Fae world interacts with the human world while keeping itself secret in interesting ways, especially the funeral home that funnels dead bodies to carrion Fae and how Dyson’s role as a police officer is very beneficial. We miss this type of interaction in the later seasons.
  • Bo and Lauren working together highlights their differences/complementary approaches. Bo is much more impulsive and improvisational while Lauren is very methodical.
  • We also see delineation between Dyson and Lauren’s approaches as well. Dyson is comfortable using fisticuffs along with Bo, and he also asserts the power that he has from being a police detective.
  • Lauren saves the day with SCIENCE. We also get a clear sense that Lauren doesn’t want to hurt people, and that she cares about what happens to them.
  • We like Lauren’s concern about the basilisk and how it’s being used by the drug company, but are we seeing an element of her loyalty to The Ash in that moment as well as her compassion?
  • Going back to this episode, it was jarring to hear Lauren tell Bo that she couldn’t just decide to help Bo save Kenzi without The Ash’s approval. Lauren clearly gets a rush from defying The Ash a little and being a bit of an action hero with Bo.
  • Many aspects of Bo’s diverse skillset are showcased in this episode. She uses her wiles, her physical prowess, as well as her ability to think quickly and improvise.
  • Bo’s story arc involves mastering her feeding so that she can stop herself from draining humans completely, which is realized in the interaction with the guard at Baron Chemicals. Bo’s excitement over disabling but not killing the guard — “check me out!” While still smacking the guard’s face. Love it!

Kenzi in Food for Thought


  • We get to see very clearly how scared and isolated Kenzi is when she is left alone in the lab. She usually moves through the Fae world with ease and some bravado, but this episode points out how vulnerable she is as a human.
  • Ksenia Solo’s comedic chops are on great display in how Kenzi deals with the aftermath of eating the foot soup, but she also handles the dramatic moments just as easily.
  • “You can’t steal from a dead guy. It’s true. Just ask museums.” Snap, Kenzi!
  • Bo’s comment to Kenzi, “I can handle this solo,” always makes Stephanie laugh. Because Ksenia’s last name is Solo. Get it?
  • Kenzi’s issues with Lauren/doctors are introduced in this episode.

Dyson and Kenzi in Food for Thought

Kenzi & Dyson

  • This episode cemented Stephanie’s appreciation of Dyson and Kenzi. It was nice to see a different, more vulnerable side of Kenzi as well as a more nurturing side of Dyson.
  • Kris likes Dyson the best in this episode as well, in the context of Season 1.
  • Traditional gender roles are flipped here. Dyson and Trick spend much of their time nurturing Kenzi while Bo and Lauren are fixing the problem.
  • We see some very sweet bonding between the two them in the cemetery, but why does she find comfort in a cemetery? Was her dad buried there?
  • “Can you, like, wolf out and lie on my feet?”
  • Kenzi has a Xander-style heart-to-heart with Dyson. There are a lot of similarities between what she says here and a conversation between Xander and Dawn in “Potential.”
  • That conversation also emphasizes the fact that Dyson has trouble keeping up with Bo’s sexual needs, even though he is Fae. Later suggestions in the series that Lauren can’t satisfy Bo’s needs because she is human ring false for us because of what we see both in this episode as well as “Dead Lucky.”

Dyson Trick and Kenzi in Food for Thought

Kenzi & Trick

  • Annie is impressed that Trick traded such a valuable piece in his collection to help Kenzi, which raises the question of why Trick did it. While we can see some affection from him toward Kenzi, we think he is also motivated by his desire to keep Bo close.
  • She calls Trick’s lair “Narnia,” which is kind of appropriate.
  • Kenzi, stop trying to steal stuff in Trick’s lair! You’re ill! Lie down!
  • We see Trick’s blood writing kit for the first time here.

