Shot: 5×13 “Family Portrait” First Impressions — Episode 117

Tamsin with horseshoe in Family Portrait

We share our first impressions and what made us happy in “Family Portrait,” including Lauren and Tamsin’s friendship, the return of Inga Cadranel, and Anna Silk… Well, Anna Silk.

First Impressions

  • Stephanie: This episode made me grumpy. It was an okay episode, I guess. It was definitely more cohesive than the last episode, but I can’t say I liked many of the writing choices. They’ve introduced some pretty heavy issues, and I’m not sure they have enough time to do them justice. On the positive side, I think the acting continues to be really strong, and I thought there were some great scenes here.
  • Annie: I can’t really rate this episode as great or medium or whatever since it was just so intense! Incredible acting by Anna, Rick, Rachel, and Inga in particular but a lot of shocking stuff happened. I still can’t believe they killed off another major character and a supporting one, and wonder how this will all wrap up with only three episodes left. Will this show end on a darker note? I’m not too jazzed about that.
  • Kris: I’m not as grumpy as Stephanie. Definitely a more coherent episode than last week. That said, I agree with Stephanie’s criticisms. Some of the things that happened in this episode were pretty upsetting, and I’m not really sure why the writers decided to make those choices. Hopefully, they’ll play out in the remaining episodes. But there were great performances in this episode, as well as some really nice character moments.

What Made Annie Happy

  • Tamsin demonstrating how you can use the horseshoe
  • Lauren and Tamsin’s friendship moments, even though it was tangled up in awkward moments too
  • The acting — I can’t say enough about Anna Silk, and the range Rachel has in expressing all of what Tamsin is going through is incredible.

What Made Kris Happy

  • Anna Silk is GORGEOUS. I know this isn’t news, but I had to say it anyway. Also, she’s great in this episode and I love her.
  • Inga Cadranel is back, and Aife and Trick were featured pretty prominently. It seems like Trick has barely been in this (half) season.
  • Tamsin and Lauren scenes! I like that they’re getting along and being friendly with each other and confiding in each other.

What Made Stephanie Happy

While they weren’t in the episode, here are three things that made Stephanie happy.

  • Anna Silk’s hair
  • Lauren being doctory
  • All the Bo and Trick scenes — Anna and Rick were terrific.

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One Reply to “Shot: 5×13 “Family Portrait” First Impressions — Episode 117”

  1. One thing that made me happy (in such a dark episode) was the musical scoring/ source music. Boy, Beethoven 7 2nd movement already had a dirge-like quality, but now that tableau of Trick & Aife creepily staged for Bo will be forever branded in my memory when I hear that symphony. The use of classical source music throughout leant an operatic quality to the scenes with Hades and with his handiwork, which I think was fitting for the gravitas of the scenes. The use of classical music also made the over-the-top plot and scene elements work for me a bit more. Bravo to the music editor.

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