Shot: 5×15 “Let Them Burn” First Impressions — Episode 122

Bo Kenzi and Lou Ann on horses in Let Them Burn

We share our first impressions and what made us happy in “Let Them Burn,” including Kenzi’s ride, Vex’s fix, and Evony’s style.

Quick Reviews

  • Annie: This was an okay episode, although all the horse riding kinda slowed the plot down in the middle. (I was having Xena flashbacks! So many horses!) I liked the element of Bo being the Pyrippus, and her surrendering to Hades to set the fire, etc. I am assuming this is part of Bo’s larger plan and that the gang will bring her back to her brown-eyed self in the finale.
  • Kris: I liked this episode. They brought back a lot of plot points introduced in the first two seasons, which I’ve been waiting and hoping for. And even though I’m not happy about this storyline for Tamsin, I feel like I understand why they decided to do it. Also, I wanted to claw Jack’s face off because I hate him so much.
  • Stephanie: I am feeling grumpy again. I feel like I have a better idea of where the writers are going, and I appreciate their trying to tie up some of the many loose ends. However, I am feeling frustrated that they weren’t just clearer in the storytelling all along rather than trying to explain everything through a lot of exposition one episode before the end of the series.

What Made Stephanie Happy

  • Vex isn’t dead!
  • Lou Ann returned!
  • Mark seemed to serve a purpose!

What Made Kris Happy

  • Kenzi riding a gassy unicorn — I’m pretty sure I don’t need to elaborate.
  • Bo on a mission — Okay, we don’t know what her plan is, but I like that she has one!
  • Evony making the most of her situation — She’s been really entertaining this season.

What Made Annie Happy

  • Kenzi stepping in horse poo — An old joke, but like Kenzi I was saying “Not the shoes!!”
  • Vex mesmering Lauren to get more morphine — Poor Vex!
  • Kenzi: “You don’t have a horse face. It’s more oval.”

Evony in Let Them Burn

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  1. I didn’t mention this in my own post about this episode, though I should have, but I think this episode was important because it is the final letting go of Aife (thanks to Lou Ann). Hades will be dispatched in the next episode so that Bo can move on to actually live the life SHE chooses. She’s setting herself free of her past.

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