Friendship — Episode 98

Dyson Kenzi Lauren and Hale in Groundhog Fae

We love it when friendship is important on TV shows, and we love that it is so important on Lost Girl. We discuss how friendship is central to the show’s premise as well as talk about some of the great friendships on Lost Girl.

Thank you to Kevin from Tuning in to SciFi TV, Denise, and Pam for contributing feedback for this episode!

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We Love Friendship

  • While romantic relationships are great, we think that they are often very emphasized in storytelling and friendships take a back seat.
  • Profs. Caroline Heldman and Lisa Wade of Occidental College made an interesting presentation about friendship and how it’s portrayed in pop culture called A Feminist Defense of Friendship, which is worth checking out.
  • One of the things we love about Lost Girl is how central the relationship between Bo and Kenzi is to the series. While we meet Dyson and Lauren in “It’s a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World,” the purpose of the first episode of the series is really to set up the relationship between Bo and Kenzi. The beginning and end of the episode involve Bo and Kenzi interacting.
  • Lost Girl is one of only a handful of shows on which we wish we could be part of the gang.

Bo and Kenzi watching a movie in Adventures in Fae-bysitting

Bo & Kenzi

  • Of course, Bo and Kenzi is the first relationship that comes to mind when you think of friendships on Lost Girl.
  • However, there’s so much to talk about in regards to Bo and Kenzi, we thought they would be better served by their own episode in the future (probably after the series concludes). We’ll just talk a little bit about them here.
  • Listener Pam had a great comment about Bo and Kenzi: “I think that the deep friendship between Kenzi and Bo is what really struck me as different and special about this show, without their bond as outsiders, both to the fae world and society at large, it would fall flat. It was so refreshing to see two women complement and support one another rather than compete for a man’s attention, added with the provocative sexuality, there just wasn’t anything like it on TV.”


  • Kenzi’s role on the show is definitely The Friend, more than just The Sidekick. She cultivates interesting and beloved friendships with everyone on the show, even if it takes a little while.
  • Kris called her the “friendship glue” of the show, and we think that’s an apt description.
  • In her role as friend, Kenzi always seems to be saving people, even if they don’t ask for her help. She is observant, and she notices when people need her help.

Kenzi & Dyson

  • Annie thinks their friendship began in “Oh Kappa, My Kappa” when Kenzi catches a shirtless Dyson in the bathroom and does her happy dance.
  • Their friendship really solidifies in “Food for Thought” when Dyson promises to take care of Kenzi while she is ill. As we talked about at length in our discussion of that episode, the scene in the cemetery is so lovely.
  • Their body swap in “Original Skin” seems to draw them even closer together. Before that experience, Kenzi had been siding with Bo in their breakup, even cursing him with Baba Yaga in “Mirror, Mirror.” However, feeling how empty Dyson was without his love gave Kenzi a knew understanding of him. Similarly, Dyson had a newfound respect for Kenzi.
  • Kenzi then proceeds to save Dyson a bunch of times. In “Lachlan’s Gambit” Kenzi stays behind to pull Dyson out when he takes on The Garuda’s berserkers by himself, and in “Into the Dark” she takes a chainsaw to The Norn’s tree to get Dyson’s love back. In “La Fae Époque,” she is going into the fray again to try to save Dyson from The Una Mens.

Kenzi and Hale in Blood Lines

Kenzi & Hale

  • While Kenzi and Hale’s relationship eventually develops into a romantic one, we really enjoy their friendship in the first two seasons.
  • Hale tries to give Kenzi advice about being a sidekick in “Dead Lucky,” and Kenzi calls on their sidekick solidarity in “I Fought the Fae (and the Fae Won)” when she thinks that Bo is going to be devastated about her breakup with Dyson.
  • Annie loves the handshake that they share in “Blood Lines.” It reveals the depth of the bond that they’ve formed.
  • Stephanie likes that in “Mirror, Mirror” Hale sticks up for Kenzi when Dyson makes a derogatory comment about Kenzi. Kenzi seems touched that Hale stood up for her, and she touches his shoulder.
  • Another favorite Hale and Kenzi moment is when he cures her hangover in “It’s Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away.” “Marry me?” “Nah. You drink too much.”
  • Annie likes the subplot they share in “Death Didn’t Become Him” when they are babysitting The Glave’s daughter.

