3×04 “Fae-de to Black” — Episode 99

Bo as a therapist in Fae-de to Black

At Dyson’s request, Bo goes undercover to help him investigate a series of strange suicides. Meanwhile, Bo and Lauren’s relationship hits a speed bump as they struggle to keep up with Bo’s sexual needs as a succubus.

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Strange Suicides

  • Dyson was smart enough to stall Lloyd (the Magnificent) with photo taking, but didn’t think to try to get a photo with him so he could tackle him if necessary???
  • Dyson and Tamsin are figuring out their working relationship. Dyson is more sensitive, while Tamsin more cavalier…
  • “Smart? Gorgeous? Tall?” Kris loves it. Stephanie loves, “I think someone here has had enough coffee for the day.”
  • Lost Girl has a talent for writing New Age types, such as Tabitha the receptionist at The Better Way.
  • Tabitha totally checks out Bo’s bum as she walks away.
  • Manny & Connor! We love these guys. “Three times!” “THREE times.”
  • “I have an impact statement that I would like to read.” “Oh brother…”
  • …and there goes Dyson’s shirt.
  • “What IS IT with people and daggers?”
  • Shouldn’t we be able to see the rakshasa behind Bo?


  • Kris thinks the end of this episode is when she started to like Tamsin.
  • “OK, I’m warning you. Do not unwrap the wang.”
  • “You got your work cut out for you because this one wants to be half lion, half eagle, and full asshole.”
  • “Alright. Let’s get tanked.”
  • Wolfyrie! Why aren’t their faces on each other’s faces?!?

Bo & Lauren

  • HOLY NUDITY. Kris still kind of can’t believe that they start the episode this way.
  • Whose back is that? Bo?
  • Lauren, if your neck is hurting, Stephanie has some suggestions…
  • Some of the shots in the opening sequence are mirrored. The mole near Anna’s mouth jumps from left to right, etc.
  • Can’t comment enough how perfect the song that plays over the first scene is. It’s super sexy, and it sets up the…

Conflict About Sex

  • Stephanie knew this issue was going to be a thing in their relationship, and she is glad they addressed it and like how they addressed it for the most part.
  • BUT she also has a lot of questions about the assumption that Bo would need to have sex with other people to stay healthy, at least at this juncture. At the very least, couldn’t she have fed off of Dyson and/or other people to heal her wounds?
  • Stephanie thinks Dyson was well-intentioned, but she does GRRR! at him when he tells Bo that there are no feelings attached to their sleeping together. She doesn’t know that he has his love back. TALK TO EACH OTHER, DAMMIT.

Conflict About Bo’s Case

  • The fight between them is rough.
  • Lauren is overly sensitive because of the sex stuff, though we think she is perfectly correct on calling Bo out on what she is doing.
  • But “someone who didn’t finish high school”? Ouch, Lauren. VERY low blow.


  • Poor Kenzi.
  • But also — JUST TELL THEM.
  • Love the first scene between Bo and Kenzi with all of the nicknames she throws at Bo including, of course, Wonder Snatch
  • Poor Kenzi getting cut off from Hale. But at least she gets a good zinger at the guard first. “Dude! Stop Ash-blocking the Kenz.”

Stray Thoughts

  • Lauren’s door was open when Bo was macking on Lauren…both times!
  • Dyson is so fuzzy in this episode!

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17 Replies to “3×04 “Fae-de to Black” — Episode 99

  1. I’ve always thought that Anna Silk is particularly adept in how she reacts off Zoie Palmer, as well as other actors. The kitchen scene is a very good example of this particular strength of Anna’s. Yes, Zoie is amazing, but I’ve always been in wonder that Anna is so generous to the other actor in these kinds of scenes. I had never really understood that saying about actors being generous with other actors in a scene—until I really watched some of these more emotional scenes with Anna Silk.

