Favorite Music from Seasons 4 & 5 — Episode 126

Bo dancing in Big in Japan

We discuss some of our favorite music moments in Seasons 4 and 5, having covered our favorites from the earlier seasons in a previous episode. We mention songs that mirror characters’ emotional states, songs that we just think are catchy, and one song with very curious lyrics.

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Stephanie’s Favorites

  • “Baby I Call Hell” by Deap Vally — From “Turn to Stone,” this song is appropriately aggressive for the tryst between Bo and Dyson and heightens a perhaps unintentional callback to Bo and Dyson’s tumble in “Vexed.” The lyrics and even the song structure suggest what this episode demonstrates: something is not quite right with Bo.
  • “Breaks Me Down” by Stars + Crosses — This song plays at the end of “Of All the Gin Joints” where we see that Lauren is planning something for The Morrigan. It’s a soaring, triumphant pop song with the lyric “You underestimated my worth” punctuating the scene and emphasizing that Lauren is an underdog who is fighting back.
  • “Heart Killer” by Gossling — In “Origin,” this song plays as Lauren seduces The Morrigan, and we know how that turned out. Its instrumentation has a sneaky, almost menacing feeling, but it’s sung in a sweet, almost childlike voice, emphasizing the deceptiveness of the protagonist. However, the chorus reveals how ruthless she actually is.
  • “Lullabies” by Yuna — This song is used twice in “Here Comes the Night,” when Tamsin sees Bo and Lauren having sex and when Bo and Lauren are having some postcoital pillow talk. I think it’s particularly well-used in the earlier scene in emphasizing Tamsin’s heartbreak, and I think the lyrics fit really well with her character in that moment.
  • Bonus: “The Wanderer” by Emilie Mover — Emilie Mover’s wonderful cover appeared in a seemingly leaked promo from Season 4. It’s a fairly straightforward acoustic cover of the song, but her vocal performance is amazing. We also love that the lyrics were altered to reflect a female protagonist in the song, but she is still chasing girls.

Tamsin looking sad in Here Comes the Night

Kris’s Favorites

  • “I Want You” by Lindi Ortega — Everybody knew I would choose this, right? In addition to being the Hotpantsless anthem (from “Lovers. Apart.”), it’s just a damn catchy song. It’s also thematically appropriate for Lost Girl, what with all its talk of dark, light, and in between.
  • “You” by Keaton Henson — From the end of “Dark Horse,” this song makes me kind of weepy, but in a good way. The perfectly-timed line about “your life was my life’s best part” always gets me.
  • “Bangalore” by Marjorie Delle-Case — From “Big in Japan” when Bo is painting the clubhouse, I didn’t particularly notice this song when watching the episode, probably because I was so distracted by Bo using a trim roller to try to paint the wall, but I listened to it in a Lost Girl playlist I found on YouTube, and it’s awesome!
  • “Run Cried the Crawling” by Agnes Obel — From the emotional ending of “44 Minutes to Save the World,” Agnes Obel makes me cry, and I like it.
  • “Wazabi (Kolombo Remix)” by Soldout — From the laser dodging scene in “Like Father, Like Daughter,” it’s a good energetic song for a fun action sequence.
  • “Forces” by Stax Osset — It’s from the shower scene in “Judgement Fae.” No, I haven’t turned into Annie. I just like this song. And I feel like it goes pretty well with the scene.

Bo and Lauren in the shower in Judgement Fae

Annie’s Favorites

  • “Coming for You Baby” by Jay Price — Because it’s the car wash scene! Do we need any other explanation? I love how this song goes with the teasing, sultry looks Bo gives to Lauren and Dyson.
  • Bonus: “On Fire” by John Hunter Jr., Jonathan Slott, Noah Jackson — From the Season 4 car wash promo, I actually like this song better than “Coming for You Baby” since it was used in the promo and I had it in my head for months before the episode aired.
  • “What You Want” by Library Voices ft. Coast to Coast — This is a unknown Christmas ditty that I really enjoyed from “Groundhog Fae” that stuck with me after the episode. I keep seeing the image of Bo breaking apart the kissing couple with “He has a rash!” every time I listen to it!
  • “Close” by Slow Skies — Even though this seems to be an unconventional choice for me (gasp – to pick the song that’s a precursor to Valkubus sex in “It’s Your Lucky Fae”!) I really love this song since it highlights Tamsin’s yearning for Bo.
  • “Tell It Like It Is” Aaron Neville — I love that Lost Girl chose to use a classic song by Aaron Neville here. To me, it shows how Lauren is not willing to wait for Bo anymore and acts on her feelings in “Here Comes the Night.”
  • “One Way” by Rose Cousins — So I couldn’t listen to this song for about a week without crying since it’s used in the Doccubus breakup scene in “Judgement Fae.” But I love how the lyrics can apply to Bo and Lauren being on separate paths, yet still together, especially with “I start where you end.”
  • “There’s A Ghost” by Fleurie — I love the acoustic piece that opens this song. It goes with the melancholy of the reading of Trick’s will in “Follow the Yellow Trick Road.” However, the lyrics are pretty haunting, evoking images of ghosts and Edgar Allan Poe stories.

Reading of Trick's Will in Follow the Yellow Trick Road

Episodes with Great Music

  • “Groundhog Fae” — For probably money reasons, they didn’t use a bunch of traditional Christmas songs but instead chose a really excellent bunch of unknown tunes to use in this episode.
  • “Dark Horse” — The score in episode really stood out, especially when Kenzi sacrifices herself and walks into the portal. Pieces of the score have been used throughout Season 5 in very emotional moments.
  • “Family Portrait” — Excellent use of Bach and especially Beethoven, which played during the penultimate scene in which Bo finds her family slain
  • “Follow the Yellow Trick Road” — The score was a lot of fun in this episode, especially at the very beginning when Bo is realizing that she isn’t in Kansas anymore.

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