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DATD Reads Fanfic — Episode 100

April 28, 2015 by Drinks at The Dal

Kenzi Bo and Saskia in The Mourning After

To celebrate our 100th episode, we read Lost Girl fanfic. Much ridiculousness — and some drinking — ensues.

A big thank you for listening to any or all of the previous ninety-nine episodes! Thanks to everyone who submitted fanfic suggestions for us to read. Check out the original stories and leave the authors a nice review or a like if you enjoyed them.

Drink Special: Oh My Gosh

1 oz Amaretto
1 oz Peach Schnapps

Stir with ice and strain into shot glass.

Fanfic Read in This Episode

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  1. Jessalyn says:

    Congrats on 100 episodes. Thanks for all the fun!

  2. Vanessa says:

    Your 100th episode was so much fun! It had me smiling and laughing out loud the whole time I was listening to it. Loved Kris’ “dude voice” and because of Stephanie’s stories I don’t think I’ll ever look at a door draft stopper in the same way again.

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