    1. Yes. Anna is a very generous actor. There are several scenes in which I am very aware of that. Zoie definitely gets the more showy part in the kitchen scene, but Anna’s reactions to her are just as vital in crafting that excellent scene.

      1. Here’s to many decades of Anna and Zoie working together and playing each other’s love interest; they are a treat to watch perform together in my own opinion.

  2. “Fae-de To Black” was one of the best episodes to season three I feel. While there are aspects I don’t agree on, there were some good moments as well.

    I like NVGhost’s comments. Nice point Kris about Dyson trying to get a picture with Lloyd so he could grab him, that would have been the “every cop show” approach. I liked Tamsin in this episode, she was really enjoyable until that turn at the end of episode 6.

    I loved Tamsin in 3.02, it was refreshing to see another character besides Evony really call out the group; her desire to arrest Bo was great in my opinion because it showed some fae finally taking action to call Bo on her deeds. Yes, Bo is one of the good guys, but not everyone sees her that way and it fit some would take issues with her actions; it’s why I loved the guys at the Dark fae bar calling her out. It’s like Evony, while she’s a villain to Bo she’s a hero you could argue to her side; I say you can debate because not all Dark fae may support her just as not all fae supported Trick’s actions. Heck you can debate his own family had issues with his peace. Again though, I personally enjoyed Tamsin until the end of 3.06, that change in attitude made no sense to me really; I get she wanted better friends but why not start with Bruce?

    Her sudden change plus the “lightening of the Dark” with Vex and the attitude “Dark suddenly means bad” just did not sit right with me.

    It would have made more sense had Bo just healed via mouth chi post “The Ceremony” since she was supposedly getting stronger, but because her feeding has been inconsistent before that it really leads to questionable aspects. I fully can see why Bo would need sex with her injury in this episode, but there’s still questionable feed habits.

    I agree with Stephanie, I think Bo wants to be monogamous and she can be to a point, Bo can be emotionally monogamous but not physically due to her fae abilities. Dyson essentially forcing himself on Bo was a big issue for me in this episode; I get he wants to help Bo but he does it in such a dirty feeling way, for various reasons, it just doesn’t work for me and only makes me dislike Dyson in that situation. He arguably lied about his feelings, he kept pushing for it to be him who helped her when Tamsin was in the area and could have provided chi to at least get her to a fae hospital, he went for sex instead of offering any other option which I know were limited but could have bought Bo time…it was just a very aggressive moment with him. He knew how Bo felt about trying to stay monogamous and just pushed that knowledge aside. Again I know she was in need of emergency help but she still had options I feel.

    His ultimatum was just dumb as Kris said and very dirty feeling in my opinion.

    I don’t buy Lauren and Bo having a lack of communication in season three, all they did for two years before basically is talk; it felt more like they weren’t allowed to talk as Stephanie said rather than they couldn’t talk. I’ll give the writers some things had to wait due to being busy at times, but them not talking all season didn’t feel genuine to me. I loved the kitchen scene, but it felt bull in my opinion. They have dramatic issues but it just felt odd via the handling, it may be me though but I couldn’t buy that.

    I agree Lauren was right to warn Bo about her actions as a therapist but the high school comment was a low blow. Again Stephanie I have to disagree with the comment about life spans, there is no guarantee for Bo and she could go before anyone; she MIGHT live longer but she might not as well, the fae are not immortal. I agree Kenzi’s not talking was strange; dramatically it works, but as said it could still be dramatic if she told.

    Stephanie I’m glad you cleared up your statement regarding Bo possibly cheating; I agree with Annie I don’t think she cheated in the traditional sense.

    Nice episode.

    1. Thanks for listening!

      The big reason I don’t like Tamsin in “SubterrFaenean” is that she calls Bo an “unaligned cooz.” I understand her perspective and why she wants to arrest Bo. I don’t mind Bo having someone challenge her. I DO NOT like that Tamsin calls Bo such an awful, slut-shaming word. I don’t like it when The Morrigan slut-shames Bo either, but she is such an over-the-top villainous character that it’s easier for me to swallow. Tamsin’s comment in “SubterrFaenean” is too bitter a pill for me. I also think it’s bratty when she pours coffee on Dyson’s desk. I don’t find brattiness charming.

