5×11 “Sweet Valkyrie High” — Episode 115

Tamsin with wings in Sweet Valkyrie High
Tamsin decides to try to help Bo get rid of her father, so she teams up with Stacey and follows a lead back to their old high school. Meanwhile, the Morrigan comes to Lauren with complaints about her health, and Lauren’s tests reveal a poor prognosis.

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2 shots Vanilla vodka
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Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into an Old Fashioned glass filled with ice.

Tamsin’s Backstory

  • Acacia as a sexy school marm? Yes, please.
  • It was great to see Acacia and Tamsin team up for a fight, holding Stacey back from joining in.
  • And how great was that heart-to-heart between them, right? So great.
  • Stephanie felt really uncomfortable about “teen” Tamsin in those really small pajama shorts.
  • Stephanie could have done with a little less flashback, but Stephanie really doesn’t like flashbacks so that might just be her.
  • Tamsin seemed to be the only one at Valkyrie school who inherently tapped into doubt powers. Why?
  • Why does this look like the ’50s or early ’60s? Is it the ’50s or early 60s? Isn’t Tamsin supposed to be pretty old? (Yes, it seems to be the beginning of the life Tamsin had when we’re introduced to her.)
  • Return of the Doubt Off, with thankfully more serious insecurities this time

Tamsin Acacia Stacey and Frejya in Sweet Valkyrie High

Repercussions of Tamsin’s Solo Mission

  • Freyja reveals that Hades chose the Underworld to build an army, which is what we’ve heard Bo say in SuperSuccubus mode.
  • Even though the Persimmon necklace (that’s not its name) didn’t send Hades to the Underworld, will it still be useful now that they have it?
  • This episode provided some clarity on what the writers were going for with the Bo/Tamsin relationship this season. I liked the conclusion pretty well, but it felt like what could have been a seasons-long character arc into one episode.
  • Reinforcement of the “nobody succeeds when they try to solve the problem by themselves” theme
  • While Stephanie was glad Jack wasn’t dumb enough to fall for Tamsin’s “I want to be your general” horrible lie, she does hope that there will be more a consequence of Tamsin’s solo mission and mastering of her doubt in this episode.

We Enjoyed This Episode But…

  • As a self-contained episode, this story with Tamsin was a fun way to spend 44 minutes. However, in the context of the season and even the series there were some issues Stephanie had with it.
  • A host of continuity problems were introduced, which isn’t a big deal to the average, casual viewer but do stick out for long-time fans. (We thought Tamsin was supposed to be much older, that she had known Acacia much longer, that a Valkyrie getting wings was reserved for her last life, etc.)
  • Having Tamsin as the only main character in the A plot stuck out, and it made Stephanie think back to our mid-season discussion about Bo not having a strong arc this season.

Bo and Lauren in Sweet Valkyrie High

Bo, Lauren, and Evony

  • Bo and Lauren were pretty cute this episode.
  • But why does Lauren keep changing the subject when Bo tries to talk to her about the conduit thing? Or her intentions with The Morrigan?
  • Awkwardness between Bo, Lauren, and Tamsin, but Tamsin wasn’t mean to Lauren! Yay! And Lauren offered her Rocky Toad cupcakes, which was a nice callback to Lauren baking when she’s stressed.
  • As we mentioned on the First Impressions episode, Kris and Stephanie like that there are repercussions for turning Evony human.
  • There’s also a commercial break when The Morrigan asks Lauren who she was testing her serum for, but we don’t see how Lauren responds.
  • The Morrigan is a BAD GUY. Why should we or Bo or Lauren feel bad for her? Bo is all about compassion. It’s part of what makes her the “good guy.” The story they’re telling might also be a bit of a learning experience for Evony. If she does regain power as The Morrigan, this could lead to better treatment of humans.

Jack Daddy

  • Eric Roberts continues to be a fantastic addition to the show.
  • His interactions with Evony and Tamsin were great. We loved him encouraging Evony that she’s the “goddamn Morrigan.”
  • The Morrigan also got off some good lines (“I thought you’d have a face like a foot. How’d you get so tan down there?”) and Bo’s discomfort at their potential flirting was pretty great.

