Shot: 5×10 “Like Father, Like Daughter” First Impressions — Episode 111

Bo and lasers in Like Father, Like Daughter

We share our first impressions and what made us happy in “Like Father, Like Daughter.” Our in depth discussion of the episode will be available this weekend.

Quick Reviews

  • Annie: This was an okay episode. I really thought this episode would pick up immediately after 5×09 ended and was disappointed when it didn’t. Although there were scenes I enjoyed, overall I feel the story was completely fragmented between too many characters and subplots. Lauren’s powers, Kenzi returning, Hale’s grandfather, Persephone, Mark, Alicia, Hades, the gang trying to get rid of Zee and on and on! And why does Kenzi have to leave again? AND WHY WAS THERE NO DOCCUBUS SHOWER SEX??! Or any Doccubus sex for that matter! In bed, on the counter, in the lab – I’ll take it any way we get it!
  • Stephanie: This episode felt like ten pounds of story in a two pound bag. All these little threads needed way more room to breathe. But it was great to have Kenzi back, if just for an episode, and great to see her and Bo teaming up again. And, yeah, it’s weird that Bo and Lauren have been back together for two episodes, and yet they haven’t even kissed.

Bo and Lauren hug in Like Father, Like Daughter

What Made Annie Happy

  • Lauren discovering more about her powers with Vex and using them in the confrontation with Zee
  • Kenzi undercover as a guide in the museum — I had to rewind several times, I was laughing so hard at Kenzi’s “analysis” of the painting! How I’ve missed Kenzi!
  • Bo being concerned for Lauren, even if Lauren wants her powers — I <3 protective Bo!
  • The scene with Bo and the curator, Suri Middleton, played by Oluniké Adeliyi

What Made Stephanie Happy

  • Bo being concerned about Lauren’s abilities — Bo is me!
  • Bo and Dyson on stakeout, talking with each other, being friends (Yay for friends!)
  • Trick being uncomfortable with thinly veiled references to Bo’s stuff

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3 Replies to “Shot: 5×10 “Like Father, Like Daughter” First Impressions — Episode 111

  1. Funny… I kind of feel the same as Annie… This episode was a bit of a let down. I was hoping for more Doccubus talk, kisses, loving scenes… I know most couples don’t kiss each other every second of every day but I was hoping for some kisses or something… I loved that Kenzi was back and didn’t like that she left again… but I know she will be back because the crack shack is still standing and she is with the gang when it gets burned down and broken up… like I’ve seen in the promos. I’ve found the more I watch the episode, the more I can see that Jack Hades (Bo’s BF) is going to be severely evil in the end… and I don’t really like that… I like to think we can all change and at some point we can be redeemed… 🙂 But I loved Jack Hades interaction between Lauren and Kenzi… it shows me that he totally knows who is Bo’s weaknesses. And I now saw who’s power Lauren will be channeling when her hand glows from the SyFy promo photo… But really… what is Hades power? We know that Zeus can channel lightning but what can Hades channel?

  2. I’m with Annie. For a show that built it’s reputation on a sexy succubus with an very visible sex life, things have become dull around the succubus.

    But the people who watch on SyFy can take heart in knowing that none of the sexy stuff in ep. 9 or 10 will get snipped out due to time constraints.

  3. I have to say a show that always had an aspect of sex to it sure lacks it this season. Bo dresses really conservatively which is rather bizarre considering S4 AS had just had a baby & the show never tried to hide the changes with Bos wardrobe. Not to mention Bo & Lauren have been back together two episodes and all theyve done is hug. In regards to the episode there was alot of plot threads that needed more screentime. The lack of Tamsin is refreshing but once again LG is setting Lauren up to look stupid yet again by having Hades play her like a fiddle likely right up to her death conveniently leaving Bo to go back to Dyson in 516

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