      I really disagree in regards to your comment that all Bo and Lauren do is talk in Seasons 1 and 2. Secret-keeping and not talking about things have always been a big theme in Bo and Lauren’s relationship. Lauren didn’t tell Bo about the Ash sending her (until too late) in “Vexed,” Lauren hid her girlfriend in a coma from Bo, Bo amended her “I love you” to “I love you…all” in “Into the Dark”… Bo was better about talking than Lauren was in the first two seasons, but secret-keeping has always been a prominent trend in their relationship.

      As for their conflict here that leads to the kitchen scene, I completely buy why they didn’t have that conversation about sex. It’s a super tough conversation to have. Sex is difficult to talk about in any partnership because you’re worried about how to approach it so as not to hurt the other person. I totally buy their lack of communication in this episode. However, there are many times subsequently when I don’t understand why they don’t talk about things, which bugs me.

      In regards to their life spans, Bo is LIKELY to outlive Lauren. (I usually try to phrase it that way, but it’s quite possible I didn’t here.) Obviously, Bo could die before her, but more likely than not Lauren will die long before Bo will. There’s an interesting conversation there that I wish the writers would explore more. There’s also more interesting conversations to be had about the fact that Lauren is a second-class citizen in the world Bo inhabits. Bo offered to claim Lauren in Season 4, but that’s obviously not something Lauren wants. How will they negotiate that? There’s lots of stuff to mine in Bo and Lauren’s relationship that doesn’t involve their keeping secrets and not talking about things was the point I was trying to make.

      1. I can understand your feelings on Tamsin. I agree, she did some crappy things in her introduction, but over all I found her more enjoyable to watch in the early episodes than in later ones. I think it’s due to her challenging the group, it’s rare we see that it feels outside of Evony; it’s the same reason I liked Lachlan in season two before he got kind of fluffy with Bo before his end.

        In regards to Nadia, I know this is a debatable subject but I think Lauren said goodbye to her before Bo came into the picture, a “just in case” kind of thing if you will maybe; I believe that even if Nadia woke up before Bo showed up she and Lauren would have split because Lauren wouldn’t want her in danger in the fae world, it would have drove them apart Bo aside. I believe Lauren loves Nadia but they wouldn’t have stayed together. “However there are many times subsequently when I don’t understand why they didn’t talk about things, which bugs me” – agreed, the kitchen scene was just the start of it for me I guess; it felt very “What do you mean they don’t talk? They’ve talked for two years!” to me.

        I know it was nitpicky to point out the wording regarding the life span topic, but that’s just one of the big issues I have; it’s part of what makes Bo great, she realizes they are not immortal so she doesn’t showcase that arrogance most fae have in regards to that subject. I do totally agree about the variety of topics regarding Bo’s and Lauren’s relationship.

        1. If Bo brought up her longer lifespan with Lauren, it wouldn’t have to be out of arrogance. There’s a sad, sobering conversation for them to have about the fact that sadly it’s likely that Lauren will die long before Bo does.

          1. I definitely don’t think Bo would ever be arrogant discussing that; I think she would avoid it because it’s not something she likes to think about just like she doesn’t think about it with Kenzi because it’s too sad. Still I like Bo having that appreciation for mortality because she knows she could go before them so she doesn’t have the same vibe some fae posses; we’ve seen them go down easily in past seasons and Bo’s embrace of her own mortality just makes her more likable, not all fae posses that. I think Lauren would bring it up before Bo would and even then Bo would try to avoid the issue.

