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Lost Girl at Dragon Con 2015 Preview

August 11, 2015 by Drinks at The Dal

Lost Girl cast at Dragon Con promo

Image credit: Cindy B.

We discuss the Lost Girl events at Dragon Con 2015, including the fact that ANNA SILK IS GOING TO BE THERE. We also answer questions that new con goers often have and offer our tips for attending Dragon Con.

This episode is the audio from a live stream. You can watch the video of the live stream if you prefer.

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  1. DCnewb says:

    Thank you guys so much for doing this! This will be my first Dragon Con and only my second con. Although I’m expecting this one to be much bigger than the local one I went to. You pretty much answered every question I had and I feel much more prepared instead of freaking out lol. Also, the Dragon Con app is a lifesaver already. Stephanie I think you mentioned that Cindy was at least wearing a dark shirt in the photo-op. I did want to know, should we wear a darker shirt? The backgrounds always look like they are pretty dark so I figured even a white shirt would be okay. Any tips in that regard?

    PS I will absolutely be going to your live podcast. Maybe in my pajamas hehe. I’m sure you guys will do great. Oh! And I might be one of those people that comes up to guys and says “Hey it’s you!” 😀

  2. Lisa says:

    I have checked the tenative schedule but I can’t find the time for the photo op with Lost Girl cast for Friday. I know where to go but I don’t see a block of time set aside. Any tips or help on this?

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