Day 7: Favorite outfits? — 10 Days of Lost Girl Season 5

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10 Days of Lost Girl S5 - Day 7

Favorite outfits?

  • Annie: Bo’s black outfit she changed into after the Super Bowl dress in “Rise”. Anna Silk looked SOOOO sexy! Even when I saw the promo pics before the ep aired, I was like “Oohh! I like this one!” One of my favorite outfits of the series.
  • Kris: Anything Bo is wearing in “Like Hell, Part 1”
  • Stephanie: Anything Bo is wearing in “Like Hell, Part 2”

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5 Replies to “Day 7: Favorite outfits? — 10 Days of Lost Girl Season 5

  1. Outfits that come immediately to mind are Bo in the borrowed maid’s uniform in Valhalla (episode 5.1) and Tamsin’s ribbon (It’s Your Lucky Fae).

  2. Something about women in pencil skirts – Bo and Tamsin in Judgement Fay or Linda Hamilton in Sweet Valkyrie High, and Mistress Freya – in Like Hell or in the black dress from Sweet Valkyrie High. OH! Tamsin in THAT WHITE Backless gown 5/08 and 5/09 (I would say the Lexus Bow too, but I feel a little cheated because I think I saw more of Rachel in the tub scene from Hail Haie (3/13)

  3. The show did a great job with Bo’s clothing this season. She looked amazeballs in so many episodes (except I didn’t like the white cheerleading outfit…I think a different color or at least some color would have suited her better). And I thought Tamsin’s dress in 508-509 looked incredible on Rachel. OMG, the slit in that dress must be barely *legal* to wear. I also liked Tamsin’s outfit in 507, simple tshirt and jacket but it looked good all smudged (thinking of you, Stephanie) 😉 Poor Zoie didn’t really get much in the way of outfits this season (I hated her dress in 508-509) but I did like her workout outfit in 503. She looked adorable with her hair pulled back. Not a look we saw very often for Lauren. And of course the lab coat only in 507 🙂 And the black designer dress Kenzi wore in 501 looked fantastic on Ksenia. I know, that’s waay more than 1 but kudos to the costume dept for making a single choice so difficult!

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