Season 5B: Wrapping Up Lost Girl — Episode 113

Drinks at the Dal live at Dragon Con

With Lost Girl sadly coming to a end, we discuss what we think might be headed our characters’ way as well as what we would like to see. This episode was recorded live at Dragon Con 2015.

Thank you to everyone who came to our live recording despite our terrible timeslot!

Check back soon for shownotes.

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2 Replies to “Season 5B: Wrapping Up Lost Girl — Episode 113

  1. Wow. Never really knew what you all looked like! Except Annie! I know her from our Xena Days. You are all a good looking bunch! It’s good to finally put faces to the voices I listen to at Drinks and at We Are Dangerous. 🙂

  2. Stephanie, I agree with your high fallutin’ concept that if Lauren needs to become Fae to be with Bo that it does take a socially non-normative relationship (Fae-Human) and try to make it more acceptable (Fae-Fae). For me the taboo of Fae-Human relationships has been a stand-in for our own society’s concerns with queer relationships so, to me, it would be de-queering (un-queering?) the relationship. Bo is Fae and that’s ok; it should also be ok that Lauren is human (and it is to Bo) because neither of them should need to fundamentally change who they are in order to be in a relationship. However, what we’ve seen in 512 is *spoiler* Lauren not being ok with it and I really hope that is something that gets resolved, not only because I like Bo and Lauren as a couple but because I’m not sure what the show’s message is meant to be if *that* is what keeps them apart.*end spoiler*

    Levi told Bo “yes, you love her. you wear her humanity like a shield.” Lauren’s humanity isn’t a weakness for Bo or their relationship, and it would be nice for Lauren to come to appreciate what her humanity brings to the table.

    In retrospect (post-514), it was interesting to listen to the discussion about the four idiots having a baby. Hmmmm…..

    Bo will always need to have multiple sexual partners (polyamory) but does that mean that she can’t choose to have a main relationship with Lauren. If Bo gets to choose the life she lives, then the picket fence and kids Bo mentions to Lauren in 108 has to be a possibility otherwise she is purely dictated by biology.

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