Kenzi & Trick

  • As with Dyson, Trick’s protective feelings toward Kenzi when she is ill in “Food for Thought.” However, their relationship really becomes cemented in “The Mourning After” when she helps him find his missing coin.
  • Their relationship feels a little strained to us in later seasons.
  • Even though Trick offers to claim Kenzi, calling her “like family,” in “The Ceremony,” Trick’s Us versus Humans mentality becomes very prominent in Season 3. Because of his influence, Hale cuts Kenzi off when he is The Ash.
  • He makes a nasty remark about Kenzi’s humanity in “Destiny’s Child” as well.
  • Kenzi also stole from him profusely at the beginning of Season 4, which could explain some of Trick’s frostiness.

Kenzi & Tamsin

  • Even though Tamsin calls Kenzi “Moms,” we’re going to file this under friendship. They have a very big sister/little sister dynamic in Season 4.
  • It’s wonderful to see Kenzi take Tamsin under her wing, especially in “Let the Dark Times Roll.”
  • Kenzi teaches Tamsin a dance routine and it comes in handy later in the season. Fantastic.
  • The moment when Tamsin spreads her wings over Kenzi in “Dark Horse” is a deeply affecting moment. It’s both heartbreaking and lovely.
  • Having Kenzi befriend Tamsin was essential to pulling Tamsin into the main group for Seasons 4 and 5 from having been an outsider in Season 3.

Lauren and Kenzi in Confaegion


  • When it comes to friendship, Lauren is the opposite of Kenzi. While Kenzi is able to make friends pretty easily, Lauren is very much an outsider until late into the series.
  • Her more reserved personality contributes to her having trouble making friends, but so does her situation with the Fae. She probably has only interacted with people in a “professional” way since becoming a servant to the Light.
  • Her friendships with Kenzi and Dyson are very hard-won because her relationship with Bo immediately put her at odds with them.

Lauren & Kenzi

  • While their very different personalities contributed to their initial antagonism, we think it’s likely that Kenzi saw Lauren as a threat to her relationship with Bo because she could be Bo’s girl friend as well as her girlfriend. Kenzi might also worry that because she and Lauren don’t get along well, if Bo dates Lauren then she won’t be welcome around them.
  • “Confaegion” really highlights their differences. Lauren complains about how Kenzi skips throughout a life without a plan and things just come to her, while Kenzi expresses that it seems like Lauren thinks she is better than she is because of her education.
  • As humans in the Fae world, it seems like they should be natural allies. It’s great to see them finally come to a better understanding in “Confaegion.”
  • They bond further over their concern and love for Bo in “Delinquents” when they confer about her still being “our Bo” after The Dawning.
  • We loved seeing Kenzi call Lauren as well as stand up to Trick about her in “In Memoriam.”
  • When Kenzi goes to ask Lauren for help in “Of All the Gin Joints,” it was great to hear her say that she missed Lauren too.

Lauren & Dyson

  • Their relationship seems to thaw toward the end of Season 2 after they have both lost someone that they loved. Lauren “buys” Dyson a drink at Ciara’s funeral at “Into the Dark” and offer him some comfort.
  • Similarly, in “Delinquents” Dyson pours him and Lauren a shot when Lauren is sad about having asked Bo to take a break from their relationship. This scene feels like a mirror to the scene in “Into the Dark” to us.
  • They come to realize that they have more in common than they thought because of their relationships with Bo.
  • Dyson shows kindness to Lauren in “Flesh and Blood” when he makes it a point to tell her that if she wanted to escape the Fae that she should run. Some people think that Dyson is trying to shoo Lauren away because he has regained his love for Bo, but we don’t think that is his primary motivation here.
  • Their drunken, Choga sweat-influenced bonding in “Groundhog Fae” is absolutely delightful.
  • They continue to bond and come to good terms in “Destiny’s Child.” They’re able to tease each other about their mutual affection for Bo in this episode.
  • The mermaid caper in “Waves” really cemented the relationship between Lauren, Dyson, and Kenzi.

Lauren Kenzi and Dyson in Waves


  • Loyalty and protectiveness seems to define Dyson’s relationships with people.
  • We like Dyson has progressed and matured in his ability to have relationships with people. He seems more willing to share his feelings and be open with people.

