Shot: 5×09 “44 Minutes to Save the World” First Impressions — Episode 109

Bo in 44 Minutes to Save the World

We share our first impressions and what made us happy in “44 Minutes to Save the World,” including Tamsin casting doubt, Bo being Bo, and Doccubus being together.

First Impressions

  • Annie: I loved it!!! SO MUCH DOCCUBUS GOODNESS!!! I’m glad they moved the story forward a bit more with the Ancients and Hades, since there’s so many new characters this season – the story needs to be written a bit tighter to wrap things up. Will Zee and Hera still be around? Where is the story with Bo’s father going? Who is telling the truth about Aife?
  • Kris: It was okay. I’m glad the story with Hades progressed as much as it did. I’m a bit perplexed about where they’re going with this Greek gods angle, but I guess we’ll see. I’m hesitant about some of the plot developments in the episode/season, but there are ways the writers can handle them that would be interesting to me.
  • Stephanie: This episode was okay. I thought there were some good scenes here and there, and Bo and Lauren were cute, especially at the end. But I thought it lacked urgency given the world was supposedly ending, and I continue to be confused and underwhelmed by the overly complicated storyline they’re going for with Bo’s father.

What Made Annie Happy

  • Lauren and Dyson in the first lab scene — love the bromance!
  • Lauren in the lab coat, Lauren trying to take care of Bo’s hand even if she can’t touch her, Lauren reassuring Bo about all the people she’s saved, Lauren, Lauren, Lauren!!!
  • DOCCUBUS BACK TOGETHER!!! Holding hands!
  • The last shot of Lauren sucking chi — holy fishsticks!!!

Tamsin Dyson and Lauren in 44 Minutes to Save the World

What Made Kris Happy

  • “Guys, I’m kinda over this. And my hands hurt.”
  • Alicia didn’t die! There was a moment there that I was sure she would. Thanks for not going there, show!
  • Bo bein’ Bo. I’ve missed her and didn’t realize how much until now.
  • “So I guess that means no ‘talk to the hand’ jokes?”

What Made Stephanie Happy

  • Amanda Walsh! continues to be quite the presence on the show. “You know, I’ve never met a high cheekbone I didn’t like, but I gotta say that is not a great look on you.”
  • Tamsin calling Lauren “Lewis”
  • Tamsin causing Hera and then Zee to doubt, even though she couldn’t use Valkyrie face on them
  • Dyson comforting Alicia

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14 Replies to “Shot: 5×09 “44 Minutes to Save the World” First Impressions — Episode 109

  1. Things that made me happy. 1. Tamsin asking, “Can we kill him?” 2. Bo finally getting the chance to express her anger at her father. 3. Bo and Lauren being back together.

    I think everything about Hades has been misdirection and meant to confuse. Also, I think Lauren figuring out how to give herself fae powers so early in the second half of season 5 was a big surprise and probably means it’s going to cause a lot of trouble.

    1. But I don’t think the Bo’s father stuff needed to be quite as confusing as it has been. I mean, Rainer? Could’ve skipped that red herring. 🙂

      I honestly have no idea where they’re going to go with Lauren’s powers. Could be trouble, but maybe not. I’m waiting to see where they go with it.

  2. I gotta say, Stephanie… I agree with you on Lauren’s wardrobe of the night walk with Bo. I loved that green jacket on her. My favorite moments… All Lauren scenes… She had such great stuff on this episode. I also liked Tamsin’s scenes on this episode. 🙂

  3. It was a pretty amazing episode, but it could just be from the Lost Girl withdrawal.

    I find it quite fitting that 1.08, the original pilot and then this episode correlate. Hades told a major lie right off the bat that he is the one that saved Bo and gave her to the humans. This goes against what both Lou Ann and Trick said in 1.09 about Aife. And even if we didn’t see Season 2, 3 or 4, we still would’ve got this despite it being so long ago for it was such an epic moment. And this also gives Bo a great opportunity to find out who is telling the truth and find Aife (if she isn’t dead) without any fae dungeon mental disability going on or the book of blood taking on someone else’s bias perspective.

    It also wouldn’t hurt to find out how Aife and Hades met. There is an A/dark fae dungeon, there is a C/Tartarus dungeon, but there is no B. So how did she exactly wind up in the underworld, just look at Bo, she climbed a mountain, and like Hades said he was locked in the box/Tartarus so it isn’t exactly like he could roam around and meet Aife and have a meet cute.

    I just have a lot of questions and with the way the writing is speeding up, I feel they can accomplish the answers in time. Like where is Baba Yaga’s hand? LOL I’m joking

    As for Hades… Season 5 started off with the candle being lit to return the ancients/gods back to earth to release Nix (I think that’s how you spell it, I’m probably wrong though). Clearly Hades purposely gave this to Persephone, but because Zeus had the shield and Hades was immune neither of them would die. So who was the true baddy?

