Day 1: A moment that made you happy? — 10 Days of Lost Girl Season 5

10 Days of Lost Girl S5 - Day 1

This episode is part of our 10 Days of Lost Girl Season 5 series in which we answer questions about Season 5. To see all of the questions we are answering as well as get links to the episodes in which we answer those questions, visit our 10 Days of Lost Girl Season 5 guide.

A scene/moment that made you happy?

  • Annie: Doccubus sex FINALLY happening in “Here Comes the Night”!! Except it was waaaay too short. And too blue. Do you know how hard it was for all the fans to filter out all the blue to make sexy gifs?
  • Kris: Bo kicking the asses of the dudes who were going to assault her in “Like Hell, Part 1” when she was retrieving the hel shoe.
  • Stephanie: Lauren and Dyson being friends and offering each other support in their own ways in “Big in Japan”

Tell us a moment that made you happy in the comments below!

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7 Replies to “Day 1: A moment that made you happy? — 10 Days of Lost Girl Season 5

  1. 1. That Lost Girl had returned.

    2. That Tamsin was in every single episode. LOVED IT!

    3. Michelle Nolden, Kate Corbett and Amanda Walsh were simply a joy to watch.

    4. E5 “It’s Your Lucky Fae.” Out of all the episodes in S5 this one I rewatch the most. Riddled with consistency errors, but the smile never comes off my face.Loved it from beginning to end.

  2. The Tamsin Birthday Lexus Bow moment – pissed that someone didn’t sign their waiver form and SOMEONE needs to PAY the Electrician so we can SEE the final episodes!

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