Day 3: Character you would have loved to see more of? — 10 Days of Lost Girl Season 5

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10 Days of Lost Girl Season 5 - Day 3

Character you would have loved to see more of?

  • Annie: Evony. Her storyline got pretty dropped ever since she was de-faed. Then she became sick (boo!) and we never got to see if she was cured or not. And she wasn’t in the final episode – double boo!
  • Stephanie: Trick. He’s a character who has been with us since the beginning, but he felt like he was barely around in Season 5. We got a really interesting glimpse into his past in Season 4, and I would have loved to have had more follow-up on that. Plus, we finally had Aife return! Where was the Trick/Aife confrontation/showdown/reconciliation? Given that this season was all about Bo getting to know her biological family, it feels strange that Trick wasn’t a bigger part of the storyline.
  • Kris: Obvious answer: Kenzi. Non-obvious answer: Alicia. The show set her up as a friend/love interest for Dyson, and as a new human in the fae world, but then the story dead-ended.

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7 Replies to “Day 3: Character you would have loved to see more of? — 10 Days of Lost Girl Season 5

  1. Evony! I could speak all day about the missed opportunities there. After Trick, she was the ONLY ONE that knew everything, and when Trick died the show failed to leverage that. I am just in PAIN thinking about it. It was Evony’s opportunity to shine because one thing that has been for certain is that BO has NEVER wanted the leadership mantle. She made a mention of it in E14 saying that people have been waiting and we saw it in E16 when Dyson took leadership. So Evony for me.

  2. I don’t have a “Character” per se’ – They should have dropped “THE ANCIENTS” – it was wasteful since this was their last trip and they had dangling stories from everywhere to choose from. IE: Babba Ygah or Uncle Krampus or Brother Rainer? I would have liked Dialogues with Bo and Kenzie; Bo and Lauren; Bo and Tamsin; Bo and Trick; Bo and Mom to get some feelings aired out so we don’t have to “imagine” how they were feeling or “interpret” their reasons. Did we really need to WASTE an episode on THE HUNTER? and did Dyson really need a son so Paul could FINALLY have a love interest? REALLY? I waited 3 years for Tamsin to fess up and get slammed like a bug for MARK?
    Actually – I do have 1 character that has figured pretty prominently throughout this show: The Dark King that tortured Aife. THAT SOB should have been Bo’s lunch early on.

  3. Maybe if they had had more Evony Bo & Co could have asked her and Vex how they managed to trap an ancient, Eros, years ago. That info could have come in handy. While I loved Amanda Walsh playing Zeus, that storyline fell flat when Zeus and Hera simply sent themselves back to Limbo. So what was the point?

    S5 was the least amount of screen time for Dyson and probably the least storyline. It’s like they weren’t sure what to do with him if he wasn’t following Bo around or healing her. Sad…

    More Aife would have been amazing, particularly since the season was so focused on family. I still don’t understand how she ended up with Hades or how she finally got away.

    My outta left field character to see more of would have been Frejya…Michelle Nolan was wonderful in 501. There was so much potential for the Valhalla storyline and other than 501 and 511, there just wasn’t much. More Acacia would have, of course, been awesome b/c Linda Hamilton.

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