Stream the Season 5B Premiere Starting August 21

5x09 Streaming Announcement

Showcase has announced that it will be streaming the first episode of Lost Girl‘s Season 5B, “44 Minutes to Save the World,” before its scheduled air date. From August 21 until September 3, the episode will be available to watch through Showcase’s website as well as other platforms, such as and See Showcase’s announcement for a full list of the platforms. Watch the episode on YouTube below.

Those attending FanExpo also have an opportunity to see the second episode of Season 5B, as Showcase is calling the second half of Lost Girl‘s Season 5, before it airs. Showcase will screen Episode 2 on Saturday, September 5 at the convention.

The early release of these two episodes does not seem to affect when Season 5B will air on the Showcase channel. As was announced previously, Season 5B will begin airing on September 6.

In regards to the podcast, we decided to release our episode discussions as the episodes air on Showcase. Therefore, our first discussion will be released on or after September 6.

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2 Replies to “Stream the Season 5B Premiere Starting August 21

  1. I watched S5E09 today on, and I can confirm that you will have things to say about it. I can’t wait to hear your DATD episode about this episode. I think we will have a ride during these last 8 eps. —Annie, I’m sure you’ve already seen it, but I do hope you’re alright.

  2. OMFG the last 2 minutes! Awesome share. Glad I just happened to check here to see what’s up. Not sure if seeing the ep early actually eased the wait time or made it harder since S05e10 is now that much further away. Looking forward to following DATD in Sept!

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