1×03 “Oh Kappa, My Kappa” — Episode 106

Kenzi hula hooping in Oh Kappa, My Kappa

A mother comes to Bo for help when her daughter goes missing, sending Kenzi undercover at a college sorority. Meanwhile, Bo tries to figure out how to navigate her relationship with Dyson. Kevin Bachelder from Tuning in to SciFi TV joins us to discuss all the classic Kenzi moments in this episode.

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Pop Culture Predecessors

  • Stephanie was overwhelmed by Buffy nostalgia when she watched this episode. It feels like a combination of “Reptile Boy” and “Go Fish.”
  • Kris is also reminded of the Veronica Mars episode “My Big Fat Greek Rush Week.”
  • The shot that pans down from Kenzi and Bo standing in front of the sorority house “through” the ground to find Gina in the underground lair mimics a shot in the first episode of Buffy.
  • Bo’s reference to Dyson’s “spooky files” also feels like a callback to The X-Files.

Kenzi in Oh Kappa, My Kappa

Classic Kenzi

  • This episode contains so many “classic” Kenzi moments that fans love to quote and reference.
  • Kenzi does her happy dance in response to finding Dyson in the bathroom, which is the first “Toothpaste?” “Footlocker.” exchange.
  • Kenzi hula hooping, because of course she can’t stay still while she is on the phone
  • “I think I touched a boob.”
  • The askew wig
  • The legacy wig — why did the sorority girl attribute Kenzi’s humor to being a “West Coast girl”?
  • “For preppies, those girls can hang.”
  • “I totally saw his wolf junk. High five!”

Wayne & the Kappa

  • Stephanie likes how Bo and Kenzi’s reactions to Gina’s mom demonstrate the difference between their characters. Kenzi is ready to believe that someone would want to runaway, while Bo sympathizes with Gina’s mom because of her own search for lost family.
  • We like Gina’s mom a lot. And we liked that Gina seemed to come from more of a working or middle-class family, given Wayne’s later comment about enjoying seeing the privileged college students die.
  • Wayne is vile, but kudos to the actor. He does a great job playing him as both evil and just odd earlier in the episode.
  • Impressive creature makeup on the kappa!
  • Bo looks super foxy in her security guard t-shirt.
  • Dean Peretti seems to snap out of Bo’s effect on her pretty quickly. Did the adrenaline rush of someone walking in dissipate the effect faster?
  • What was up with Dean Peretti’s hairdo?

Bo as security in Oh Kappa, My Kappa

Dyson & Trick

  • Kevin found it concerning how easily Dyson was influenced by Trick here. Even knowing that Dyson had sworn his fealty to Trick, it’s disappointing that Trick is able to dissuade him from following his feelings when it comes to Bo.
  • Trick did have a good point about the fact that Dyson was hiding information from Bo, which she might react badly to finding out.
  • Upon rewatch, it’s easy to think that when Trick references Fae who have switched sides for revenge that he is talking about Aife.
  • Why was Trick so against Dyson having a relationship with Bo? Did, “Hey, buddy! That’s my granddaughter!” factor into it?
  • Kevin thinks that Trick might have been suspicious of being too trusting of Bo because of her refusal to ally with the Light or Dark.
  • Trick may have also considered the possibility that Bo might be lying, that she might know exactly who her parents were and was there to get revenge on Trick for Aife.

Bo and Dyson in Oh Kappa, My Kappa

Bo & Dyson

  • Stephanie remembers being really crushed by the first viewing of this episode. Bo and Dyson are so cute together at the beginning of this episode, but then Dyson has to go and be a jerk.
  • Dyson severs his relationship with Bo in such a cruel way. Kevin thinks that Dyson might have chosen one of the meanest ways to do it because he got cold feet about how much he already cared for Bo. Dyson also might have wanted to make sure that it would be effective.
  • We appreciate that when Dyson tried to pretend like he and Bo had talked about their relationship not being exclusive Bo calls him out on it. She is very strong but not mean or rude, and she doesn’t slink away feeling like she did something wrong when she didn’t.
  • Bo and Dyson’s relationship really feels like a first love or at least a first romance. Because Bo has accidentally killed all her previous lovers, this relationship is her first real shot at a romance. Bo mentions feeling like a teenager again to Kenzi.

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  1. The real travesty of Lost Girl is that Bo only wore that outfit once, and that there’s no poster to buy of it.

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