1×04 “Faetal Attraction” — Episode 107

Bo with skulls in Faetal Attraction

When Bo is asked by another Fae to kill a human, she puts herself in the path of an angry Fury to save her intended victim. Bo also faces rejection for the first time after what happened between her and Dyson, who isn’t feeling very good in its wake either.

General Thoughts

  • Annie: I like all the fight scenes. And Lauren in that jacket! And the Doccubus flirting!
  • Kris: Solid episode. I really appreciate that I didn’t have it figured out mid-way through the episode.
  • Stephanie: SEXY! Even though I should have seen it coming from the title, I didn’t expect the Jenny twist. I like that there’s no real innocent in this episode.

What We Noticed

  • Jenny had A LOT of skulls! How did she evade the police for so long?
  • No “two days earlier” card when the episode jumps back in time
  • How does Kenzi’s popsicle not melt all over her hand?
  • What kind of car is that that Bo destroys?
  • Also, how did Kenzi know where to find that car?

Bo waking up Kenzi in Faetal Attraction

Things That Made Us Happy

  • Break-up bootcamp
  • Bo in a bedsheet eating an apple
  • “I didn’t kill my husband. I ATE HIS BRAINS WITH A TARRAGON SAUCE BUT HE DID NOT DIE!!!”
  • Cute Bo & Kenzi moments (“Just one drink….Maybe two.” Bo kisses Kenzi on the cheek, Bo scares Kenzi awake)
  • Olivia and her sisters (FURY US license plate)
  • Hale singing Olivia into the police car
  • Doccubus flirting at the bar
  • Lauren in that leather jacket

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