Shot: 5×16 “Rise” First Impressions — Episode 124

Bruce Kenzi Lauren Dyson and Mark in Rise

We share our first impressions and what made us happy in “Rise,” including the return of an old (huge) friend and happy endings for a couple of couples. Join us this weekend for a live stream of our in depth discussion of this episode.

Quick Reviews

  • Annie: I thought this was a great, emotionally satisfying finale! There was tears, yelling at my screen, happy touchdown arms, expected tragedies, unexpected things, great acting, etc. Although there were things I would have liked to have seen/could have been expanded upon more, overall I really enjoyed it!
  • Kris: I’m having mixed feelings about this episode. It went about how I thought it would, which is both good and bad. I’m really glad that Bo got to save herself and the world and change the rules for their colony. That ending feels about right to me.
  • Stephanie: I was disappointed in many of the story elements, which was not surprising to me. However, there were elements that I did like and appreciate, and it ultimately was a very sweet finale.

What Made Annie Happy

  • Benzi love!!! Kenzi talking Bo down! Kenzi is Bo’s heart! The last scene between Bo and Kenzi made me cry – it was a little encapsulation of their friendship and love.
  • The dynamic between Hades and Bo, especially when Hades was tempting Bo to feed. I thought Anna and Eric Roberts work so well together and I really enjoyed seeing the final father/daughter conflict play out.

Bo and Jack in Rise

What Made Kris Happy

  • Bo’s love saves the world.
  • Bo and Kenzi moments.
  • Tamsin saving the group without even breaking a sweat. “I know you guys didn’t like me on the force, but this is a little extreme.”

What Stephanie Happy

  • Mark offering Vex his hand
  • Bruce!
  • One last shirtless Dyson for the road

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3 Replies to “Shot: 5×16 “Rise” First Impressions — Episode 124

  1. I agree with Annie… DOCCUBUS WAS ENDGAME! YAY! I think the show was great. I called the listener line and left a message… not sure if it was what you were looking for but if you need me to redo it, I will. I would love to “Voice” my opinion… but I do tend to be quick about my vocal messages… not fond of my own voice for audio… But I liked the whole “Family” dynamic to this episode as well. That was a feel good part of the episode… and to see Bo in this episode in contrast to the very first episode… was great… in S1 E1 “It’s A Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World” she was alone… Then this episode, she was isolated from her family but was able to get back to them and I just loved that. I like Annie was worried that there wouldn’t be a Happy ending, mainly due to my Xena Days… That series finale really devastated me for any other series finales… But Lost Girl restored my faith that a series can end well… I’m sad for Tamsin but I did like how she went out… Like she told Zee in Episode 9… She didn’t die alone. If she had to die… at least she was surrounded by her family. It was definitely a good ending with a hope of another beginning. 🙂

  2. I’m a Duccubus fan big time, so I was very happy with the ending. Anne had repeatedly told Chis she loved him as a friend so I think he will be there for Anne as that only when Zoie dies. However I hope Zoie finds a way to become Fae and spends eternity with Annie. However I have a lot of questions: 1: how much time has elapsed before the last scene, 2 : what kind of shot did Zoie give the girl and why? 3: why wasn’t Kenzi at the Dal too where was she?

  3. I just wanted to see where Bo and Lauren lived too. We never saw Lauren’s new condo and given it was the last episode they could have shown it to us. Or a house with a white picket fence. 1×8.

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