            There is also possible sub-topics within broad ones like life spans, such as family and if they adopt or not and if they adopt would the kid be human or fae; I can see Bo voting human and Lauren suggesting fae because she considers the life span debate. What about elder care? Does Bo care for Lauren or does Lauren herself to a home like where Bo would still visit her? The “second class citizen” topic is a good one.

            Had Kenzi shown Lauren her wound in season three then asked her to stay quite about it, that could have been both genuine drama for Bo and Lauren and built the Lauren-Kenzi dynamic; Bo would want to know what’s going on to help Kenzi but as her doctor Lauren couldn’t say which could cause a small fight between them. Whenever they debated the rules of the fae world it felt organic; Bo wanted to change things but Lauren could see aspects of things Bo couldn’t because she knew the history. There’s a lot of drama to draw from.

  3. The two things I enjoy most about this episode are the “kitchen scene” and the Dyson/Tamsin scene at The Dal. I think those kinds of scenes, that feature really strong character interactions, have been in short supply in the last season and a half. Especially scenes like the last Bo/Lauren one which is probably my favourite thing the show has every done. I get that there is dramatic tension in having characters not talk and keeping secrets from each other but Lost Girl takes that to the extreme where it just becomes frustrating.

    And I loved the Dyson/Tamsin chemistry in this ep. I think they work really well off of each other and I thought we’d see more of them together which would have been good, for Dyson especially.

    Thanks for doing these over the hiatus…still soooo long to go 🙂

  4. I agree with Aaron. Bo and Lauren talked all the time in S1 and S2 for sure. And the writing even made sure we as viewers understood that implicitly. Third season I thought they spoke ALL.DAY.LONG. It was the fourth season with everyone everywhere that no one hardly spoke to one another. I am one of those viewers that need NOT see Bo/Lo speak all the time for me to understand the implied conversations, and I also don’t have an issue with Bo/Lo’s general communication either. I just get upset when they fail to communicate over “big ticket” items. But in general, nope, and I always found that seemingly lack of communication issue a “fan head canon” issue, not a show issue.

    1. I have no doubt that there is regular conversation between all the characters that happens off screen. I don’t need to see that, either. When I talk about characters (and especially Bo and Lauren) not talking enough, I mean talking about “big ticket” items.

    2. Here’s my argument for why I think Bo and Lauren not talking about things has been a recurring thing in their relationship since the beginning.

      • “Vexed” — Lauren doesn’t tell Bo that the Ash sent her to distract her until too late. They fight.
      • “The Mourning After” — Bo is mad at Lauren because of what happened in “Vexed.” Lauren asks Bo to let her explain. Bo blows her off and leaves.
      • “Blood Lines” — Bo tells Lauren that if she gets through her confrontation with Aife and all the madness dies down that she owes Lauren “that last talk.” But of course they don’t have it in that episode.
      • “Scream a Little Dream” — Bo brings up Lauren owing her a talk about why Lauren is tied to the Light when they’re at the old folks’ home. Lauren says some other time when they’re not surrounded by madness. Bo brings up the subject again in Lauren’s apartment. Lauren says she wants to tell her but then they get interrupted by Lachlan.
      • “It’s Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away” — Bo brings up that The Morrigan can help her with the thing that ties Lauren to the Ash. Lauren gets nervous and asks Bo for details, but she doesn’t have any. It’s obvious that Lauren is nervous about Bo finding out about what ties her to the Ash. Bo learns at the end of the episode that Lauren has a girlfriend, which she hadn’t mentioned before.
      • “Fae Gone Wild” — When Lauren calls Bo, Bo tries to get Lauren to tell her about Nadia, but Lauren doesn’t get Bo’s hints and doesn’t reveal anything.
      • “Death Didn’t Become Him” & “Original Skin” — Bo asks Lauren if it’s good that they’re getting closer to bringing Nadia back. In answer, Lauren kisses Bo. Bo tries to talk to Lauren about the kiss in “Original Skin,” but Lauren blows her off.
      • “Masks” — Bo removes the curse on Nadia, but she doesn’t tell Lauren at Lachlan’s insistence that removing the curse won’t work if she does.
      • “Barometz. Trick. Pressure” — Lauren tells Bo that she recommitted herself to the Ash because he saved Nadia. Bo doesn’t tell her that she was the one who actually saved Nadia.
      • “Barometz. Trick. Pressure” – “Into the Dark” — There’s lots of Bo and Lauren not talking about their FEELINGS because of the Nadia-shaped elephant in the room. I can think specifically of the scenes where Lauren borrows Bo’s car, when Lauren and Nadia come back from their trip in “School’s Out,” and of course when Bo chickens out at saying “I love you” in “Into the Dark” as examples.
      • “SubterrFaenean” — Bo wakes up from a dream in which she sees herself kill the Dark Fae. Lauren asks her if she is OK, and Bo says that she is fine instead of telling her about her dream.

