Day 5: Your favorite battle scene? — 10 Days of Lost Girl Season 5

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10 Days of Lost Girl Season 5 - Day 5

Your favorite battle scene?

  • Stephanie: Tamsin and Acacia taking on the bounty hunter/tracker in “Sweet Valkyrie High.” There’s a great gender swap in how Lost Girl writes the scenes with Tamsin and Acacia. Their conversations about previous battles are ones that are often reserved for male characters. Plus, I love how they push Stacey out of the way.
  • Annie: The Sailor Moon fight between Bo and Jack in “Rise”. Cuz even though the special effects look a little silly, the actors give the scene gravatas. And we get to see Bo say “I will live the life I choose.” And Kenzi’s line about HJ!
  • Kris: Bo and Tamsin vs. Musashi’s guards and Tamoe (Musashi’s sister) in “Big in Japan”

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7 Replies to “Day 5: Your favorite battle scene? — 10 Days of Lost Girl Season 5

  1. The bar fight in the middle of “It’s Your Lucky Fae” between Kat’s boyfriend (i think played by Michael Dufays) and Mark with Vex helping out. The scene contains some of Trick’s best facial expressions.

  2. They all run together for me. I need to watch the entire season again to remember them all. How about Dyson training Lauren, does that count? They are much better as friends than as rivals. I loved the scene when she first goes to ask him for help. She is so clearly mismatched in the self-defense department. And I want that shirt she was wearing.

  3. I think I have to go with the battle between Bo and Zee in “Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts.” I really feared for Bo when Zee struck her with a lightening bolt. I think that was the first time I feared for Bo in a LONG time. You could see from the advent of that scene that Zee was not one to be taken lightly. That is why I had hoped later down the line we could have seen a fight between her and Trick (because I believed that Trick was a Titan, but that’s just me). But yes, that was a good battle scene or me.

    1. I also really liked the showdown between the two of them in “End of Faes.” Extra points to the stunt doubles for doing all that sparring in dresses!

    2. If Trick were a Titan, wouldn’t his powers have worked on the Ancients? My thought was that he was one of the first of the “lower” powered Fae that came after the Ancients (and it sounds like Evony and Vex have been around awhile, too, if Evony dated Eros, though the Great Fae Wars seem to have been medieval times and was Vex just a kid then? Oh continuity, how I missed you in S5…) But I certainly would have liked to know more about Trick…the teasers we got in 409 with the Ludwan were so enticing!

  4. I liked the “End of Faes” fight and how Bo just tosses Zee out; but you guys picked that one so #2 would be Stacey and Tamsin’s Doubt Off – because any fight that starts with, “my boobs are not balanced” is bound to be good! #3 Should be when Bo chi sucks the three guys – not a battle but a demonstration of just how she’s going to roll for the whole season.

  5. 1) Tamsin chasing Bo around Kenzi’s room with an axe like a crazed lumberjack on steroids. RS nailed the “here’s Tamsin” moment.
    2) “End of Faes” fight between Bo and Zee over Bo’s box (’cause they went *there*)
    3) Not really a fight scene, but Lauren shooting the hunter full of tranquilizer darts was pretty funny.

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