5×14 “Follow the Yellow Trick Road” — Episode 121

Thomasina Bo and Nosyd in Follow the Yellow Trick Road

With Bo comatose from a moth bite, Lauren, Dyson, and Tamsin try to find a cure as they fortify the clubhouse against Jack. Dyson and Bo also deal with their grief in the wake of Trick’s death.

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2 Replies to “5×14 “Follow the Yellow Trick Road” — Episode 121

  1. 1) I thought it was really sweet that Mark and Vex care enough about Bo to risk going to the Dal to get some of Trick’s books to try to help her. Stop being so cranky, Dyson. You’re concerned about your son’s well-being, which is fine but tell him that, don’t be a jerk (oh look, the books do come in handy).
    2) A succubus can feed when unconscious (Aife in 313, Bo in 501) so I wonder if it has something to do with the moth keeping her from feeding.
    3) I love Lauren and Tamsin’s scenes together, and how sweet and concerned Lauren is with Tamsin. And I, too, liked the scene of Tamsin calling for Lauren when the baby moved. I still really dislike the rape baby storyline, mostly because while they have acknowledged it was rape (a first on LG) there was no onscreen discussion at all about whether or not Tamsin would have the baby. Without any real insight into what Tamsin is thinking or feeling (though I loved the play of emotions across Rachel’s face when she found out she was having a baby) it makes it seem like there were no options, which feels like a cheat by the writers to avoid the controversial topic of abortion (sleep with your step-mom? sure! talk about abortion? nope).
    4) I didn’t understand Bo telling Nosyd “I’ve been waiting for this day” re: following Nosyd’s lead either. Bo followed Dyson in the first battle with the Garuda and look how well that turned out. Not that I think that means Dyson is always a bad leader, but he does tend to take the lead when maybe he shouldn’t (see also the Dawning), while other times he seems to too easily cede to it being someone else’s decision, usually Trick.
    5) I don’t understand how the moth bit Bo in the clothes she was wearing when she found Trick and Aife. Even if they took them to the funeral home that night, did they bring the moth back with them to the clubhouse and it bit Bo before they changed her into fresh clothing? How does a moth bite that leaves a hole in Bo’s clothing not leave a mark on Bo unless Bo’s succubus nature healed it. The timing is a bit confusing.
    6) Ok, Jack sent the letter to Kenzi but, seriously, no one thought to give Kenzi a call to tell her Trick and Aife were dead, and Bo was in a coma? I know everyone is has had a lot on their plates, but I did think it was odd they wouldn’t have contacted Kenzi.
    7) I totally get giving Kenzi the ring, though I have wondered how Lauren has been allowed to continue wandering around the Fae world with no issues. Maybe because it doesn’t seem that the Dark have “elected” a new Morrigan and Trick was the Ash so he let it go?
    8) How did Jack get very pregnant Tamsin out a third story attic window? Where was Tamsin when Jack was slitting Vex’s throat?
    9) Why has no one asked Evony and Vex how they trapped an ancient, Eros? Might come in handy in defeating Jack.
    10) It would be really awesome if the series ended with Bo behind the bar at the Dal surrounded by her friends/family. Unfortunately I kind of think she’ll sacrifice herself for everyone, though I hope not.
    11) I know they weren’t close, but Bo never mentions Aife being gone once, only Trick.
    12) Will Evony ever call in her outstanding favor from Kenzi?
    13) The riddle by the “keeper of the gate” made me think of the Leviathan. Really sad we didn’t get to see her again this season even though she told Bo she’d be seeing her soon in 409. Speaking of the Leviathan, what did she mean when she told Bo that the hand mark (which we now know is Hades’) was supposed to be her’s but they cheated her? I thought she might be referring to Rainer, but Rainer was meant for Valhalla not Irkalla. Or should we ignore most everything that happened in s4 except Evony turning human and Kenzi/Hale dying? Oh, and the Hel shoes–will those come up again since Bo is supposed to be able to raise an army with them?

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