Half Pint: Dark Matter Review — Episode 103

Zoie Palmer as The Android on Dark Matter

We share what we thought of the premiere of Dark Matter, Zoie Palmer’s new TV show, and talk about what might appeal to Lost Girl fans. Dark Matter also features Anthony Lemke who played Ryan in Season 2 and is being produced by Prodigy Pictures, which also produces Lost Girl.

Quick Reviews

  • Annie: I liked it! I thought it was a solid premiere that set up the what seems like a very intriguing space show.
  • Kris: It’s a good beginning episode with a lot of set up. It didn’t wow me necessarily, but I think it set an interesting premise. I’m invested in almost all of the characters already.
  • Stephanie: Like Kris, I wasn’t wowed by the episode, but what it promises the series could be about is really interesting. I’m looking forward to the next episode.

What Lost Girl Fans Might Enjoy

  • Zoie Palmer in a form-fitting uniform and a very different role in which she got a really cool fight scene
  • A badass lady who kicks ass and wears thigh holsters
  • There’s a lot of leather on the show, including a dude in a leather vest
  • Wonderful production design by Lost Girl production designer Ian Brock
  • Anthony Lemke is very charismatic and enjoyable in his Dark Matter character
  • Ensemble cast


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Because We're DangerousWe are producing a podcast about Dark Matter called Because We’re Dangerous so please check out the podcast if you’re watching.

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3 Replies to “Half Pint: Dark Matter Review — Episode 103

  1. I watched Dark Matter and loved it. Here are a few things I noticed that appeared in Dark Matter and at some point in Lost Girl.
    1. A box. It’s not Bo’s but it’s a mysterious box
    2. Gouged eye balls
    3. Zoie Palmer playing an outsider LG- human interacting with fae, DM – Android interacting with humans; also displays high levels of intelligence
    4. a necklace / pendant
    5. the shimmery blue light going into FTL surrounding the ship seems to be the same color as Bo’s succubus chi sucking light

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