Shot: 5×14 “Follow the Yellow Trick Road” First Impressions — Episode 120

Bo and Tamsin in Follow the Yellow Trick Road

We share our first impressions and what made us happy in “Follow the Yellow Trick Road,” including comedic acting, will reading, and sidekick returning.

First Impressions

  • Annie: This was an okay episode. I liked the scenes of the gang at the clubhouse trying to cure Bo more than the Wizard of Oz-esque sequence. But it was fun seeing the actors be different characters, and the different makeup effects. I’m not sure if this was the right place for a high concept, out-of-the-box type ep with only three left to go in the series.
  • Kris: I’m kind of ambivalent about this episode. I’m all for fantasy/dream episodes that reveal things to the characters, but most of the character reveals were things we already knew. I did notice that I became way more forgiving of everything as soon as Kenzi showed up.

What Made Annie Happy

  • Zoie Palmer as Lola — totally channeling Patsy Sewer from Instant Star!
  • Concerned, doctor-y Lauren trying to find a cure for Bo, the scene where Lauren was frustrated she couldn’t do anything to help the woman she loves!
  • The reading of Trick’s will — the faemily is back together! Made me cry!

What Made Kris Happy

  • Comedy! I always appreciate when the show provides an opportunity for the cast to show off their comedic skills.
  • KENZI. She’s back! She better stay this time! (Kenzi makes everything better.)
  • The will reading scene. And the hand holding. That kind of thing always gets to me.

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3 Replies to “Shot: 5×14 “Follow the Yellow Trick Road” First Impressions — Episode 120

  1. I think, and I know I’ve said it elsewhere, that, as a stand-alone episode, 5×14 will most probably make my top 3 of the whole series.

    It feels different and special from beginning to end and not in a bad way, and I found it well and solidly written.

    I think I just rolled my eyes a little when Mark wonders what does the colony do when the Ash is gone, as it’s suddenly a dilemma when we had a whole episode explaining us what happens back in season 2 -stag hunt- (Vex tells him nothing, so I have to guess he doesn’t know/care?).
    What I mean is that, as audience, I didn’t need that line, especially considering how the show has been holding a complete disregard for the political system since at least season 4: unless they magically put it front and centre in the last 2 episodes along with all the things that need to be wrapped up, that line just didn’t work for me.
    But like I said, it’s just a line, not a whole scene, or a whole character, or a whole episode (5×12, I’m still glaring at you).

    The performances this season have been consistently and increasingly awesome. Everyone is killing it, guest stars are / have all been brilliant (Amanda Walsh and oh my goodness, Eric Roberts) and this episode is no exception, plus editing might have been the best I’ve seen on this show for a long while, and the cinematography was GORGEOUS.

    KENZI!!!! Kris is right, Kenzi makes everything better. And once she’s back, you realize how much the show has suffered without her. But while back on episode 10, Kenzi felt weird to me (I really can’t explain why, I just tried to see the character, but Ksenia looking fabulous kept getting in the way), Episode 14 Kenzi felt like Kenzi.

    THINGS THAT HAPPEN MAKE SENSE!!!! Not that a lot happens, because that’s my main problem: as an individual episode, I LOVED it. This is actually the first episode I’ve rewatched from season 5.2. But I share the sentiment of: why would you choose to make the whole 5×14 one where nothing happens in terms of moving the plot forward? In context (Trick’s death aftermath, Bo’s comma’s and everyone’s problems) it makes sense, but it doesn’t completely justify for me the out-of-the-bottle nature of this episode with only two left.

    Why is everything lately first presented (ominously) as evil and then maybe not? Or kept in ambiguity land altogether? Rainer/The Wanderer, the Ancients, now the horse? So far, for me, it’s only worked with Tamsin and Hades, because they went from ambiguous to clear (Tamsin good, Jack evil).

  2. Ladies, your podcasts remain entertaining and the one bright spot about Lost Girl these days. So close to the end and the writing is a mess. Everything is so rushed and to quote what you said, so many missed opportunities. Why did we waste so much time on Tamsin’s unrequited love or even the Doccubus reunion and eventual breakup? Lauren going Fae for a while – what was that about if in the end it doesn’t have any bearing on the big story? And the Ancients – why oh why did we spend episodes on them if they’re now gone? And what’s this about Tamsin being pregnant with Hades’ child? That’s massive importance being placed on Tamsin, which is a shame cos I wanted to see more of Bo and her interactions with her family. It’s really a shame. But thanks ladies, for your fun analysis of each episode.

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