Shot: 5×12 “Judgement Fae” First Impressions — Episode 116

Bo and Lauren in the shower in Judgement Fae

We give our first impressions and share some things that made us happy in “Judgement Fae,” including Amanda Walsh being Elizabeth, Zoie Palmer being Zee, and Bo being herself. Our in depth discussion of the episode will be available this weekend.

Quick Reviews

  • Annie: So sad after this episode. I feel effing bipolar as well. I was so happy at the beginning and so devastated at the end. I don’t understand the writing choices of why Doccubus had to break up — again!!! Lauren would rather avoid the future pain of Bo losing her due to her mortality than being with her now? I did love Amanda Walsh as Elizabeth. And how Tamsin was Bo’s backup and was such a friend to Bo and Lauren.
  • Stephanie: I’m conflicted about this episode. I thought it was bopping along fine until we got to the confrontation with the Ancients near Hephaestus’s forge, and the bottom dropped out. But then I found the concluding scenes compelling, so I think it rounded out to an okay-ish episode. I continue to be confused by the writing choices this season.
  • Kris: I find that I have a lot of questions after watching this episode. But I’m glad Lauren and Bo finally had a conversation that they needed to have. I’m actually hopeful that it’ll lead to further discussion. I enjoyed Amanda Walsh as Elizabeth, too. Overall, I think I have pretty mixed feelings about the episode.

Elizabeth in Judgement Fae

What Made Annie Happy

  • The Doccubus shower scene! Water! And chi! Except it needed to be 43 minutes longer.
  • Zoie portraying Zee in Lauren’s body — she had Zee’s swagger down!!
  • Elizabeth with the donuts! Amanda Walsh was adorable as Elizabeth.

What Made Kris Happy

  • Elizabeth’s Roxanne references — I loved that movie as a kid.
  • Dyson and Alicia — Their scenes were nice, then heartbreaking. But I feel like it’s good character development for Dyson.
  • “Hot-face-tus” made me laugh out loud

What Made Stephanie Happy

  • Bo taking the unspoken third option in court
  • Tamsin volunteering to be a vessel to save Lauren
  • Anna Silk and Zoie Palmer’s performances

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6 Replies to “Shot: 5×12 “Judgement Fae” First Impressions — Episode 116

  1. That break up almost seem to have an air of finality to it. I rewatched it a few times, apparently I’m an emotional masochist, but I felt the truth of what Lauren had to say. I’m also nervous about her having Parkinson’s being that it’s a human disease that doesn’t have a cure. I know that this is Lost Girl so anything is possible, but I can’t help but to feel that was a driving force too. Like maybe she’s not out of the woods yet.


    1. I think they were implying that Lauren taking the antidote reversed the Parkinson’s as well, but you could be right. They might revisit Lauren having a very human malady.

      It could be over for Bo and Lauren. Obviously, I don’t know for sure. But it felt like the writers doing something (honestly, I think kinda cheap) to ramp up dramatic tension, and because it did seem final, I could totally see the writers reuniting Bo and Lauren to “surprise” the audience.

  2. Hmmm… My over all impressions ran this gauntlet… Great! What?! No way! Go Tammy! Help Lauren! BOO! BooHoo! Eww Gross! LOL… The Great – was the shower scene… the What?! – was Lauren not remembering things… the No Way! – was Zee in Lauren’s body and that whole scene pretty much… the Go Tammy! -was Tamsin being Bo’s back up and running in with Elizabeth to help Bo… the Help Lauren! – was Lauren falling into Bo and then Tamsin taking Lauren out of there to safety… the BOO! – was Zee was leaving… I like her… of course the BooHoo! – was the break up scene… and the Eww Gross! – was the whole scene with Daddy Darko Bo and Tamsin kissing/sex scene! That was my whole first impression… and let me tell you I am pretty down about the whole Doccubus on again/off again relationship… 🙁

  3. I read an interview with M. Grassi in Cinefilles that said during the last Bo/Tamsin scene that it was not Bo, but that Hades took the form of Bo. Zee did warn Bo about evil or Hades taking many forms. It’s intriguing that he has that power. I wonder what other powers he has. It was great to see some of the Bo-Lauren issues addressed. And I loved the Dyson moment with Alycia, although I’m sad for him. Everyone was great last night, even if I’m a little lost as to where the show is going in the last little bit here. I’m going to miss Zee. Amanda Walsh was such an awesome addition this season. I wished she’d been on the show longer. And poor Tamsin. Gosh, I hope our valkerie really learns the lesson well. Anna and Zoie were awesome.My heart was breaking during the entire scene. Such talented actresses. Really, the entire cast, but those two are pretty special.

  4. I just posted my own recap and then saw your shot was ready to go as well. Whee! My feeling about the Bo and Lauren break up is that it wasn’t really Lauren doing it. She used the same old arguments she used when she broke up with Bo the first time, like it was something pulled out of a memory and reused by someone else.

  5. I finally watched the break-up scene again and I got more worried. The word “consequences” kept popping up!!! Brain damage is not something can be reversed (but hopefully Lauren can!!!), plus she already found out she has early stage Parkinson’s before Zee hijack her body. Hopefully the next challenge the writers come up with for Zoie isn’t playing someone who has “lost” her memory. Trying to be positive, may be Zee told Lauren something that she need to “hide” somewhere to do (made Hades think he won?). It hurt but I tried to be as positive as “possible”, this isn’t the END of Doccubus!!!
    A big shout-out to Zoie and Anna! That scene… for a moment, I can’t process (and breath) then tears came out.
    Back to Bo and Jack. I just don’t understand why she let Jack to comfort/hug her! Come on Bo, you are smarter than this! He tried to kill your girlfriend, Zee and Tasmin (last season) told you about him… Aife… and himself, remember “we are darkness”!!
    Felt a bit rush about Dyson and Alycia, seems that they need to close this story arc asap.

    My favour line “your girlfriend went from part time conduit to full time ancient, I called that a promotion” omg… Zoie, she nailed it!!

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