(Fan)Fifth: The One Annie Didn’t Read — Episode 127

Bo and Vex in Into the Dark

We read a brief Lost Girl fanfic — Annie for the first time — so that Stephanie can see how Annie reacts. (Stephanie is not disappointed.)

We laugh a lot in this episode, so if that bugs you, you can sit this one out.

Drink Special: Liquid Cocaine

We cannot actually recommend that you drink this drink, but please tell us if you have in the past!

1 part Jaggermister
1 part Rumplemintz
1 part Goldschalger

Mix and shake with ice and pour shots.

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2 Replies to “(Fan)Fifth: The One Annie Didn’t Read — Episode 127

    1. Since we didn’t get permission from the author to read their story, we decided not to include any details about it or link to it. Sorry!

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