Shot: 5×11 “Sweet Valkyrie High” First Impressions — Episode 114

Evony Lauren and Bo in Sweet Valkyrie High

We share our first impressions and what made us happy in “Sweet Valkyrie High,” including smoochies, cinematography, and Linda Hamilton. Our in depth discussion of the episode will be available this weekend.

Quick Reviews

  • Kris: I enjoyed it! It’s a little ridiculous (in ways that make me happy), and there are some great moments between characters. Plus, I think this is the best use of Acacia so far.
  • Stephanie: I really enjoyed this episode. Like Kris, I love how Acacia was used here, and I thought that the subplot with The Morrigan was really terrific.
  • Annie: I thought it was good. It was cute seeing Rachel in Valkyrie High but some of the flashbacks were a little slow for me. Loved the Doccubus stuff and seeing a vulnerable Evony. And it was great to see Acacia back – always love the interaction between her and Tamsin.

Acacia Tamsin and Stacey in Sweet Valkyrie High

What Made Annie Happy

  • Doccubus kisses!!! Doccubus snogging on the couch! Lauren sucking Bo’s chi! Bo playing with Lauren’s hair! (But where’s my Doccubus sex?!?!?)
  • Stacey working at the burrito place – LMAO!!
  • Tamsin at first saying she’s going to lead Hades army but then saying that if Hades if going to go after her friends, he’ll have to go through her

What Made Kris Happy

  • Bo and Tamsin making up and apologizing!
  • Bo comforting Evony
  • The last scene between Tamsin and Acacia — I thought Rachel Skarsten and Linda Hamilton were great.

What Made Stephanie Happy

  • Cinematography — There were several shots that made me think, “Ooh! Pretty!” while watching this episode.
  • Linda Hamilton finally got something of a fight scene!
  • The exchange between Lauren and The Morrigan when she demands why Lauren didn’t turn her back when she had the chance

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3 Replies to “Shot: 5×11 “Sweet Valkyrie High” First Impressions — Episode 114

  1. I loved Linda Hamilton as a schoolmarm. That was fabulous. I also loved seeing Evony be human and show some emotion. I thought the reference to pillow talk discussions of smoothie flavors was hilarious.

  2. I liked this episode more for the Tamsin back story than anything else. But again if felt unnecessary… and if there is going to be unnecessary stuff… I’d rather it be concentrated on Doccubus… but it was written by Emily Andras and I think she likes Tamsin more than Lauren so she keeps writing episodes about the Valkyrie. I, like Annie, think my little Doccubus heart is going to get smashed to smithereens. 🙁

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