Day 4: A moment that made you laugh? — 10 Days of Lost Girl Season 5

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10 Days of Lost Girl Season 5 - Day 4

A scene/moment that made you laugh?

  • Annie: Lauren in “Rise”: “Vex, where do you keep your tweezers and duct tape. Your pharmaceuticals – WATCH OUT!!!” Made me laugh my ass off! Still does, every time.
  • Kris: Anything with Bo as a cat in “It’s Your Lucky Fae”
  • Stephanie: Tamsin struggling with the luggage in “End of Faes”

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9 Replies to “Day 4: A moment that made you laugh? — 10 Days of Lost Girl Season 5

      1. Ha! Stacey was pretty amusing in general in “Sweet Valkyrie High.” She was used for some good laughs.

  1. 1: Stacey – she was the Kenzi in her episodes (her eyes when she says, “I always finish my jobs” to Dyson at the Dal) Through the Carry out Window, telling Freya she needs a shower and she’s too floral for Tartarus.
    2. Tamsin throwing the horse shoe into the snack machine as she demonstrated its possible uses.
    3: Kenzi whacking Tamsin and saying she was trying to hit her in the boob.
    4. Evony saying, ” …milk Bruce” and Loren saying, “visions of Catharine the Great run through my head.”
    5: The Profile Tamsin typed in for Bo “…likes Role Playing, Leather, kittens”
    6: The Annoyance Tamsin had for Beth and her constant movie references.
    7. Tamsin saying, “I don’t night mask” and Loren saying, “no, of course you just always look flawless.”
    8. Tamsin saying that she could destroy “Brink Truck” and feel no remorse.

    1. That’s a great list. That entire sequence when Lauren goes to visit Evony had me laughing, particularly Lauren speaking to Evony’s butler in a British accent and calling him Mr Bates.

      1. There is also a moment when Evony is passing the power cord to Loren at the Clinic to keep the containment box running (5/06?) and she says, “..And this battery be gettin low, so you better find a power source toot sweet!” I swear I see Zoie breaking character for just a second with a tiny smile.

  2. Bo as a cat was fabulous and AS nailed it! Lapping the martini and washing her face were two of my fave funny moments. I also enjoyed Lauren laughing at the idea of Tamsin going undercover as a cheerleader until she realized Tamsin was giving her the stink eye. I love ZP and all the little quirks she brought to Lauren’s character. And, yes, I would also break the handle of my suitcase when trying to make a dramatic exit ala Tamsin.

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