Dyson & Trick

  • Dyson’s loyalty to The Blood King and what he represents defines Dyson’s relationship with Trick, at least up through the end of Season 4 when he swears fealty to Bo.
  • We enjoyed getting to see how they met in “La Fae Époque.”
  • The gesture that they have where they touch forearms as well as the scene at the end of “Fae Day” in which they share a Scotch indicates the length and depth of their friendship.
  • However, Trick does tell Dyson to do things that we wish he wouldn’t.

Dyson & Hale

  • Their relationship starts out as a fairly common buddy-buddy relationship in Season 1. They talk a lot about work and women.
  • It’s tough to see them get into a fight in Season 2 when Dyson is acting out. But it was nice to see them be able to repair their relationship from an argument.
  • Stephanie enjoys when Hale gets Dyson out of jail in “Something Wicked This Fae Comes.” Hale asks him if he has anything to say for himself and Dyson just says, “He started it.”
  • It’s great to see them embrace in “Flesh and Blood” when they realize that Trick is alive.
  • In “Hail, Hale,” the show seemed to play up the scene in which Dyson gives Hale the Twig of Zamora. Dyson Pretty Womans the box, and it totally looks like Dyson is proposing.
  • Dyson encourages Hale to tell Kenzi how he feels in “Sleeping Beauty School.”
  • Dyson’s eulogy at Hale’s funeral is lovely and touching.

Dyson and Hale in Groundhog Fae

Dyson & Tamsin

  • Their relationship starts as a reluctant partnership, but their friendship develops in a surprisingly pleasant way.
  • In “Fae-de to Black,” they clearly have already started to form a good partner relationship, and Tamsin extends a friendly hand when she sees that Dyson is in a lot of pain about Bo at the end of the episode.
  • When Dyson climbs into Tamsin’s truck in “Those Who Wander,” they really seem like old buddies. They’re very comfortable with each other.
  • We see Dyson’s loyalty to Tamsin in “In Memoriam” when he goes back to look for Tamsin at the crash site. It’s echoed in “Dark Horse” when he finds Tamsin at the gates of Valhalla and says that he won’t leave her behind again.


  • Bo has very complicated relationships on the show. Understatement.
  • Besides Kenzi (and Trick, but that’s something else entirely), it’s difficult to talk about many of her other relationships as just friendships because at least one person has more than just friendly feelings.

Bo & Tamsin

  • Even though it’s suggested that Tamsin has more than just friendly feelings toward Bo in Season 4 and even Season 3, we think that they do share a friendship in Season 4 in particular.
  • As an outsider to the group as well as being a very blunt person, Tamsin is able to give Bo a perspective that her other friends don’t. She provides a much-needed reality check often.
  • In “The Kenzi Scale,” Tamsin as the outsider of the group has a better viewpoint on the situation and helps Bo when no one else will.
  • When Bo is feeling sorry for herself in “Dark Horse,” Tamsin is the person who is able to snap her out of it and motivate her to do what needs to get done.
  • Bo and Tamsin start to form a friendship in “Fae-ge Against the Machine.” Tamsin’s protectiveness toward her starts to come out. She warns Bo about The Dawning and sticks with her when she becomes tied to the spriggan, even though Tamsin could have left.
  • Tamsin’s makes a very sweet show of support to Bo in “Groundhog Fae” after Bo reveals how scared she is.

Bo and Tamsin in Dark Horse

Bo & Hale

  • Sadly, it didn’t feel like Bo and Hale ever built a true friendship.
  • They interact primarily because of cases or because of one of their mutual friends, usually Dyson.
  • Their best friendship moment for us was in “Something Wicked This Fae Comes” when Bo tells Hale, “You suck, Siren” when she loses at Rock Paper Scissors.

Hale & Trick

  • As he does with Dyson, Trick leads Hale down paths and we don’t like.
  • We’re not sure if we would characterize Hale and Trick’s relationship as a friendship. They seem more like mentor and mentee.
  • Hale clearly likes and respects Trick, but they don’t seem to have the same type of relationship that Trick and Dyson.
  • We love the moment between them in “It’s a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World” when Hale tells Trick that his tea is the best and then Trick doesn’t charge him.

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5 Replies to “Friendship — Episode 98

  1. Nice episode. I have a different POV when it comes to the friendships on Lost Girl. Applying my “real life” lense I think some friendships on the show are very natural such as Bo/Kenzi, Bo/Tamsin, Dyson/Hale, Dyson/Kenzi, Kenzi/Hale, Trick/Lauren, Bo/Vex, Kenzi/Vex.

