News: Season 5 Boxset Release Date & Season 5B Syfy Premiere

Lost Girl Announcements

Lost Girl Season 5 boxset cover

  • Season 5 DVD and Blu-ray boxsets will be released on March 22. You can pre-order them on Amazon.
  • Season 5B, which begins with¬†episode 5.09 “44 Minutes to Save the World,” will premiere on February 1 on Syfy in the US.

Drinks at The Dal Announcements

  • We have decided to hold off on releasing podcast episodes that might spoil the last half of Season 5 for those US viewers who haven’t seen it yet.
  • We are planning to release an episode featuring listener feedback about Season 5, so please feel free to send us your thoughts about the episodes as they air on Syfy in the US.

Lost Girl stickers

Win a Sticker! Send Us Your Feels!

  • We would love to get voice messages with your feelings about Lost Girl. You can share how you feel about the show coming to end, what the show has meant to you, or your feelings about the show in general.
  • If you send us a voice message, we will enter you in a drawing to win a Lost Girl¬†sticker! We have three types: Kenzi, Lost Girl logo, and Team Valkubus. See pictures of the designs above. (You can specify if there’s a particular sticker that you do or don’t want.)
You may send a voice message in the following ways:

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