1×05 “Dead Lucky” — Episode 108

Bo and Kenzi in wig in Dead Lucky

Bo is asked by a powerful Dark Fae bookie to figure out how a human cheated him out of some money. In exchange, he offers Bo a chance to meet with an Oracle who could reveal important information about Bo’s past. Bo and Dyson try to negotiate a friends with benefits relationship, and Kenzi struggles to feel like she belongs in the Fae world at Bo’s side.

General Thoughts

  • Annie: Even though it has no Lauren, it’s a pretty good episode. I like Mayer a lot, and it has the introduction of Cassie.
  • Kris: I think this might be the first episode I found genuinely upsetting.
  • Stephanie: Fun Fae-of-the-week episode with great guest stars and high joke density

What We Noticed

  • Lots of nut shots in this episode
  • Flashback to Bo realizing she is a succubus makes us sad for young Bo
  • Dyson looking worse for the wear because of sexytimes with Bo
  • Dyson really encourages Bo to be who/what she is (a succubus) and not hold back anymore
  • Jesper is SO GROSS

Cassie in Dead Lucky

Things That Made Us Happy

  • Mayer (of course)
  • Cassie (of course)
  • “Did my troll get out?”
  • Bo & Dyson establishing terms to their arrangement
  • Kenzi telling off Dyson at the police station
  • Eddie dancing around in the blonde’s body (with caveats)
  • Bo & Kenzi Alias-ing it up and going undercover

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2 Replies to “1×05 “Dead Lucky” — Episode 108

  1. Stephanie mentioned how this episode clearly shows that Bo feeding from Dyson so much is draining him but that it seems to get dropped in later season. When I thought about it, Bo doesn’t sleep with Dyson in s2, she sleeps with him once in s3 (304), and then when she sleeps with him in s4 it is post Bo’s Dawning, which seems to have given her a lot more control over her powers and lessened her hunger. Sucubae really aren’t meant to feed from a single source, whether it be human or Fae, though since her re-birth it doesn’t appear to bother Tamsin too much (though she is a super powerful Fae in her last life).

    It was interesting to hear your perspective on Dyson encouraging Bo to take what she needed of his chi. While it was very supportive, in the past I’ve also thought it was maybe a bit manipulative. When Bo asks for Lauren’s contact information to get her help with controlling her powers, Dyson suggests there are other ways to manage her hunger (aka, have sex with Dyson). I’ve found it a bit ironic that it was a human who helped Bo learn to control her powers, which gives her freedom to feed from basically anyone, rather than the Fae who should have taught her control if she had grown up amongst them. In fact, Dyson is rather put out at the end of 106 when Bo joyfully pronounces she has gained enough control to feed from humans. While Dyson is certainly concerned about Bo sleeping with Lauren (even though he’s the one who told Bo he didn’t want a relationship), I think he generally doesn’t want Bo sleeping or feeding off anyone else at this point. Rather than being happy for Bo that she doesn’t have to kill anymore, he’s sour because it means she could feed elsewhere.

    It’s been really interesting to watch this story arc with Dyson and Bo over the seasons, and how Dyson seems to have come to terms with Bo being a succubus, even telling Tamsin there will always be other people. While I dislike that Bo uses Dyson (and Tamsin) for sex even when she knows that he’s still in love with her and her feelings for him appear to have changed, I appreciate that Dyson loves her and wants to give her what she needs even if he doesn’t get what he wants. It’s a big change from the exchange at the beginning of 108 where he tells Bo she needs to take care of her own healing because he’s miffed about her being close with Lauren. Speaking of which, I’ve always thought it was a tad odd that Dyson felt so threatened by Lauren; I wouldn’t have thought he’d have viewed a human as competition since the Fae are so arrogant.

    Glad y’all are going back and doing podcasts for some of the earlier episodes even if they are a lot shorter 😉

    1. I have trouble thinking of Dyson as manipulative by encouraging Bo to take what she needs from him sexually. I think it’s just a difference in perspective, and it’s a difference that defines Bo’s choice between Dyson and Lauren as partners. Lauren is human, and she can solve things through science, so she offers Bo a way to control her hunger and feeding through those means, which Bo is more comfortable with in the beginning because of her track record of accidentally killing people. Dyson is Fae so he is an advocate for Bo to embrace her Fae nature, and he feels confident that he can keep Bo from killing him when they have sex. Personally, I think Bo benefited from both of those perspectives as she learned about her abilities throughout Season 1.

      When I mentioned that sex with Bo taking a toll on Dyson seemed to get lost in later seasons, I had in mind when Vex tells Lauren that she can’t keep up with Bo while Dyson could in “Confaegion,” which was pre-Dawning. (But Vex is a troublemaker, so as a viewer I could chalk that up to him just wanting to stir the pot a bit.) Because Bo hasn’t been in a monogamous relationship with anyone since Lauren, it’s hard to say how the Dawning might have affected her in that regard. She does seem to have more control over her abilities, but I suspect any partner of Bo’s would become overly taxed if they were the ONLY partner of Bo’s for an extended period of time.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the Season 1 episode discussions!

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