5×10 “Like Father, Like Daughter” — Episode 112

Bo and Kenzi hug in Like Father, Like Daughter

Kenzi comes back in town to tell Bo about a painting that could banish the Ancients, and they team up to infiltrate a museum where the painting is being stored. Meanwhile, Lauren is trying to figure out how she survived the car crash, and Dyson must deal with Alicia coming closer to the truth about him and her husband.

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The Painting

  • Stephanie is still a little confused about the painting but fine. There’s a box. Everyone wants the box. And the museum caper had some fun stuff.
  • Persephone flew into the picture again, seeming to be someone Bo can trust. But can she be trusted? Is that the last we’ve seen of Perps?
  • That was a terrible plan, y’all. We’ll chalk it up to Bo and Kenzi being rusty.
  • Why did Jack help Zee? Or did he change the song just to protect himself? Something is beginning. (Again!)
  • Zee is afraid of Jack, which is very, very worrying.
  • We get a glimpse of the Papaya Horse (Pyrippus!) painting.

Kenzi as guide in Like Father, Like Daughter


  • Great to see you, Kenzi! But please don’t use the phrase “tingle flower” ever again.
  • While it was great to see Kenzi again, Stephanie wishes that they hadn’t brought her back just to send her away again.
  • Annie thinks Bo sending Kenzi away was slightly out of character — wouldn’t she want her best friend around to help fight the threat of Hades/The Ancients? Stephanie and Kris point out that since Kenzi did just die for Bo that we can definitely see her being very protective.
  • We got a nice Benzi moment, but there was so much stuff going on in this episode there wasn’t enough Benzi stuff. Even though technically Bo and Kenzi had teamed up on the mission, Kenzi had several scenes by herself.
  • Kenzi, you gotta stick around and fix this mess between Bo and Tamsin.


  • Interesting choice not to pick up where “44 Minutes to Save the World” left off — but why?
  • “Applying the benign virus” that Jack suggested seemed to be what changed Lauren, so she wasn’t trying to make herself Fae.
  • Lauren seems to be something in between human and Fae, and somewhat naive to trust Jack’s assessment that she is fine.
  • Bo asking who checked her & Lauren saying it doesn’t matter – YES, IT DOES, LAUREN!
  • Bo seems very concerned about Lauren, and so are we.

Dyson and Alicia in Like Father, Like Daughter

Dyson & Alicia

  • Shut up, Mark.
  • Kris may have called both Dyson and Mark “dumbasses” for being so careless with the red file folder of secrets.
  • Okay, fine. Alicia deserved to know the truth and not be lied to anymore, but Mark is still annoying.
  • Dyson claimed Alicia? We were not expecting that! What does this mean? It was interesting to see how far Dyson has come in his attitude toward humans since the beginning of the series.
  • Are the writers heading for a Dyson/Alicia thing? It seemed like it, but Stephanie isn’t sure now that they’ve made clear that Kevin Brown is still alive inside of Hera.

Stray Thoughts

  • “He’s contained.” “So was Hannibal Lecter. Didn’t last.”
  • HADES IS NOT THE DEVIL. (In mythology)
  • The clubhouse has sheer curtains! Bo really is trying to make it homier.
  • Wouldn’t Kenzi have introduced Hale’s grandfather as Hale’s grandfather from the get-go? That was a little strange.
  • Stephanie can’t decide if she likes Bo’s “box step” line to Persephone or if it squicks her out. Probably both.

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One Reply to “5×10 “Like Father, Like Daughter” — Episode 112”

  1. There were some fun moments in this episode (Kenzi returning, Bo doing the laser scene) but in general the plot was full of holes and WTH moments.

    Here is my take on the painting: There was a painting called The Vanishing that contained the first song that, when sung (presumably by a siren) would make an ancient disappear. Hades used this song to vanish Zeus, Hera, and Iris. At some point, Hades changed the song on the painting (switched paintings? changed the painting itself?) so that the song on the painting Bo stole does not actually vanish an ancient (though it did make Zee disappear). When chatting with Zee, Hades made it sound like he still has the original song but that he does not yet wish to use it on Zee.