      And that catches us up to “Fae-de to Black.” In Season 3, we also have the Karen Beattie reveal.

      I recognize that some of these things they weren’t talking about or were keeping secret come to the light or get resolved. Lauren confessed to Bo about Nadia in “Fae Gone Wild,” though The Morrigan was the one who broke the news. Lauren finally told Bo in the worst moment possible that Lauren isn’t her real name in “Those Who Wander,” though Lauren hasn’t fully explained her past to Bo still. But even though some of these issues are eventually resolved, there was still a pronounced period of them NOT talking about the issue.

      I also recognize that Bo was told she couldn’t tell Lauren about her saving Nadia (though retrospectively I think Lachlan was just manipulating her), but my point is that they often don’t talk about something important for a variety of reasons.

      Obviously, we all have our own perspective on things, and I will say their not talking about important things has become more pronounced in the later seasons. But I see it as a recurring motif throughout their relationship.

  5. It may be the way I’m viewing “don’t talk” as to why I feel that they do; I feel “don’t talk” is more they both ignore a subject knowing it should be possibly be discussed, for example had they both avoided the issue of “Vexed” in “The Mourning After” then that would have been not talking. You mentioned keeping things quite when Nadia was around and that’s a good situation. They both wanted to talk about things, but didn’t even though everyone knows they did want to talk to each other.

    You gave a good list, but I can’t agree with it all; as you said there were some moments where they did talk but got interrupted such as “Scream A Little Dream” so I don’t think in that case it’s fair to say they didn’t talk because they did but got interrupted. “Blood Lines” is another episode where they talked, the big talk was just off-screened it seems; with the examples of “Vexed” and “The Mourning After” I still feel even if it was a fight they did talk some, granted loudly but there was talking.

    I agree you can argue that Lachlan manipulated Bo in regards to Nadia, but there’s a chance he wasn’t lying and so Bo had a good reason not to talk about it even though she wanted to.

    As for Karen Beattie, I am perfectly okay with them not discussing that subject; I honestly never bought the Karen Beattie aspect as anything more than a cover to attract people like Taft who might harm the fae. There’s too many flags for me regarding the story; one is age and the time line of things, two’s the illogical “only copy” line, and three is the poorly done wanted poster with glaring capitalization errors. That’s just my personal take regarding it.

    I’m loving the discussions.

    1. Like I said, they don’t talk about things for a variety of reasons over the years, whether it’s because they avoid talking about an issue because it’s a difficult conversation, someone manipulates them so they don’t, or they get interrupted. Even though being interrupted wasn’t their choice, it’s still another instance where they don’t talk about something. Lauren even makes a little comment about how they’re often interrupted in an episode in Season 5. There’s just so many times throughout the going on five seasons of their relationship where something remains unsaid.

  6. Ok lol So I went back over the “no feelings” session because I heard Bo call Dyson baby. Bleh.
    I thought it was absolutely crappy for him not to tell her about his feelings. If he really cared about her healing I’m sure she could’ve fed from Tamsin or anyone else close by given their history.

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