5×12 “Judgement Fae” — Episode 118

Bo and judge in Judgement Fae

When Bo finds a confused Elizabeth in Lauren’s clinic, she tries to mine her memories for what Zee did while occupying her body. Tension in Bo and Lauren’s relationship emerges over Lauren’s conduit abilities, and Dyson tries to figure out the feelings he has for Alicia when their living situation becomes more than friendly.

The Courtroom

  • Elements of the courtroom test felt like a nice return to earlier seasons. It was nice to see Bo thrown off guard with a challenge for which she was unprepared and for her to choose an unspoken third option.
  • However, a courtroom isn’t exactly a setting in which much excitement can be generated, so a resolution to the trial happens super fast. We don’t get a good sense why Bo suddenly changes tacks and thinks she can negotiate a compromise between the plaintiff and defendant.
  • And, fine, use the trial to draw a parallel between Bo and Lauren’s conflict, but you don’t have to spell it out like that!
  • Non-lawyery shows just shouldn’t do trial episodes. Few lawyery show get them right!
  • Elizabeth was a lot of fun whispering advice into Bo’s ear, and Tamsin’s reactions to Elizabeth were great as well.
  • Elizabeth thinks that Jackson Pollack-esque painting is “super offensive”??? She also makes a great face when Bo mentions swallowing a centipede. Plus, more hilarious donut-eating. And a Titanic/Kate Winslet reference!

Tamsin and Elizabeth in Judgement Fae

Hephaestus’s Forge

  • What the Fae happened in this scene?
  • Why did Zee zap Hera only to wake him up now? (“You’re not still upset about that, are you?”)
  • How did Hera, Tamsin, and Elizabeth get access to the forge? The judge said Bo had to go by herself.
  • Hera says that he and Zee are going back to Plan A and start menacing Bo. But then Zee opens the door to Myth and they jump in?
  • Zee tells Hera that it’s not the end. But if this is the end, then what the hell was the point of their storyline this season?
  • Bo gets a horseshoe from Hephaestus. Are we finally making our way back to Bo’s father being a horse? (Yay Papaya Horse!!)
  • Zee warns Bo that Hades is a master manipulator and that his evil comes in many forms.
  • Zee also warns Bo not to let people worshipping her go to her head.

Role Swapping

  • Zee’s switch to Lauren’s body was a genuine surprise. We were wondering where Lauren was when Bo found Elizabeth in the lab, but we also promptly got distracted by all the other stuff going on. Or maybe it was the commercial break.
  • It was a lot of fun to see Zoie Palmer play Zee. Her walk was the best.
  • Why wouldn’t Bo have tried to find Lauren after she found Elizabeth in the clinic? We could have used a line in the next scene that Bo looked for Lauren but couldn’t find her.

Dyson and Alicia in Judgement Fae

Dyson & Alicia

  • Her name is Alicia, Trick. You don’t have to call her “the human.”
  • Interesting conversation between Trick and Dyson — why couldn’t we get more of Dyson’s struggle about his feelings for Alicia?
  • The writers have been hinting at this storyline for Dyson since at least “End of a Line,” the idea that even though he may always love Bo that doesn’t mean he can’t have relationships with other people.
  • Kris (not Holden-Reid) is a little bothered by this approach to the story, since it kind of ignores the (clearly important) relationship Dyson had with Ciara.
  • It was a good storyline for him, but it played out so very quickly!
  • We see Lauren grappling with similar difficulties about her relationship with Bo. It could have been great to see them talk to each other about human/Fae relationships. He could have also talked to Bo.
  • What were Alicia’s feelings about her attraction to Dyson despite the fact that her husband was still alive? Her conflict gets swept under the rug.
  • Nice scene between Dyson and Bo at the end of the episode, calling back to the ones between Dyson and Lauren in “Delinquents” and even “Into the Dark”

Bo & Lauren

  • Another plotline that should have played out over several episodes, if not seasons, was executed in an incredibly compact fashion in this episode.
  • “I think the issue is you don’t trust me.” We love you Lauren, but you DID hide the fact that you were trying to extend your life/become Fae from Bo AND that you collaborated with her father to do so.
  • Bo says she has no idea why Lauren would give up who she was to become Fae, which is pretty lunkheaded given that Lauren told her that she wanted to be with Bo forever. However, Stephanie thinks it was important that we heard that perspective from Bo because it rings true to the character.
  • Is it just Kris, or did Lauren’s protesting about Bo visiting her father seem a little petty?
  • Lauren takes the antidote off screen? Really?
  • Some of what Lauren says in the breakup speech doesn’t make much sense to us. Why would Bo and Lauren being together as Fae and human keep Bo from protecting people and Lauren from healing people?
  • Many people have complained that the writers have gone to the same well twice with having Bo and Lauren break up here. It’s a fair criticism. Especially since this argument is the first time we’ve seen these characters discuss an extremely important hurdle in their relationship, it seems very premature for Lauren to call it off.
  • Stephanie isn’t bothered so much that they broke up — it’s something she suspected might happen eventually — but it feels like a cheap ploy to create drama given that the writers just got them back together four episodes ago.
  • Is this the end for Bo and Lauren? Obviously, we can’t know for sure. Yes, that scene felt very final, but because it felt so final, Stephanie could totally see these writers reuniting them as a “surprise.” But Bo said multiple times “She’s gone.” “We’re done.” “Lauren’s gone.” Annie thinks it felt final. And depressing.