Random Thoughts

  • Halima! We like Lost Girl’s take on an aswang, making her a sweet, grandmotherly type rather than a scary, people-eating monster.
  • We love Bo’s reaction to Lauren saying very calmly, “Could it be someone you ate?”.
  • Kenzi’s eye blood drips down on her scrubs, which we appreciate. Oftentimes, people’s clothes on TV shows stay very clean despite their having gaping wounds.
  • Kris likes that Bo calls out a thug for baseless name-calling.
  • Bo’s secretary hairstyle is very elaborate. Did she do that herself? Kris has always assumed that Kenzi usually helps her with her hair, but she was sick by then.
  • When we spoke to Rick Howland, he said the abath horn was garlic, but Kris thinks it looks/sounds like ginger.

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7 Replies to “1×06 “Food for Thought” — Episode 97

  1. This is a good, classic episode.

    I was okay with Bo’s “multiple orgasms” line. While I don’t like Kenzi yet again insulting Lauren in that moment the “not a real doctor” comment does get a chuckle. Trick is always shady. I can’t fault Annie for wanting more on screen Bo and Lauren. The world building moments were great; we’re in season 5 now and we still don’t really know about the Dark fae, I miss the world building moments myself. Also seeing the characters working in the human world because that was a big deal for a long time. I love how well Bo and Lauren compliment each other.

    I agree, it’s great when they balance Bo’s sexual allure with her brains and also when they balance her brawn with her brain because it shows a deeper development. It’s like when she gets offended when people think she doesn’t read, there’s more to Bo than just her body. I never liked Bo was the reason Dyson and Lauren didn’t like each other, they had known each other for years before she came along and there were believable factors to them not getting along before she came in such as Dyson didn’t really seem to like a human being in a high position with the Ash. I felt there was more to their dislike than just the interest towards Bo; it made it seem shallow in a way that that’s why they were so combative all the time, it made sense why they tossed out the digs towards one another at times in regards to relationships but beyond that when in private it was like “isn’t there more?”. At least in my mind; I know Dyson acted decent towards Lauren at the police station but I kind of wonder if he didn’t do that because she said it was under orders of the Ash rather than just to help her out? They were more civil than friendly; but yes I never liked Bo being the reason only they fault because it felt like Dyson had a deeper issue with Lauren at times because he was always reluctant to involve her in things, even giving Bo her number he balked at; yeah you can argue it was because of his crush on Bo but it felt deeper at times, maybe due to his dislike of humans. I loved the Dyson-Kenzi moment on the bench in this episode, it’s what solidified my shipping of them in a romantic form, because Dyson pushed aside his “humans are tools” mentality and was just there for Kenzi, it’s probably the greatest season one Dyson moment for me; when she said he could go and he chose to stay was just great and really soothed over him leaving her when he said he wouldn’t at the lab. It didn’t completely erase it because that was still a jerk move on various levels but it helped to see a better side of him in that moment; Kenzi always brings out the best moments in Dyson which is another reason I love them together.

    I’m still not a huge fan of Dyson due to his attitude but I do like him more now than I did in season one. It really helped him getting away from Trick in a way and Kenzi helping to build his love for a human, and also being just friends with Bo because that’s when they work best together in my mind…he’s grown and I likehim better because for a long time it was hard to. He had good moments, but it never balanced out with the bad. I haven’t seen season 5 yet, US viewer, but I hear he’s good in it.

    I think Trick traded the necklace to save Kenzi because Kenzi means a lot to Bo and he wanted to be on Bo’s good side. It really worked with the reveal later on of him being her grandfather but in the moment it was a nice set-up. Why was Trick wanting so much to be on Bo’s good side; that was my thought given how he wasn’t sure about Kenzi in the beginning, it always felt like a move for Bo to me but it was still a nice moment and as Stephanie said a nice change in gender roles. “You can’t steal from the dead. No seriously, it’s a thing; ask a museum.” is one of the best “explain this” comebacks from Kenzi to date.

