5×09 “44 Minutes to Save the World” — Episode 110

Dyson Hades and Lauren in 44 Minutes to Save the World

With Nyx released and threatening to end the world, Bo needs to find Iris, and she reluctantly accepts her father’s assistance. Meanwhile, Tamsin is held captive by Zee and Hera, and she uses the opportunity to learn more about the Ancients’ weaknesses.

Bo, Hades & Nyx

  • Stephanie was worried they were going to make us wait even longer when nothing seemed to happen after the box opened.
  • Kris is a little surprised the Hades story progressed as much as it did.
  • What do you think of Eric Roberts? We’re liking him a lot!
  • The confrontation between Bo, Iris, and Hades didn’t work for Stephanie. And they killed the Black character again. Grr!
  • Bo confronted her father about his bad actions.
  • Is Bo’s father telling the truth? It seems unlikely, but maybe he is? Aife isn’t exactly the most trustworthy person either.
  • Bo said that Pyrippus’s actions in “Dark Horse” were her father’s, which again has us confused about the name switch.
  • Hades says a few times in this episode that only Bo can use the box, so what did Bo’s dream of Lauren turning the handle on the box mean?

Dyson, Mark & Alicia

  • There was fairly minimal Mark in this episode. (Yay!) But he survived. (Boo! Kidding. Kind of.)
  • We really like Lisa Ramos as Alicia, as you’ve probably figured out. She’s gorgeous and is great in these scenes with Kris Holden-Ried.
  • Dyson is going to have to tell Alicia the truth soon, right?


  • Why didn’t Trick’s blood-writing work? Because he was trying to influence the Ancients?
  • How handy that Trick had a special visual aid just for a Nyx attack!
  • We were surprised Trick was willing to give up the shield for Tamsin.

Bo and Lauren in lab in 44 Minutes to Save the World

Tamsin, Zee & Hera

  • Tamsin is sassy and snarky even when tied to a chair, which is not surprising.
  • What’s up with Zee zapping Hera? That seems like a bad plan. Especially with having Tamsin take him away. Unless that’s part of an elaborate plan???
  • Tamsin was confrontational with Dyson about not coming to help her. (Is there hope for Wolfyrie?)
  • Stephanie felt sorry for Tamsin at the end. She bragged to Zee that she wouldn’t be alone at the end of the world, but then neither Lauren nor Dyson would have a drink with her.


  • How TV was that last scene? (SOOOO TV)
  • So, Lauren’s been working on a “fountain of youth” genetic science project. How long do we think she’s been working on it? Is it part of “re-Fae-ing” Evony? How did she complete it so quickly after getting that last crucial piece from Hades?
  • Or is that what happened? It sounds like Lauren was working on extending her life, not necessarily becoming Fae. Why does she seem to have Fae powers at the end then?
  • Stephanie and Kris aren’t thrilled with the idea of Lauren being human. (Annie is excited about the possible succubus-on-succubus Doccubus sex.) But they’re waiting to see how it plays out. There was a fakeout with Kenzi after all.
  • It was a heck of a cliffhanger though. We think it would have made a better ending to the first half of the season.

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7 Replies to “5×09 “44 Minutes to Save the World” — Episode 110

  1. I sent you a tweet while listening to the podcast, but I have some thoughts beyond 140 characters, and finally paid attention to the best way to comment. Try not to let the fact that it took me 109 episodes to figure that out color your assessment of my comment too much.

    So anyway, as Annie (and Lauren) said Lauren loves Bo Dennis (sorry Stephanie.) While that obviously factors into her efforts to extend her life, I really think that Lauren wants to save Bo from the pain of having her worst fear come true. Bo has repeatedly mentioned that she’s terrified of ending up all alone. She even had that dream, that really upset her, where she sees herself in her old age age, alone and lamenting how lonely she is. Lauren has essentially promised Bo that she’ll never be alone. Ignoring the fact that no one can really promise that, the only way Lauren would even have a shot at it is if she could extend her life.

    As you guys did, I noted that Hades commented that Lauren was trying to find the formula for the ‘fountain of youth.’ I don’t think that Lauren wants to be fae, or she would have fae’d herself sooner. I don’t want her to be fae either, but oddly, no one on the show consulted me about that. Lauren’s humanity is the necessary conflict that drama requires, but it’s also what makes her more extraordinary than the fae. She can hang with the best of them, and is fearless when she has far more reason to be scared than any of them.

    All that said, I’m a little haunted by Emily Andras’ Bomeo and Lewisette comment. It may have just been a joking reference, because Andras, but I fear a star-crossed, tragic ending a la Romisette (or Juleo, whichever you prefer.) The show will end how it ends, obviously, but I (every other Doccubus fan, and of course Annie) would like a happy Doccubus ending. Given the promo troll – “is there really such a thing as a happy ending?” I’m not holding my breath. I’ve always believed that Bo would end up with Lauren since the story the show has consistently told has seemed to telegraph that. Happily ever after *together* is a whole other thing though. I’ve tucked tissues into my thigh scabbard should the show choose to crush Doccubus lover’s hearts, but the hopeless romantic in me, well, you know… hopes they won’t.

    As always, I enjoyed the podcast, especially the play by play commentary while watching the episode. Thanks.

    P.S. Trick is shady yo. Bad shady.

    1. I wouldn’t take Andras’s Romeo and Juliette comparison too seriously. It’s become shorthand for star crossed lovers, not all of whom meet a terrible death.

  2. What can I say other than this was typical LG, rushed, no sense of urgency to the end of the world, wasting time on pointless characters, underwhelming cliffhangers. Even with that it was a fine episode. Doccubus is together, Dyson is doing something other than tell everyone how much he loves Bo (thank god) & Tamsin was barely in it. Its kind of hard to be objective to this episode after seeing 510 but at least an objective writer wrote this & didnt pull their character biases out in the writing

  3. Live commentary is the next level of hilariousness!
    I usually listen to your podcast during my long (moto)way to my second office but today I listend to it during my way through the very crowded streets of Berlin.Laughing, teary-eyed – I missed the green light and a lot of car horns hooted at me..
    But thank you anyway. Besides that I know now a few details I didn´t get yet. (hopefully Showcase will put the extended version with english subtitels on their website).

    I found this Iris/Nyx topic a bit far-fetched and I´m really afraid of the aftereffects of Lauren´s whatever-she-did-to-herself .. for the storyline at all and especially for the ending of Lost Girl. (But may be only because I´m kind a of a Cassandra)

    Thanks (for podcasts, pics from the con and Stephanie for the height difference question 😉

  4. It was great meeting you guys at DC! Annie, sorry I missed you!

    I really like Eric Roberts as Hades. I have this feeling he’s not lying to Bo, but he is manipulating her if that makes sense. I’m with Annie regarding Lauren. Her humanity lies in who she is not her DNA. Kind of like Bo. Even though she’s fae she has humanity others don’t. So I just want Lauren and Bo to have the happy ending after everything they’ve been through lol. I understand the perception about it possibly portraying fae being better, but I think it will be made more clear that Lauren just wanted a longer life, not that she wanted to be fae because they are superior or she feels they are better. I agree it was great if not cruel cliffhanger lol. The live recap was fun. Glad you guys did it. 🙂

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