Bo and Lauren break up in Judgement Fae


  • Anna and Eric Roberts were great in that confrontation between Bo and Jack.
  • While some find Bo’s actions in that encounter contradictory, Stephanie thinks it works OK. Bo has clearly been conflicted about her feelings toward Jack. In being upset over Lauren, she desperately wants someone to confront her, and she lets her guard down.
  • Why the hell with that disturbing last scene??? What is Jack up to? Poor, poor Tamsin.

Stray Thoughts

  • “I have a feeling that courthouse is sitting on something big.” “Lucky courthouse.”
  • Dyson did you really just show a traumatized woman a picture of a dead person who was killed by the entity that occupied her body?
  • And nice try at tough love, Tamsin, but that wasn’t your best work.
  • Lauren’s poor clinic staff. They keep getting killed by Ancients!

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2 Replies to “5×12 “Judgement Fae” — Episode 118

  1. Arrrgh. I thought I had worked out all my feelings over this episode by now but apparently not. Now that I’ve listened to your podcast it’s just brought all my anger and frustration out again.

    First let me tell you I love your podcast and normally people would see me with a silly smile on my face while I drive to work listening to you ladies. Thank you for doing what you do.

    Secondly, I’m a big Doccubus shipper. Not so much the Annie “Give me Doccubus sex” type (although I’ve done my share of rewatch of certain scenes in 108, 206, 302, well you get the point), but I’ve gotten a real kick from seeing them hold hands and Bo twirling Lauren’s hair this season. After all, Bo is a succubus, doesn’t she have sex with everyone, but how many has she held hands with? Anyway, I do agree with Annie, that there can never be enough Bo and Lauren on the screen.

    On with the rant.

    Let me start with the Ancients. I was actually enjoying the episode (with only minimal teeth gnashing) until the Z, Hera, Bo scene. What was that? Let’s kill Bo. No, let’s go to Myth. It’s so boring there. I know let’s go anyway. Poof??? Why did we just spend most of this season building up these Ancients just to end with an avuncular “It was nice meeting you Bo. Take care”? These Ancients were even more anti-climactic than the Una Mens and that guy whose name starts with an R.

    Then we get Dyson and Alycia “thanks for the comfortable domesticity and romp, oh there’s my husband, bye”. Whiplash I got. Once again I was thinking “that’s it?”

    Then at the end we get another Bo/Tamsin kiss. I was so busy gnashing my teeth and muttering “really Bo? Really, you inconsiderate jerk? Are you really going to use Tamsin again?”, that I almost missed Bo’s face morph. Now, I’m fuming. I know Greek mythology is riddled with tales of their gods coming down from Mt Olympus in many forms to have their ways with people for various reasons, but this is the 3rd non-consensual sex act on the show. Will this be laughed off also?

    Now, on to The Break Up scene. I understand Lauren’s fear of Bo watching her grow old and having to take care of her. It’s the classic trope of the sick/blind/disabled lover pushing away their partner because they don’t want to be a burden. Usually the sick lover will either tell the partner that they don’t love them anymore to get the lover to leave them or they themselves will leave. Well, Lauren didn’t do the first option and I don’t think she will do the second option. So that means she will stick around and Bo will still see her grow old and feeble anyway. Is it going to hurt Bo less?

    Let’s say Bo does move on but it is very unlikely Lauren can be romantically involved with anyone else. If Lauren falls for another fae, there would still be the same issue. As for falling for a human, that is unlikely because Lauren has limited contact with humans. So Lauren basically is sacrificing her romantic life at this point. It just makes me sad to think Lauren would have to endure more taunting from Bo’s future lovers without Bo opening her mouth or lifting a finger to defend her.

    As for the break up speech, I was really feeling it, until Lauren’s further ramblings about how they can’t be together because she is a healer and Bo is a protector. Huh??? I just couldn’t follow the logic.

    I think what really irks me about the whole episode is that I didn’t like Lauren during this episode. I’ve always been sympathetic to her situation but I feel like her character just took a huge step backwards. Lauren says that a good relationship is based on trust, understanding, and compromise and yet she’s keeping secrets from Bo, she doesn’t allow time for them to discuss the problem, and then she makes a one sided decision once again. I thought Lauren had gained confidence in herself through her new job situation but we’re back once more to Lauren berating herself for having failed in her science.

    Which reminds me, if the serum was supposed to extend Lauren’s life, what was the big hurry for her to take the serum without further testing? Was she expecting to die soon? Also, Lauren is the most brilliant mind since ….well, according to KHR and ZP at Dragon Con, “Lauren is clearly the most intelligent person that ever happened”, way above Stephen Hawkings and then in third place would be Zoisers (I loved that ZP referred to herself as Zoisers). Why couldn’t Lauren pursue the cure for Parkinson’s or keep looking for the fountain of youth but with more testing?

    Worse of all this episode makes me doubt whether Bo and Lauren should end up together at all. With so few episodes left, I don’t see how they can satisfactory show the character growth required for Lauren to believe in her relationship with Bo and for Bo to trust Lauren again.

    To use the words of Emily Andras, Why? Why show? Why do you hate my baby girl Lauren so much?

  2. Bo and Lauren broke up both times when Lauren could have died. Being attacked….Zee taking over her body….then supportive Bo came around.

    I would have loved to see Lauren stand close to Bo during their encounter at the lab so when she tried to leave Bo would have grabbed her arm and dropped Patient X’s lab results. Let us see how Lauren would try to explain it was another pt, knowing it was her. Makes me wonder if the antidote reversed the Parkinsons.

    I didn’t like the break up either because we spent over 2 seasons with them broken up by the time this episode aired but the writers had to keep the Bo/Dyson fans happy enough to continue watching, so they broke them up.

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