    What is also unclear is whether it was actually Zee’s people who went to Kenzi’s castillo in Spain or whether it was Hades (I know the gang assumes it was Zee but it could be part of Hades manipulation). If it was Zee, then was the plan to use it on Bo and Hades? If it was Hades, was it a ploy to see if Bo would use it on him? Hades is a master manipulator and seems to know what people will do when presented with various situations, which he has been using since the beginning to move towards his ultimate goal—whatever that is (“what do all men with power want? more power” the Oracle in The Matrix).

    The writers tried to fit so many storylines into this episode and included some things that made no sense but they did it so they could further a particular plot point. Exhibit A: Bo won’t let Kenzi steal the painting even though she is a shadow thief because Bo thinks Zee is after it and doesn’t want to put Kenzi in danger. Yet, when Bo goes to have a showdown with Zee, she takes the most powerful Fae she knows…wait, no she doesn’t, instead she takes both Kenzi and Lauren with her. Whaaaat? Lauren needs to be there for “plot development” but it doesn’t actually make sense that Bo would take either of them. But they only wanted Tamsin in the story for 90sec (why did they even both? so she could mention Valkyrie High and slink off embarrassed when Kenzi brought up the Triangle?) and Dyson was busy with his son and human problem. Sigh…

    Exhibit B: Bo stole the painting, frame and all. I realize it’s because if she had taken it out of the frame she would have known there was a second painting with the Pyrripus, but she seriously walked out the front door with a framed painting tucked under her arm? Are the security guards germaphobes too?

    Exhibit C: If the painting requires a siren, and Heathcliff is the first siren, then did he sing the song to vanish the ancients for Hades? Does it really require a siren, or is that the story Hades told? Speaking of Heathcliff Santiago, I’m trying to decide if he is Hale’s paternal or maternal grandfather. Since Hale’s last name is Santiago I would initially think paternal, except in 217 it was made clear that a) Hale’s father and sister had zero respect or liking of humans (Hale says he got his mother’s sensibilities re: humans) and b) Hale’s father was pretty nasty about his only son being a siren. Seems really odd if your father is also a siren unless you don’t get along, which I guess is possible, but Hale’s father’s ability was moving fast, not voice related like Hale and Val’s Fae powers, so I figured the kids got their powers from their mother’s side of the family. I’m wondering if Hale’s father married into the Santiago family and because they are rich and powerful he took their last name? I feel like I’m stretching for something to make sense because the writers don’t seem to know the story that has been told up to this point and that’s frustrating and sad.

    Exhibit D: How did Bo get back in touch with Persephone? Is there a dove signal on top of the crack shack? I think Persephone told Zee it was a trap because she wanted Zee to know she was betraying her.

    Exhibit E: We’re supposed to believe that Bo and Lauren didn’t talk about the chi-sucking incident, you know, after the incident? Really? I know Bo and Lauren avoid talking but that’s kind of unbelievable. If you’re going to do a time jump, at least have them have talked.

    Why hasn’t Bo tried using her chi-sucking abilities on any of the ancients? Jack says the song will work on her, too, so does that mean her Fae abilities will also work on ancients? Can she kill a Fae because she is a demi-ancient?

    If Lauren is Fae, wouldn’t Dyson be able to tell? He seems to be able to sniff out most Fae except the Kitsune (whose blood did test out as Fae). Can she feed Bo now? Would Bo even want to feed from Lauren? Lauren seemed OOC wrt her powers in this episode. I’m not sure if that is Lauren being corrupted by power or The Powers that she’s been given, or if she was written OOC for the episode. We’ll see how she’s written going forward, but Lauren jerking a patient around with her Mesmer powers isn’t like Lauren at all.

    Final thought: suspension of disbelief is not meant to be used to overlook plot holes and not knowing the history of your own show.

    PS: Does “Jack” come from Hades being the jack-in-the-box?

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