    Then there are others that are simply non-existent such as Dyson/Lauren, Kenzi/Lauren, Tamsin/Lauren, but where they are ameniable enough to one another to realize what they mean in Bo’s life and know have to work together to help Bo.

    The show has made great strides up to the end of Season 4 to tone down the hostility, but that is exactly what it was, toning down the hostility; I could never characterize it as friendship between the Dyson/Lauren, Kenzi/Lauren, Tamsin/Lauren pairings. In my view, for these pairings to achieve that pinnacle would take a great deal of work that, now that the show is ending will not have the story real estate space to genuinely, honestly, and truthfully develop these pairings without it being so obviously contrived because the show is ending.

    As a fan, I would have liked to have seen a few more seasons where the Dyson/Lauren, Kenzi/Lauren, Tamsin/Lauren could have developed into honest, workable friendships. Sadly, unless the show does some futuristic look in their series finale S5/E16, that will be a personal fan regret for me. My two cents.

    1. While I would say we’re using the word friendship a bit broadly to mean “friendly relationship,” I do think there are different kinds of friendship. We’re not trying to say that Lauren and Dyson are as close as Bo and Kenzi or Dyson and Hale, but I do think they are friends. Besides the drunken bonding in “Groundhog Fae,” “Destiny’s Child” and “Waves” have a lot of moments that reveal a real friendship to me. Kenzi and Lauren’s friendship isn’t as developed as Lauren and Dyson’s, but they do have friendly moments in Season 4.

      We didn’t get into it much for spoiler reasons, but I don’t think it’s too spoilery to say that we see more development of the friendships between both Kenzi and Lauren as well as Lauren and Dyson in Season 5.

  2. Dyson and Lauren are becoming closer friends as Lauren is with every member of the gang – apart from Tamsin. Kenzi, I think is loved by the fans totally because he is played by Ksenia Solo – logically we should not like her at all – she is a selfish thief who even robs her friend, Trick. She is a lot like Chiana in Farscape. there are quite a few character similarities – bo is like Aeryn Sun, Dyson like John Creighton, Lauren like Pa’u Zotoh Zhaan. The friendship between Dyson and Hale is similar to that between Creighton and Ka D’Argo. It would be great to see the Lost Girl cast in the new Farscape movie – even if they are not playing themselves. It would be great to see Ksenia and Gigi Edgley in the same scenes – they are both great comediennes. It is a shame that Shaun did not last longer – he and Kenzi had great chemistry and he would have been an asset to the show. He would have made a better boyfriend for Kenzi that Nate did

  3. So if Dyson and Lauren buried the hatchet with the help of alcohol and Choga sweat, does that mean their friendship is 10% intoxication and 90% perspiration?

  4. Now that I have that important question out of the way, I wanted to chime in on the Kenzi/Lauren dynamic. I agree with Kris that class (or perceived class, anyway) had a lot to do with the friction between Kenzi and Lauren at first – Kenzi assumed that Lauren’s life had been easy because she went to Yale Medical School and that she probably had a great home life as well, while Kenzi ran away from an abusive situation.

    I also think that Kenzi sensed that Lauren didn’t like her, or thought she was an aimless drifting mooch, and that was part of her hostility as well. It’s hard to like someone who you know doesn’t like you. It plays into the whole Kenzi preferring Dyson over Lauren, like you guys mentioned – much more fun for her to hang out with Dyson and Bo than Lauren and Bo.

    But I also think there’s something subtle having to do with Lauren being a woman that was particularly threatening to Kenzi. I think it’s maybe how women who are in relationships with each other can also have the same sort of friendship that women have with other women in platonic friendships. I’m not sure if that’s clear, but I think Kenzi may have assumed that even if Bo and Dyson were in a relationship, Bo would always need Kenzi for friendship, but if Bo and Lauren were a couple, maybe Lauren could fulfill all of Bo’s needs and there would be no place for Kenzi. I’m not saying that’s how it would actually have been, but I think that was feeding into Kenzi’s fears and disdain for Lauren.

    I do like that she and Lauren overcame their differences and in season 5, they’re in a place where they can support each other but also gently tease each other. (“Alert the media! There’s something ‘Dr. Perfect’ doesn’t know!”)

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