Jack in Sweet Valkyrie High

Stray Thoughts

  • Tamsin went to Valkyrie school with Carol from Bomb Girls (Carlyn Burchell)! Makes sense: Carol was always the mean girl of the Victory Munitions office.
  • Evony looks GREAT.
  • “You have a french fry. In your hair.” Ha!
  • When is the Trick/Jack Daddy showdown happening???
  • If there were any Sweet Valley High references in this episode, they totally went over Stephanie’s head.

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2 Replies to “5×11 “Sweet Valkyrie High” — Episode 115

  1. Y’all covered a lot of the continuity errors that I had with this episode (which is a really fun episode) but one thing that occurred to me is that Tamsin had implied that she had been banned from Valhalla when she didn’t take Rainer’s soul in exchange for the extra lives from Trick. Tamsin tells Kenzi in 413 that now that she has Rainer’s soul she can return to Valhalla. So how was Tamsin at Valkyrie High in the 1950s? She didn’t return to high school for this last life (though she does disappear for several episodes in s4 to connect with other Valkyrie’s–however she did that).

    Like you, I felt like Acacia was trying to tell Tamsin that she would eventually remember who she is, including their past experiences together. I think Acacia picked Tamsin because she has shared experiences with her and knows how powerful Tamsin is. Also, a Valkyrie is mentioned in the prophecy surrounding Bo (which I kind of hate to even bring up) and maybe Acacia is aware of the prophecy.

    If Tamsin was a senior in Valkyrie High in the 1950s she would have been around 80 when she died in the truck crash. Tamsin said she had stubbornly been hanging on rather than dying so I’m wondering how long each Valkyrie life typically lasts? They looked like they were in medieval times in Tamsin’s original last life so she lived 6 lives from then (or whenever she died) until the last death so maybe each Valkyrie life is about the same as a long human life but without the aging?

    Lauren needs to learn not to be so secretive. Also, in 510 Lauren says she did the experiment to only extend her life, but in this episode she tells Evony she needed to test the serum to turn her Fae again before giving it to her, which makes it sound like she did know that it was a Fae serum. Those two statements seem contradictory so what is the truth? Something often hard to tell with Lauren. She had to fend for herself for so long working for the Fae and didn’t have anyone to lean on, but now she has family and she needs to let them in, particularly Bo. She always thinks she is protecting Bo but she’s not really.

    I agree with your caller that it amazes me how people forget all the wicked things that both Evony and Vex have done in the past. At least Vex has been given somewhat of a redemption arc than Evony, who has never seen to show any remorse or regret over any of her actions. That doesn’t mean that Bo and Lauren, as our “heroes” shouldn’t have compassion for Evony but she is not a warm, fuzzy puppy like so many people make her out to be. It would be great if having become human that Evony actually does have a chance for redemption. I think she meant it when she called Lauren her friend and I don’t think Evony has sincerely used that word very often.

    Also, is it just me or has Bo seemed more like her compassionate, loyal, kind self from S1 and S2 since getting back together with Lauren? At the end of the episode she tries to apologize to Tamsin and take some responsibility for what happened between them, and that was really great to see because she really screwed up that whole situation. I love that Tamsin decided to stay rather than run, though it almost seemed like Jack was egging her to stay which kind of worries me, but everything about Jack worries me. [edited for spoilers]

    PS Maybe the gang should ask Evony and Vex how they trapped Eros in a box ’cause that could come in handy with putting Jack back in a box.

    1. It’s a good point about Valhalla. While it doesn’t seem like the high school was in Valhalla, Tamsin being allowed to attend doesn’t seem to jive with her being banned for not delivering Rainer’s soul.

      I’m totally just fanwanking here, but maybe Lauren extending her life was just a first step to her ultimately turning herself Fae? I really wish the writers had made clear Lauren’s intentions with turning The Morrigan human in Season 4. I think it could have been an interesting arc if they had made it more explicit for longer, not just these past few episodes. Like I said, in the episode, I really don’t understand why Lauren wouldn’t talk to Bo about the fact that she wanted to explore that option because she wanted to be with Bo forever. I’ve said it before on the podcast, but I think the writers rely too much on secret-keeping to create drama, especially between Bo and Lauren.

      I also feel like Bo has been back to more of her old self recently. Especially in this episode and “Judgement Fae.”

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