5×15 “Let Them Burn” — Episode 123

Bo and horses in Let Them Burn

Realizing that Tamsin has been taken captive by Jack, Bo tries to learn more about Jack’s plan to mount a better assault against him. At Vex’s suggestion, she goes in search of the midwife at her birth for the answers. Dyson enlists Mark to call a meeting of the Light Fae elders to address the situation with Jack, but Mark surprises him by inviting the Dark Fae elders as well.

Drink Special: Horse and Rider

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Let Them Burn?

  • What is Bo’s plan here?
  • Why did she set the clubhouse on fire? With her friends inside? Is there some obvious escape route?
  • What about Trick’s gifts and books? It looked like at least some of the books were burning.
  • She seemed to be lucid/herself/not possessed when she does it and said, “Sorry, guys, but this is for the best.”
  • If it’s all a ploy to fool Jack why didn’t Bo give her friends the heads up? Or maybe one of them does know and is playing along at the moment to keep up appearances.

Lou Ann

  • A hanging thread from season one who also provides a definitive answer about Trick’s intentions
  • We kinda forgot that Bo didn’t know Lou Ann was her midwife.
  • It was great that the same actor was able to come back.
  • Annie felt awkward when Lou Ann was talking about her husband and kids because Bo and Kenzi have subsequently become so close with Vex, who was the one her forced her to kill her children.
  • Stephanie wondered if that dialogue about Lou Ann’s family was perhaps intended to bring up another Fae/human relationship and remind us of the recent conflict between Lauren and Bo. If so, she wishes that Bo had asked Lou Ann a question or two about her decision to make a life and family with a human.

All the Pretty Horses

  • Even though it was nice to see Lou Ann and Evony again, this storyline felt like it took up too much time or even was a waste of time since the fire-breathing horse of Mordor that they visited wasn’t the Pyrippus.
  • We might have had more patience for this side trip earlier in the season, but at the second to last episode we really want everything the characters are doing to be significant and meaningful.
  • It was great to see Evony again. She seems to be blending in and accepting her place as a human in the human world. But what’s going on with her illness? Will she be OK?
  • The six white horses and accompanying song was a callback to “Like Hell, Part 1,” which was kinda nice, but there wasn’t any follow through on those horses.

Bo Is a Horse, Of Course, Of Course

  • Bo is the Pyrippus. Because of course she is. Foreshadowed by The Nyx in Iris?
  • But how does “Dark Horse” make sense now? Pyrippus seemed to be a very separate entity in “Dark Horse.”
  • Who has control of the Pyrippus? It has been implied that Hades does.
  • Will the horseshoe help Bo control the Pyrippus so that Jack can’t?
  • Also, the fire-breathing horse ISN’T the Pyrippus because the horseshoe doesn’t fit him??? It doesn’t fit Bo!

Tamsin and Jack The Rage-Inducer

  • WHY???
  • It wasn’t enough to deceive and impregnate her, he also has to imprison her and cut off her wings? Gross.
  • This season has been so punishing to Tamsin given the heartbreak she went through with Bo in the first eight episodes. It’s disheartening to see her being treated so poorly, especially in the last season.
  • Like Kris mentioned in our first impressions discussion, this episode revealed perhaps why the writers chose to include this storyline with Tamsin, i.e. to show us what Aife went through when pregnant with Bo, but was it really necessary?
  • And does it actually help shed light on Aife’s situation? She still insisted that she loved Jack and that Bo was conceived in love in “Family Portrait.”
  • We all do not watch TV shows about kickass women with superpowers to see them completely disempowered and victimized. There are lots of other shows for that.
  • Kris wants Helena from Orphan Black to show up and DESTROY Jack but hopefully Bo and/or Tamsin can do it themselves.
  • Jack mentions in this episode that valkyries die in childbirth, so our suspicions that Tamsin make not make it out of this last season alive seem likely.


  • Why didn’t they call Concilium when the Garuda came?
  • The Dark Fae haven’t replaced The Morrigan since Evony became human? Really?
  • Annie doesn’t want the Light and Dark Fae elders to take up too much screentime, but Kris and Stephanie don’t think they will.
  • The light/dark divide was revisited in this episode for what feels like the first time this season. Kris wonders if they are focusing on the divide again because the writers might bring the divide to an end in the last episode.
  • Stephanie really hopes that the conflict between the two factions isn’t going to be smoothed over by an impassioned speech by Dyson. The Light and Dark were an important element of the show for four seasons. If the divide is going to end, we don’t just want it to be lip service.
  • Bo was positioned at the beginning of the series as a disrupter of the system. We’d love for her to be involved in ending the divide, not just Dyson and Mark.

Dyson & Mark

  • We thought that Mark was well-used in this episode to confront Dyson’s prejudices against the Dark Fae. Isn’t that what kids are supposed to do for their parents? Encourage them to consider new ideas and perspectives?
  • We liked that Mark mentioned that Bo didn’t declare herself when he talked to Dyson about choosing a side.
  • But Dyson’s prejudices also felt a little out of date. He has formed a close relationship with Tamsin and can more or less stand Vex now.
  • Mark finally shifted! And it was a really nice scene between Dyson and Mark when he was trying to talk Mark through how to shift back into a human.
  • Mark said he trusted Vex!

How the Hell Do You Kill Death?

  • How are they going to confront Jack? He seems impervious to Fae powers and to physical force.
  • Bo let him apply the hand hickey again. We hope she brought that knife she needs to remove it in her bag of weapons.
  • We know that Jack was banished to Tartarus before, even though he went willingly. Maybe they can banish him again?
  • Will Freyja’s necklace come into play? What about the jack-in-a-box? Bo did have that dream about Lauren turning the crank on Bo’s box.
  • Trick’s comment of “you are my blood too” was repeated in “Follow the Yellow Trick Road.” Is this hinting at Bo potentially discovering another power she has that she got from Trick? Kris wonders if her ability to control people with her blood might come into play.
  • Some fans have speculated that Bo might discover she has blood sage abilities and rewrite what happened. Similarly, someone tweeted us that they thought the ending might be Bo waking up at the end of her Dawning. While we obviously can’t rule it out as a possibility. None of us particularly like the idea of the show ending with the push of a reset button.

Stray Thoughts

  • The episode began with Bo and Kenzi together, making jokes and hugging. It was amazing! You can’t send Kenzi away now, Bo. We won’t let you!
  • Annie wonders how long Vex had been bleeding in the attic? Kris and Stephanie don’t think much time had passed. We hadn’t considered the idea that Jack had captured Tamsin at the end of the last episode, which probably made that revelation even more upsetting.
  • Annie wants at least a kiss between Bo and Lauren in the last episode, keeping up the tradition from Seasons 1,2, and 4.

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