    I had a handful of issues, a major one being the mark of Hades. If the mark could heal Mark, then technically despite the 7 days should’ve been at least able to do something to Rainer. And if it didn’t fade on Rainer, like it showed not a moment before his death, then most likely Rainer was Bo’s brother… Yeah just horrible writing, however I applaud the attempt, but there is no writer that can recover from Rainer…

    I also feel the science talk was unnecessary. I’m basically saying she could have Trick’d out her speech a little more, this is a fantasy show after all and would have given less cause for the LG science squad to go bananas.

    Alicia… I get that you guys like her but doesn’t this girl have family or friends? Honestly, get a life, she is wasting valuable screen time and what is Dyson going to do honestly? Bang her too. It’s very unnecessary, they could’ve told her to hide in a bush then come back once Hera was normal again, done.

    My biggest issue. No Kenzi, no Vex, no Morrigan. There is very little time and I don’t want this time being wasted of Mark horribly acting out bed sores.

    So I’m going to leave it at that for right now before this becomes long… which it probably already is…


  4. I’m surprised Stephanie and Kris were so calm about the Lauren chi-suck at the end. My eyes went super wide and I cannot wait to see where they’re going with this.

    I find it hilarious that Annie needed this episode to confirm that Doccubus were back on, but I guess that’s what happens when the writers have a history of not following through on storylines.

    I thought the pacing was a bit slow but I did like the performances of all the actors playing Hades and the Ancients. Problem is, we still have no clue what they’re all up to and the clock is furiously ticking. I agree with Stephanie on the lack of urgency.

    How do I get Mark off my screen? He’s just so annoying and useless to the story. And looking back, I’m wondering if it was even necessary to have Bo sleep with him. Unless there are consequences later? But we’re running out of time, darn it! The consequences should come now, if there are any.

    I like Alycia. I think she and Dyson make a great match.

    I really enjoyed that brief scene with Lauren, Dyson and Tamsin at the hospital. They had good chemistry. We need to see more of this trio, hanging out or solving a case or something.

    I love seeing Doccubus together. They’ve been through the wringer for so long and they deserve some happiness now. I was recently listening to an old episode where Melanie said Dyson was a power player in the triangle in seasons 1 and 2, but after a quick rewatch, I think Lauren held the upper hand from the second half of S2 onwards. Anyway I’m just glad the triangle is buried, if only because there are a ton of other stories to wrap up.

    Finally I just don’t see how things can be resolved in a satisfying way in the next 7 episodes. Seems like there are still so many plot lines hanging.

    1. I think Kris and I are saving our comments about the last scene for the long discussion. I was definitely not calm about it.

  5. I know Lauren is a genius but her fountain of youth formula as Hades called it was still in development on the board, so are they asking us to believe that Lauren put the hint from Hades in the formula and used it on herself without testing it all within the space of a day.
    I go back to episode 1 of this season when Bo had the Helshoes on and Lauren told Bo to take her hand and that massive surge of energy before Bo disappeared. Could some of Bo’s power have been transferred to Lauren without her knowing and they kicked in when needed?.

    1. Good point. It’s quite possible. And the writer’s still need to explain the glowing hand and the weird symmetry between Bo’s feed with Persephone and Lauren’s ghost encounter. I say encounter because Lauren was quick to remind Bo it wasn’t sex.

  6. In all seriousness, what Kris said about missing the cast really resonates with me. I began feeling that “missing” during S3 with the introduction of Tamsin. That’s probably why I hate her character to this day. She detracted from the main cast, in my opinion. And, I don’t like how they’ve been so scattered since then. So, I hope (fingers crossed!) that these final 8 episodes will go overboard with all the original cast time and their bonding…. Because I know I’m going to miss them when they are finally, sadly gone for the TV lineup.

    1. I miss the show that was before the introduction of Tamsin. The heart of the show was gutted in S3 when relationships were broken up so Tamsin could run around with Bo, The promotion of the character at the expense of the cast that took this show worldwide brought uproar to the fandom. The show has bent over backwards to fit her in and she is still hoovering up screentime in S5. Still cant say what she has brought to this show we did not already have. I am a ZP but I never forgot the star of this show is Anna Silk the powers that be did and still do and it has been to the detriment of the show

  7. I’m sure there will be a lot more to comment on when you guys do the long discussion. I will say now though, was anyone else a little annoyed that everyone kept finishing each other’s sentences in the scene where Bo first confronted Hades at the lab? No? Just me? mmkay…

  8. I was just reading about episode 9….hmmmm sounds good,and that ending? WTF?!!! Yeah, totally spoiled myself. 🙂



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