The Future of Drinks at The Dal

Drinks at The Dal cover art Lost Girl just aired its last episode. What does that mean for this podcast? We discuss our plans for Drinks at The Dal now that Lost Girl has come to an end.

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5 Replies to “The Future of Drinks at The Dal

  1. I love listening to you all talk about the show… Annie, I know personally… it’s great to hear her and keep in touch via social media… since we can no longer see each other at Xena Conventions any more. 🙁 But hopefully I’ll get to meet you all one day… it would be great… Until then, I’ll keep listening… I find I don’t like my own voice being recorded but I will try to send a voice mail some times… 🙂 DOCCUBUS was Endgame! Yay! I was so happy about that and I watch the series finale all the time… Currently I work as a Parking attendant in Phoenix, AZ and when I’m working dailies… it gets real boring… I just whip out my tablet which has several of season 5’s episodes on it including the finale… and I watch whichever episode I’m in the mood for… 😀

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