Set Design — Episode 129

Hale and Kenzi walking through Clubhouse in I Fought the Fae (and the Fae Won)

From Bo and Kenzi’s crumbling house to Lauren’s clean, modern apartment, the appearance of spaces often communicate or mirror aspects of the characters who occupy them. We discuss what different environments tell us about our main characters as well as the Light and Dark Fae.

The Clubhouse

  • DIY/off-the-grid: lighting powered by extension cords, a snack machine (from where?), boards over the windows, exposed walls
  • Ramshackle but touches of homey-ness
  • Fancy-looking red couch
  • Suggests Bo & Kenzi’s outsider status, also that the house is not what makes the home (Bo made some small improvements in Season 5 when Kenzi is gone…)

Tamsin in Dyson's apartment in Delinquents

Dyson’s Apartment/Gym

  • Spartan, utilitarian, definitely not homey
  • Similar though not the same aesthetic as the Clubhouse: not quite as off-the-grid
  • Emphasis on his physicality: even when he had an apartment, we frequently saw him working out, his apartment had lockers(?!?)

The Dal in Scream a Little Dream

Trick’s Lair & The Dal

  • Decorated, warm, well-maintained
  • But Trick’s lair is also isolated: it has a bunker feeling with at least two escape routes
  • Full of objects Trick has collected over the many years of his lifetime
  • Referred to early in the series as a Hobbit hole, which I think is pretty accurate
  • Interesting in contrast to Dyson’s living quarters (king vs. soldier?)

Lauren's apartment in Scream a Little Dream

Lauren’s Apartment, Lab & Clinic

  • Sterile, clean, minimalist
  • Half-way between the clubhouse and Dyson’s apartment (on the homey/lived-in side of spartan), with a touch of lab (white walls, lots of light).
  • Interesting art choices…
  • More natural light than any of the other residences we see
  • Lab of Season 1/Season 2 vs. Marquise Clinic in Season 5

Evonys apartment in Confaegion

Light Fae vs. Dark Fae Seats of Power

  • Tall ceilings, fancy decor — they feel important
  • Light Fae headquarters feels a lot more old-fashioned, kind of castle-y
  • Dark Fae HQ (meaning, The Morrigan’s office & apartment) is much more contemporary
  • Morrigan’s office had lots of windows, she was on a high floor in a building

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