    “I can handle this solo.” will always be one the great wink-nods on the series if not the best; the question will always be though was it intentional or not when it was written? That’s always a chuckle moment. I agree with Annie, I thought Trick’s login book room was a part of the lounge area Bo and Lauren use with the couch; it’s confusing because again it goes back to the “It’s clearly the Dal” discussion, it’s clearly the same location but because it airs after the pilot and they change the set it’s a little disorienting. It could also be part of some back room area since we never see all of the Dal. I hated that double standard feeding plot; it wasn’t just Dyson they tried to change, it was all fae, they made it seem like Bo could feed from one fae period and everyone would be okay and that’s why some fans say Bo needs a fae romantically but it’s not true as season one shows. Bo feeding from Dyson was killing Dyson and she was feeding from others as well at times during the season; and it wasn’t just Kenzi who pointed that out, Hale made that “You’re looking a little a rough” comment at the police station in season one so he noticed it too. It makes sense to a point a fae could be feed from longer, but Bo can suck them dry just as easy so I didn’t like that fact being ignored in later seasons to suggest fae were even better than humans; it’s like fans arguing now that there’s no way Bo couldn’t know how Tamsin felt in this season because of the reading aura power mentioned in season one. It’s gets really conflicting and that’s not good. I think it also gets forgotten when it comes to feeding the fact that succubi need a variety of chi to feed on according to studied succubi biology stated by Lauren early in season one; so even if Bo was with a fae she would still have to feed from others because of that fact, one it would harm that singular fae and two it would affect Bo as well in a way. The “fae can be weakened from feeding as well” point was a multiple episode deal with Dyson so I find that one harder to overlook than the aura reading though I don’t fault fans for calling attention to that power as well because it changes how you see Bo if she knew and continued using Tamsin. That always annoyed me though when someone would comment about Bo feeding from Lauren yet forget fae are the same way practically.

    It’s kind of like how people forget the fae aren’t immortal, they’re long lived yes but not immortal; they can die as easily as humans as we’ve seen several times on the show. They can die from simple things or far powers but the point is they can die really easily; I’ve seen fans argue that’s why the fae are cautious of humans, because they have weapons which they could use to take them out as well as that would hurt their food. But that’s a different debate topic for another podcast possibly.

    Again “Food For Thought” is a classic episode in both it’s season and the series; a lot to like about it I feel myself.

    1. I don’t think of Kenzi’s “I don’t think they’re a real doctor” comment as an insult toward Lauren. I don’t think she knew Bo was talking about Lauren when Kenzi said it. She was just pointing out the obvious that it’s strange for a real doctor to schedule an appointment at a bar.

      Like I think I said in the podcast, I wouldn’t call Dyson and Lauren friendly in this episode, but they are certainly civil/collegial here as well as when they interacted in “It’s a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World.” Dyson also pointed Bo toward Lauren in “Where There’s a Will There’s a Fae” to help her deal with her hunger. I can understand and it actually makes sense to me that Dyson would get so territorial about Bo (I don’t like it, but it makes sense), but I think their antagonism would have been better served by another underlying factor than just their “competition” for Bo’s attention. Their tense conversation toward the beginning of “ArachnoFaebia” suggests that some anti-human sentiment might fuel some of Dyson’s dislike, but by then he is clearly mostly acting out of jealousy so it’s difficult to know if the fact that Lauren is a human working for the Fae really does bother him all that much.

  2. What a nice way to rekindle my Lost Girl romance, this episode has all the things that hooked me so long ago. I think that the deep friendship between Kenzi and Bo is what really struck me as different and special about this show, without their bond as outsiders, both to the fae world and society at large, it would fall flat. It was so refreshing to see two women complement and support one another rather than compete for a man’s attention, added with the provocative sexuality, there just wasn’t anything like it on TV. One of my top 5 episodes in the entire series.
    Surprised no one mentioned the music, I think the music in this ep,(and all of season 1) is fantastic, from the opening scene with Spinnerette, Delhi to Dublin and Quantic behind Bo and Lauren at the Dal, perfect.

    1. You know, I can’t say I’ve ever really noticed the music in this episode, but I’ll go check out the songs you mentioned by themselves now.

      I love your thoughts about Bo and Kenzi. We’re recording an episode about friendships on Lost Girl today, and I’m going to include your comments. I completely agree with you.

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