Day 6: Favorite set/location? — 10 Days of Lost Girl Season 5

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10 Days of Lost Girl Season 5 - Day 6

Favorite set/location?

  • Annie: Vex’s motorized caravan in “Rise”. Why did we only see it in last episode?? Love all the little details I see every time I watch the episode.
  • Kris: I think maybe the alley from “Here Comes the Night.” For me, it was visually dynamic with the rain pouring down. Or the penthouse. That was an awesome set.
  • Stephanie: The Valkyrie School in “Sweet Valkyrie High” — Neat building by itself, and I thought there was pretty cinematography in that episode that made good use of the space

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4 Replies to “Day 6: Favorite set/location? — 10 Days of Lost Girl Season 5

  1. I loved the penthouse, it was a great, open space and they used it effectively. The idea of Valhalla as a hotel was pretty cool, and the area by the stairs was fabulous. Was also impressed by the outdoor storm aftermath scene given the show’s budget (though that entire episode needed more light…a consistent complaint with some episodes of the show). Vex’s RV was totally cool. Wish we could have had a glimpse of Lauren’s new digs but the clinic made more sense (though why would you keep Jack there???)

  2. I loved Evony’s home, where she had her fund raiser! I thought the penthouse was very cool – I loved the whole concept and execution of “Follow The Yellow Trick Road” (Specifically all the empty city scenes with Bo and Thomasina)

  3. Always and forever the Dal Riata. In fact, Michael Grassi had once posted a beautiful set photo of the Dal, and I had it framed and it now hangs proudly in my home. The Clubhouse runs a close second though:)

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